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So courageous man. On all sides. Your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike down low numbers. And we. I know. Gloria. Yeah. A concert and I know yours isn't what. What about your bias and the nice when a new computer. Or just you know emails and makes it. The Minnesota week. It's a miracle. You malicious fashion first person to figure out. Neon sign go ahead and it is different. It's nice enough that and then later like Sonoma. I don't know I like you love more than I did earlier I'm not even worried about those other caved in on the other side of the mountain and didn't she talks on. Fuselage there and everything. You got it. The rumor there. Rod Tex lines says last time the best time of the day yeah thank you. Well. Lot of stuff going on not really done some damage and the biggest. Thing I think. I think did you awards are happening to us on voted and don't and I'm gonna win. And I'm a loose. But a long time he's RM that bad boy out. I don't know how long ago wasn't seven years I think you'll need I just wonder when it was best country singer. I thought that the year I won best country performer wherever you. Use one something you once and your children I came in second place to maybe a local hero or something on Conan thing. Mean these are payments and third I think George written on. Who has won. Best local Twitter in the past if you're just a real estate agent did one time that's right I need someone that weakness I was looking at the nominee easier today. And I remember someone you know one man or was at least nominated. Wisconsin town. Home. Us and it definitely in his demeanor. Well each and ask him. This is on those days yeah. The biggest story is back to this you know. Hole. The military thing you know some people go to France. Whatever they come back I want yet you go to France. Yeah maybe take a vacation you come home and like you know I got to eat more fresh. First sauce or meditate more after news now whatever it is. OK numbers you can lesbian trump trump comes rises I want a military parade in bats he's been assassin that's a Franzen did yeah I remember EC came back from Francis and what do we do this. Plus all the military parade that's according to the Pentagon. Request comes after he was reportedly impressed by France's Bastille day celebrations. OK so cool when that news happens a lot of us then but you can't use space force me and you can't. You can't sell we're not North Korea we don't need to have a military parade we're not Soviet Union we're not friends it's gonna cost a lot of money. It's been a terrible the streets of people tried to keep. Trump must remind us of the French duo because he thinks that's a good selling point these crazy lives are saying and what are we North Korea's some kind you know all the countries that do analogy is think about the fact he got the idea. From our friends over there in France and they do it's. It's not just church leadership's fascists and Communists. And punish anybody can throw parade. People started speculating how much money was going to cost. How much damage it would do if they distinctly wanna do in DC you start rolling tanks down the road I guess to construe the road. Stuff like that. Right so the mayor doesn't want the military parade a lot of whom god damn demand watch it seems like. This guy doesn't. So deep they postponed it I don't know how the mayor. I hope who has the final approval on something that happens if the president say I'm retro party in your singing music. I don't want to host your party can the president say too bad because I'm in charge of all this today. You may unite here I don't know if someone's pentagon. Think this it's all about because I'll stay wanna TX to delay it and this is really great ball and ring and trump treated about it. And says. The local politicians who run Washington DC parents are poorly no windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory mood military parade they ordered a number so ridiculously high that I canceled it. Never look at someone hold you up. I will instead attend the big parade already scheduled at Andrews Air Force Base on a different date and go to the Paris parade. Celebrating the end of the war on November 11. Maybe we will do something next year in DC when the cost comes way down now we can buy some more jet fighters exclamation point. That doesn't make guys. Fighters Nixon I wanted to fight that's fine people work. Fighters Tyson jet fighters but I can spend easy I tell your wife Carla via motorcycles he says no we can't afford it Anthony's say. A year later six months later. We're gonna buy a waiver with all that money to save ten mile motorcycle. Hell you can't. Isn't even the chancellor paving was asked how and you can't support this is something that was going on is that I'm gonna cut this costs it's stupid. Something he wanted to do and no one else wanted to do it. I wanted to do so Dowell bison jet fighters gastric room there. But some sweet ass jet fighters well achieves that you keep accused discerning chancellor. I spend my money elsewhere although it's a much there is they didn't do it what he's saying is is difference I'd give you a different analogy. I think you're using a pool when there. I think it's like he went into a storm and set I would like to buy this and it cost. Was axed and enjoy high. And he said you know why. Probably why you didn't give him crap. I'm buying it from you. I'll go to another store. Hang out there for a little bit and then I get back on the use all the money I say. I'm not buying a sweet ass TV. That's what it was sent. Are saying you know god I got all this money is spent your trying to make this thing Sosa doesn't know what I'm not gonna give you the money now and Bob Morris jet fighters. You like that line. Yet I like that I just have seen is it didn't already exists. It's not something that he is cutting from the budget. Same look I say this money more jetliners. Not really appropriate funds these funds didn't exist or don't do military parades like that he wanted to do something no one else wanted to do tell shall we can't do. I'm not saying they can't do it I was telling you what they seem to be gone back and forth well. We should go with the invite you mean you in the military same machine gun ammunition to the high legs would assume. Here is sun and front for a lasting gun. Camouflaged decently. Doubt be awesome and that's a big deal camouflage beads right. Let's see our gestures is her real Hauser she didn't hear the mayor. I'm a local politician who finally got through to the reality star in the white house with realities of 21 point six million dollars of parades events demonstrations and trump America San. And usually I'm here oh how many here tell. Donald Trump. What is there isn't gonna happen. The mayor's serves at his. Discretion special pleasure leisure leisure and sleaze. That's catching. I don't understand ends well I guess you do have to. How does she know what it cost she's the mayor says she must be saying look we want this much money for our roads and stuff when you're done with this would. You don't have any tanks. Mayor bows are. Is money for the multimedia news shut downs she's full Syrian National Guard. Send in the army dirty gonna be there with the police and vows rhinos fire breathing national right. But at the don't protect your castle. You shut your fish. That's. The only trump be stuff that we talked about. Unless you wanna talk about now needs fortress and tonight interest or security. Clearance whatever. I wanna talk about the bench on which you Google it a lot of bad shill. Showing bed chill one word bug show. BE DY as your finger you hear when you're asking me to repeat and show that jump in and do that this is notice. This is. See NASA. It's a bad. Two people laying in the bed and they have an giant table. It's doing over the top of the day. I feel like you've seen something like this before I assumed particularly orders and doing on this 3000 dollars this season all over Twitter and stuff now it's huge. She can only music kick starter but this guy started. He wants to create this thing called. The eventual legacy thirty created he wants to put it into production to guardian and people are getting really excited about the idea to stay embattled to. Our own name poison I think he's going to the most comfortable place bears. Bad. It's comfortable but not practical McCain makes a since they're that is comfortable enough track I think that nothing's changed the course venture. Today we almost could make it does make a good point we really haven't changed that much centuries and I mean some of them adjust. But vibrating on yet to have the vibrator and I guess you can get the ones with massage support for the most part most people's dads are pretty much the same. There ever any thank you he's he's pretty sure we spend so much time. I don't think I am very. That's why we're traded at tonight's show hey game changing all the big drawing table games. I don't usually enjoy your band like never before had no other people. I can't believe that we didn't think of this one I also can't believe how excited people are because I guess acutely that this minority exist. But people really don't learn. Get out of that know why would you eat and just. This guy's staying. As a well as you mentioned snow ponies RD race he's trying to raise 122000. Dollars an hour. 323076. Batters to Narnia the judge shows a good idea why can't be it seems so obvious. It's got little speakers and see the end here are both. Music and you're there on the ground. Tough places to plug in your stuff. Almost indecent to nearly denoting make up furniture now in tables or night tables. Different colors designs wherever and they all have USB plugs on the phone just built in you missed a wooden panel opened. But I feel like I'm so I would like dying tonight I'm I'm interest and I think that's something. I just feel like even with that singing. I wake up on Saturday or Sunday and see their old. Nicer to feel there's a saying this is move beyond just stood there and I'm sure you'll run around and here's this is the rub when that thing. You got you got to take it off to go to sleep. Right. He just can't sleep underneath there and that's ridiculous anonymously under a table comfort you're already trying to get up right. So they gotta go get the table and bring it back. And put it over the bad and you get underneath it by that time aren't out of the I had somebody moving around the assailant was open to the table and move it. I need one as lowers from the ceiling with a button glad I think it's a wise man. Because I do think you can move itself on with it you can just push it down towards the end when you're done and then when you wanna use it again you just pull back up. Somewhere I don't know music. And Canada for Warner whatever evidence. The race. Yeah I knew it raise a little arteries high enough to last until I'm seeing and seeing just push it down it is and they slide it on down don't. Announcer out of the way we can even sit up and that. And he's computerized citizen user hesitating now. Various Catholic hospitals. It's right it's like I'm back arrest him. Hundred track I didn't see it Mormon will anonymous. Garcon and everything. Like laying in bed all day. It is that was me what you just pitchers product I want to walk around us is an artist on mountain yarn I have got the usually look. You can order it means that. If you concede well it's the with everything. And the fact that he put speakers and their showing people with computers in and TVs at the white and she's just have a TV built and it's okay well. Different you can see it it's a table. As for long legs that would be wider than your bed and about a foot higher than your bed you slide it up and sit underneath it. Fusion band like it chairman. Put your computer on the table evident us try the same exact things. So this one's neighbor whom you yes this really covers you know men and two people can you be has USB a hundred people my best Tyrone and. Drunk. Gronkowski. You know that's all right. I'm room which can't master this thing you have to move and I didn't there. Push out and confused notice further confirm whether I brought about as like you know I don't know where how far. It is now I can't quite reach his future moon she suffers from come out I don't know. You think about that. I think once he uses it for awhile and then hopefully those little things out there realize we're trying to sleep around here you can sign tuna and a master bed to sleep. We don't masturbating yourself to sleep liar. If I do I hear everyone knows I do know. Simply don't. Somebody you don't. Send it is like talking about it. Sometimes I don't even have to master. To go to sleep. T. You know Jack Healy yeah well. OPEC. Sometimes you know your land on your stomach when you're having sacks yet unless that happens is that Gloria that is all of us juniors dominate you hear in that zone we're and I don't ask tough almost a the all right. Thanks our. God put your G spot here is an enzyme you know I was another diligent dozen lucky 2018 and no. Eighth wicket when you're loaning Elaine on your stomach in you you're almost you're in that really relaxed state ending you should think about something and not a sexy. Like it dude been here that I guess it's only receding. Straddling me right now yeah and the next thing you know it. And then yeah. You're out. Gronkowski guys made millions and millions and millions and millions no chance he said the other day that he doesn't Jay Leno thing. He hasn't spent any of his NFL minds are good friends whom he claims that he lives off of his endorsements down. And it's just puts everything else in the bank which. I've heard Leno talked about for a long time you see how much does Leno as he's got shelled out his garage right it's. Still it's got to be millions and millions and millions of dollars for the stuff but he says all that money is the money they need to instead of where most of your money banks. Barack says he doesn't think he's finally spans some of his NFL money for the first time. Because. Apparently his friends were getting chains. Jewelry of some sort and that was a thing where he was like. And it depends combines jewel. I saw my son of deal last year my friend had a change 1010 he let me where last year at a party counselors. It made me feel good there's so. Sometime in the back in my head I sort of I have on my son is if I do everything I need to do. Get off my bonuses to put all the work and I got to finally treat myself was spent eight years I haven't really bought anything in my career. Don't really have anything luxury like that so. Last week I finally went out and bought myself a chance at my first thing I ever guy and I love it image it feels good news now I know I know I did about. Now I understand why. We need change its. If crop can pull it off we can pull it off my comment were the only two guys in this whole town. Who don't have shoes like. Patient and pictures look like they're. Just saw guys like Kendall he's wary I does anyone talking about. We gotta give something away just just seemed. He's playing like diamonds to just diamonds we need a chain and then we need one of those big you know. Basil. Whatever look the cash money. They need this island then all the rappers where now you can get exclusive sales strangers named persons rights. Last resting it on the says Laszlo in the lower and you know lazy. Gallo. It's slimming on him fast there you go. We were both on the make cossacks 65000 dollars from the entry level wants as big. A strange music does guys learn. Did the big string music logos. Is designed as soon as we look figures Chaman ends punished. Now this is gone it just looks like girls and mean it dining room. We can't afford that he's not flashy enough anyway he spent all this money to tuck this thing and sure. And there's so Bayless he's gonna come Mac users get assigned. Israel's. Need something it's been drawn attention now that's it registers that. And I. Linemen and it was a big flashy and once in the region where you know this is a bonus or something. Season. I really hadn't it's true. They do here through this is the upperclassmen saying that's that's that's all I gotta I've done and we can do like on the announcers the last thing you guys are looking at me like I shouldn't do something I don't have any other. Can you know it's no longer loses power. Are you you change your crew. Girls are not ashamed I said I would like to get one we can get flustered the last whatever you can look to me like. He was then a. Why can't you afternoon surge I'll get and it allows for two reasons I want no one of those things where I want causes church. Where our lives up and there's going to be released expense when I'm at the I got some money going out and how you necessarily counted for all of the church. I had no idea idea zone. Why don't. What are you just get Muslims made for everyone. No you know it's like early moon okay there's a radio station I like that yeah. You can sure. And who knew. I'm friends yeah. I don't speak surely you can't. Plus number. Did you seconds. Arianna ground days. And PCBs in real signs of illness I know you lover and I and I think everybody does. I don't know GNP for anyone maybe dozens of displaced or look. Scandal where they really targeting her or just freedom you know they hate him there their freedom. That's what Doug viewers send news right so it's it's been this big celebrity. Gossip. Story. That are in a grinding Pete Davis started dating they'd only been dating for like. Couple weeks needy. And a couple weeks and they said we're getting married. He was easy living but there they're showing pictures on the social media in the ring is his giant and you outlines 30060000. Something. Obviously she's got plenty of money as a matter of fact I read this heat sinks her every day for letting him live in this apartment as I guess this. Multi multi million dollar place in hell sixteen million yeah. She's on the Tonight Show last night and she sent. That before she ever really matter. Song. On Saturday Night Live. And you know maybe introduced which hadn't even talked to him she knew then she was in love with him and she was going to marry him and no point did she say. I was thirty huge fan of his comedy Elena disguised so much it was like Seles guy should never seen and Pete Davidson she knew at that moment she was going to marry these weird looking due to its very sought. I'm Bonnie I beat Davis and this is gonna talk a weird looking but I wonder. Mean that does count I get to he's funny and he's successfully yeah kimono and it's a liberal loon. She said that she just looked at him and send on their merry like the idea just from looking. New residents are dating do you mean and as an out no lower limit un as a mom I. And play tunes created island on islands will never like. Exchanged numbers anything do anything like friends for life and weren't even friends we Mac at this hour in the days past the hole well on an all time like for and they. And let my friends and if I mean failure unless. I left his. Right is usually like brain gets himself for the shout. My time is your child and holly and the crashing present I don't have lake. Crushes on people I know I'm crazy but then I left and I like jokingly that's my time I don't like I am a man may. I'm like I'm like I'm living Manningham for us. Alienated friends like the new theme at gas I Milan. Yeah I was just like planning. Yeah I mean Amanda I don't know now friends that's not gonna Marion he thinking your life anyone in anyone not up. Pop star or. Think anyone. At any point since this human born has ever looked at their friend and send behind your back. So yeah no doubt civil rights they summoned to Washington. Look at this look like I'm looks yeah. And my present I have the same exact opposite love stories that are running the am glad you at that point. Is huge telling someone. Yeah mascara and I don't know how many got to be careful right. I'm really wonder if at any point. You've ever crossed paths with anyone's. And when I see you immunity of us who walked off site. That kind. I'm in love and I don't disarmament and look at the Davison. This is a guy who's known for. Dean one of the worst dressed people in the business he makes himself the clear guys to help them out he has these. Giant your clothes don't fit and don't mansion. He's just so they don't really Jason Jordan and Arianna I really wanted Arianna Rhonda Saunders said don't normally I'm an American thing Larry David Steiner girl yeah. Yeah she's towards. And what about. Didn't. Arianna Ronde David and Sean yeah just a really great yeah dating now. Yeah draft a follow up big show on your last name's big chunks right and then blood and I had about to make love it's unlike. I'm nobody except the I don't know for a I'm just guessing I'm no big shot I mean I know I'm no big Sean. I don't know I mean I'm guessing the greens you know big Sean and I minister Al Amin IC that's got to weigh heavily on your mind and I'm in a jail on and on and she's like you know no but I like you see doing anyway. I mean giving him a shot or she be thinking about it counseling but I feel like she did Max Muller in between right. It was Matt Miller after big chunks of these little literary weight that sure. Really goofy and yeah I think you're okay you with the first hole we're okay. It makes you feel a little better because I'm with you. It's. The move in with her like Pete did and you go in the fridge he's hanging amnesty raging as though it was Sean Seattle like I was stop this alertness and I'm sorry. I mean I'm staying. I'm leading the same thing you know look we gotta give it a shot I mean it's like anything houses like. You know it. After Jennifer Aniston broke up when Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie when I mean you're like okay and she's like I think ally do you feel like okay. Well I know Brad Pitt union right. Of course I'm gonna noted I'm gonna try bowler you know whatever the same thing like him. When they say. We traded Tom re read you read at quarterback to a well okay that's not gonna go was a song I. So I'm I'm in right I'm gonna give it a shot under my bastion thing. And you have to. And it. This is the first time that they've talked about this Lewis but it sounds like. So he was pursuing her side she had the holes to say as someone on the casting. Mean I think I like Arianna I'm definitely really important here is ruining electric engine is no way he in this bituminous. Not so that means he got a call at some point I different or from a friend let's just assume that was. She got his number from a friend and who knows what she calls and says. It's our and a. What you do on at that moment. You probably think you're being. Pumped franks with him when she says. Do you wanna go on to wanna meet up. You imagine when that phone conversation isn't now you're getting ready to go out. Arianna grundy. Again for big Sean I feel like. Little different big shock and John probably I know it's the tiny mini ABC young son that's diminish unanimous. I'm sure he's still very excited but a guy like Pete. She got a song called Pete Davis. I would listen to whatever. Horrible idea music she wanted to listen to in the car horrible movies sooner watch I don't care. You have to try. Tony Pena tries. Some wanted them to them looks like she's tweeted before these. Packing them schools are well and Samaria and many knows maybe that's the thing maybe his language on unemployment. Other thickening. He dissident congratulations a third round. One of those pop stars they give you chance pick one. Once the light Q so you can pick any one any genie says this person is gonna like you are not not doing now they're gonna except. The treasury game will like you they will pursue you it's soon. I'm Denise. He didn't mean there's Taylor Swift there's Rihanna. It's OK Hannah Montana on the countdown lets him intensive Miley Cyrus. Beyond saying this area here a few of the players and differences in the locker room. Think she's beautiful and the two parties. Incidents in minimum wage munch. At least if you dated someone much much younger than you feel like you had something that I just like I used cheesy lines and miles and reliving I realize. Don't worry about a year or what's yours you all next. Everybody something I'd like to do love that would be on the as well lose business. A giant announced they're breaking suddenly no one about it the other. It's crazy train maintenance and while that's cast and it's. Busted I don't know another time are you don't hello did. The Lynn and I couldn't. You know usually it's easy held her out you gotta go help morale and author of the current time. 300. Does that ways I didn't look she's gonna be spending the next however long probably trying to make some changes I'm guessing. So if you're looking for a party I wouldn't start with the president just over Tariq. Almost adapt I options. Taylor Swift is now to talk. It took him to country. Is seeing the country. Little bit rock and roll around and you know Morgan Anderson and pop star. As soon. King's fiancee is heard Shannon Taylor Swift pink. Hello community need to hear that BS every. Position. I am just lose and I'll tell you I think. I would losses from a little Davis agreement Irish. To his way through to me to the I thought Britney Spears Miley Cyrus Adele. I downloaded and Selena Gomez. Yeah she just looked so young so I don't know she's got a baby faced Britney Spears like 36 I shot is there anything there yes richer than god this. Carly ray jumps and yeah. Required us. Calls each got a nice let Sheila. Around Pete varies present preloaded. Indeed loaded it's everything she's telling yelling pop rocks coming out of her clothes you're watching news. Young. Christina Aguilera passing I'm not gonna sit down and Britney Spears have. Miles it's conversations about I seriously doubt we share a lot of interest Brittany and nine but maybe. We knew Britney Spears yeah. You don't fire. He synching theories and to a new winner Tim takes to date. The same exact things you both went crazy. Dot abortion should journals. That. Basically the same PS to give an inch a really really realize you it's June now. I'm doing. Something wrong with an exact game. With Clinton on Kelly Clarkson. When she you know American Idol. The weekend. Those guys in my looming. Things in the human sticks and she's married to nickel and unleash. Mean it's. Let's see including I think John and threatening. You're just gonna hate Kanye a big time. And whatever he wants to do in the bedroom you're just painless yeah. That is beyond obsession. I'm well I think his sponsors are small time. Simon and Art Garfunkel have written us and you are gentle. Thank you congress handles a lot yeah delivered instances sly and the family stone. Both of us don't. Still he might not mean I. And I'm Lisa low you know we just don't usually talk yards while tragic Lisa Loeb over beyoncé. And what is Lisa any danger don't you do they have been hostile. Jerry Lewis of its name Jenny Lewis and beyoncé. I understand. And stupid but in Pomona visited. The you may be a totally I'll break it evening to remind beyoncé is house and looking for love wisely looking for a pay. Look for balls. So I got to love beyoncé. To intimidate. Jewish pretty intense and it's like a billionaire she's always she's young trips. Queen. Always on the road. My goal is. Okay someone ditzy. Mean you know chat show on blue. The twins second quarter and this thing out. Sir I don't worry about kids find on. On the. I'm looking at G losers like you just call her snow amounts. It's. Johnny from the second floor. Musician isn't John Maher now. You know Johnny he's not a musician you know he's he's not Johnny Rotten know Johnny to town house. Johnny eat checkers. Johnny Cash. Johnny straight. I was talking. Jonathan Davis. The Johnnie Johnson Ian Johnny turned in the Johnny Apple C Jonathan Rhys OK that was done of course I didn't think and Johnny we're yeah. Right us. You know that they are not together anymore. Do all of us were just color Johnny Knoxville. Yes OK I was trying to think I'm guessing Muslims I love him. Her shirt so I'm guessing you took the field. Yes. I do I would be as easy decision that room and listen to some of that rambling and see if you can but the intensity she intrigues me. One that doesn't intrigue you little bit so they're yelling that you don't make sense yeah you're losing during his seasons all over the place now where Jesus is a genius this seems like you have dorm. Yeah I'd like accidents and lets you might hate. Sure he says she likes us I'm just yet and that's part of the deal they like they like us that was odd I'm right. I'm guessing fiancee doesn't really wanted to date me. And when I wasn't hands in my family move in look at the he was your brother Jay-Z out. Can you imagine the look on JC's face and I want game went khaki shorts and he's like hello tell me that should always honest on the and pick up little resistance. Ohio when the front door I'm boxers and did a teacher. Sorry John Richard haven't backed by tech Bloomberg. Johnson. First thing lessons do OK they leave and turn around and blood sugar daddies like. And say to me it's like that's fine. Panasonic calls made to end. Guys we're about guys there some my father biologically and Marlon. I would say don't unquote shack you're just doing the showed pictures of guys OJ yeah yeah yeah I'm my father designed the hang on jackpot is confident she backgrounds and there is rapid change things if well. For example the business. And the butt and all he's playing inside knowledge. I told love Obama huge. Guys that if they were interest is huge car. Deeply shocked zillow. So on same Kanye jacked him he's Shaq Shaq tennis and but if we could just once in your life admitted to a guy crush you have to shout. You don't use your same values hatfill as my father. Big there's no one BC on TV. You think there's something about this person or some message right guys we're. I can I like Shaq Asa like bears just have to have a season British trillions please stop the show no watches them and I'm saying look a month. Helpings nice. They're just certain people they BC debut it's it's like this year's it's and indeed it's it's. You wish that you were that person you wish you were friends that that person you can't quite place what it is like to say. It's attractions to guys fresh. It's how can you imagine. He come to meet me at the bars mean jostling sitting there waiting for you pretty cool you be so excited hang outs and. The awesome he added him to the crew got him chain yeah. Fish and normality. We have a guy person on here if there was a guy who was interested in new and I can't were sent. I wish you want things actually it's not I don't believe it's on I wouldn't I wanna know if you actually have a guy cars and I'll watch continues super talented. And he's great amassed wealth he's got a lot of money and he is funny and self deprecating. I like everything about senator. Why why his mind on the you roll your eyes your cousin Thomas. You said the bill as my father thing and you're trying to make it work. Actually pick someone like Tom hardy who a lot of guys who don't manage shovel. Understanding steel Gary Oldman Jerry all yeah you just trying to clearly is pretty cool. They get easier than what Jerry Jones and Gary Oldman he's pretty cool. I'm Marty's great and Matthew McConaughey have it except. Do some Gary Oldman I address Al Lori drew Selma he'd release his name where I would accept that you don't exactly except Gary Oldman. No. You don't look at him and think you have a crush on. Parent. Will Smith. Will Smith I would set to yes did you kind of have a crush on like I was I don't yes. I'd rather be was shot down. Just forget just how marriage act be miserable together. Only be miserable because. You may have anything in common now we just stuff and come down do an icy hot commercials all the time and now comes time is funny and yeah. You're gonna sit and why it's an analyst and Tony Wallis for a long this so good that. These are all those commercials or can't write a guy like any self doesn't NBA showed he's funny on that there's nothing wrong with Shaq. There's lots of people into that zone but what about Nicolas Cage he doesn't care what people think clearly Nicolas Cage isn't nearly as funny or self deprecating. So I shot it is. The guy who was nominated for Academy Awards they decided to make. 75. Matter you can love where you monologue on the offended. That you deny. My love for Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq daddy. Like Tom hardy would keep you safer than constantly keep crucially really Sean does. And so are we feel exactly affront to keep in Chicago an obsession. Southern section and being talked about movies yeah. That is. One of the most. Ridiculous exaggerations I've ever heard the last time I mentioned is when I watch Baywatch if you don't you know bless me mention and you do. He wants Baywatch with all the and and I asked if he'd seen it. I think he's endearing I like and I like to think it's I don't know. He told them all the time I do not us. That's my list of finalists I love shack. I got Shaq Will Smith many shack yeah I love that guy yeah. The big diesel to big Aristotle I really don't understand. These are if you love my love them. If she married now. It's wonderful life together. I was sure. I just wish. That at some point. You to be honest and say. Crush on shots. So Matthew McConaughey hey watching your right now says I would do but I'm I'm really committed relationship would mimic Shaq what is check. Understandably met him I NEC you got to choose one of us. They want in your C got to choose one of us. And Matthew McConaughey sigma has changed me. Matthew McConaughey and Shaquille O'Neal and they're both begging for you to go home without them. And start a new life you're going to Shaq. Because you think the general commercial was funny at the. I don't think it's just that. Right and that's Charles M is funny Phil as my father. Inside the MBA or whatever he does so then Gonzalez supplies in LA all that's like does not matter side. That's not a realistic to think I'm talking about actual attraction to Amanda you're willing to admit that you have a strange. Feeling about this person okay we'll chamber music. Well fine you know like go ahead. Maybe just maybe illegal little window there for something right trying to console Matthew McConaughey is gonna be at center. In municipal boundaries and he's going to be just one and I'm Lucia yeah. And they're both big news choose them. I gotta give a shot. Snow cone. Didn't even start looking guy pressing illustrates sex with Tonya before this has even brought up you have to bring our guys have been doing doesn't isn't gonna. The obvious choice. Can you imagine the egos O'Connell again. After dating him for two days alone even worry about Tyler's not in my mind is my life or shock touched okay.