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So righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. Valued dark. Will strike down you know. No I don't Graham are you never mattered good good good good good to have fun we just a fantastic day just like always I was good that is. This could. So Joseph Rogan on Friday and Jose I was good. Com. Didn't do anything else which is extremely dinner astonish you know some. The low key and a nice little weekend not bad. Bounces he misses you yeah. Showing nine and an imminent. I think. A little. Thumbs up on a post on FaceBook is probably. Enough and aluminum. Yeah thumbs up. She asked you why I say he's great never been better this is. I had spoken it's. His life not just counselors on. It was everything themselves. Best in his life and guess how your mom she's good. Well she's got some sort chronic pain thing done other than that the debilitating. Daily chronic pain we're. And a shoulder started a couple weeks ago and shoots the doctor today so. True. Us and you know. Let me know what they prescribe yeah. Trying to more and still only whether notice if you detect a smaller stealing nearly out of him soon debilitating thing that's what kids are four. I'm just gonna make sure she's doing all right sure. And I know her pretty well on you know she's going to some specialists they may not know her history as well as I do I wanna make shirt. She forgets is so many different many rounds I've seen mostly tennis ensures there. Well as I've sometimes she may keep some things in my house sure for when she when she stops rising violence never. Stock shelves on them. They're just not to get her thank you like she didn't know. Machine ride. How about you really gentleman who worry too much sometimes. I'm not messed up on anything anger right now. Normally we can stuff nobody earnings signed. So. Friday night. We went to see Joseph Rogan like I said night getting home. And Brooke starts telling me. That. She tells Dan Savage on Twitter and it Dan Savage. Is talking about flight delays at C talent so Astoria area that was crazy. And as other videos and everything he had and more so at that time she's like he's saying that if you're wondering why your flight was delayed. It's because some guy from the ground crew for Alaska and air Alaska Air. Gotten an airplane took off nice and OK I gotta find this news is that this is huge news someone just god and an error on the play and took and took off from the airport without permission. And they're grounding flights that is huge news. There was hadn't even hit the Alice who couldn't find any thing to them by Friday night listening had this guy had. You know taken this plane there's still won a lot of details they were saying he was. You know. Someone who works for the ground crew of either Alaska Air their subsidiary which things horizon air intern and that the plane. Had crashed. And that they don't think anyone else was killed except. T. I don't know the guy who who stole the plane. Any traction in this island CL I've never even heard of before this and only about twenty people live there on the entire island crash was that wooded area China I think with the name of it was. Was over there my Bainbridge. Yes it was a Sherman he wanted to. A partisan. Sonnet. But we limited our islands. Child she Tron or to try and it's Cheney ET RON I never heard out when there's islands over there to learn view you can live on and there's no bridges fugitive fair tunes from Seattle not so you need to work on there isn't as. Okay now and some of them have a lot more. Like so little and others outside raiders Dodgers and down to city owns a restaurant lives there. The two years but this island what they were seen on. Friday night I was like twenty people and like most of them it's only accessible by ferry which we worked with people. Well I see people I know we were kids at least one guy who'll lived on one of the islands. And I and music gets a lot cheaper than living in the city you can buy a house and it costs a lot lesson if you wanted to buy something near the city Gaza does sounds great. But we realized it like on Friday that I have to leave work now. Like well you know everyone know I have to leave now is if I don't it's the last fairy to get town and if I don't catch it. I spin of the night here I don't find a place and I was like oh that doesn't sound so great. But back to this this guy's name. Was Richard Russell. T. Worked for the airline and its part of the ground crew. He's one of the guys who handles all the luggage in helps taxi their planes as they go out and come and you know direct them. So somehow he got onboard this. A bar BAQ. 400 which is the thing with the black propellers if you ever flown. For a lot on Alaska that I don't a couple of other airlines have them but it's usually on the subsidiary flights that you did and they got the big black propellers to conniving you think. All this is playing I think the only use and for small. Flights but that's what he was on he got him in case you're wondering. Apparently airplay to Nike's. It's not like your car you don't you said he keys to start investors to set of buttons can now. As. The story kept coming out on Saturday sir to release more more audio of him talking to air traffic control they're trying to get handed to lay in the plane. As he was flying this around they have scrambled fighter jets and Casey needed to shoot down they were also trying to direct him to stay out over the oceans solidity Digg go down. You go down in the ocean and not heard anyone else. And obviously if you were trying to do something more nefarious that could. Take action there. So. This guy died I mean it sounds like. If you listen only audio sounds like he knew that he was going to die. I think he must have planned on not leaving this airplane safely when they start talking to him about landing. He says things like I. I feel like I'm probably gonna go to prison for the rest of my life but now I heard this audio and giant Baidu and Jonah I'm not here right. And when I heard the Saudi for the first time I just kept thinking this is just home. This guy doesn't sound like he's angry he doesn't sound like he's depressed. But he's aware of the he talks about and there's a lot of people who care about me and why she lives yeah I'm watching the video on the news is they're playing audio team did manage to. Make this plane slipped completely upside down stuck my word I can get this thing to do love barrel roll and when they saying. Eight. Here's the thing she did do he said yeah I I've played some video games. I know what I'm doing. They talked to friends later and they city I think he may have played some flight simulators but I seriously I don't think he had any piloting experience other than that. So here's. Some of the audio that they released at any time business news plaza. A lot of people I care about it gonna disappoint them it didn't hear that I did this. I would like to apologize and never wanted to. It's. Got broken guys. Yeah. I guess it never really do it until now. That was one of the things stuck with me says I got a few screws loose but I never really knew it until now. Winds now like when you decided to jump on the warrior in the air like what have I done because he does start talking about. What a total of my gonna get impetus that Peruvian prison for life I would hope so for what I did they should put in prison for life. Sir read about this guy here his wife and only can they say Rihanna or inland. He apparently was a religiously went to church every Sunday. Everyone said he was there and there and happy is guy in the room that whole story. They even had links to a YouTube video at least one he had. Made for his YouTube channel where he talks about being a baggage handler and talking about how I handle bags a lot of bags he's been kind of places. And it's a lot of work but I need to do all these great things he shows pictures from. Being able to travel and going to see all these places around the world which apparently he was upset. That eating get paid more. As of ground crew member but he kept the job because of the travel benefits. There is the era there runway just dodger right side and about a mile this event at McCord that field. Got out of and I think god things might get busted out there to it I would want to be exact. Listen to them is probably. I don't hurt anybody I acknowledge you get down like I'm Matt a message and I don't Wear anybody plus those guys and a rough me up if I get off the plane down there. He doesn't sound nervous. Or like this and depressed at all he just sounds like an ass in pool and guys and a good mood having fun. It's hard to get tired out. Noted they don't have any of that stuff we're we're we're just trying to find a place through the land safely. And I didn't bring it out just yet followed smoker. Soccer did you do this sort out who wins and are out like geo satellite on I would hope this circus like it. But you know what what did you get bored. I would like to figure out how to get this out about this. Like an over the bar this I would like they did you. Make it. Didn't return at some good some not so light headed. That was something he complained about was extremely dizzy lighted because he couldn't figure out cabin pressure situation. And it. We're proud of the way we'll. Look targets yeah I don't in recent years we'll live retire. It. Like to hear just the Irish don't don't say look like that's. It's sort our our lord lord. What you wish we dug it right here. Is that not one of the most bizarre. Things you've ever heard I've listened to it over and over is. Yeah they're not saying if anyone knew that he was playing this they're not. Famous anything I've seen. Wasn't a spur of the moment like you know I think they left that. Drumming and I love playing on the lot Don King yeah go out like I'll most of his dream which I'm afraid to say be careful. What you say obviously what he did was. Extremely illegal dangerous put a lot of people's lives at risk potentially. Up. The house time inspired. I am like I know also he says I have a few screws loose and maybe I'm just now realizing in that sucks that sad news. Let the Stanley for sure I'm would she acknowledges I've got people who love me. But come on you can't help appeal a little bit inspired by this guy's. Tone. And the fact that he's like this is something I wanted to do and he would specified that he wanted to see like the Olympic mountains and stuff. And that was part of his goal was to see some scenery from the cockpit in this airplane. And he was lamenting the fact that it went by too fast like you know. The sites and maybe even the fact that this fuel yearn talked about my got to stop looking at the fuel gauge because I'm just burn through fuel here. And then he says. I'm not. I'm not gonna chime in San plane online unit and if I go over there you guys Kelly having anti aircraft guns I put me imprisoned for life. Which I would hope that you would he run paraphrasing but that's I just said and then eat. He just. Crashes into the into the island and there is a little bit more audio where he talks like the single Duperreault role can do that and has an air traffic controller I don't think you're trained. To try and solar array you're not shrink does extra controllers and it's a lot of that stuff has been at least in the versions I've heard this is the most might audio and and one click that defines. But I notice that they cut a lot of stuff out of the air traffic controllers and a homeowner that's because. It's an ongoing investigation have to figure out. Well I don't know that's a discount potential what they're trying to say who knows. But also the fact that he could fly to see if you watched you a cell phone videos that people. Sent into the news. Watching him do those flips and an end. For those people it's frightening is you have to remember that they don't know if there's people on board they all assume that there's people on board. So those people who were filming from the ground and seen us. First person to eight. Potentially terrorists taken over there's a bunch of people on this airplane you can be killed. So that's frightening for them is this guy and when he comes in really low a couple times. I don't know exactly where those all the different. Videos were coming from a when he comes in really low people were scared that is he about to crash into the busy back to target. A landmark around here's some. Crazy so dominant pitchers and amateurs why isn't she on this. Happy and all live pictures is YouTube channel I was looking down Saturday and it's. Only to sell give him in front of the luggage carts in the. It seems like. Like one of those things you're doing. And in Europe in the area like. And really thought about the end game here. Right so it is what it is. Except when he says I never had planned on leaning to sing you back to be another way while I recognize signs internationally. In this. I took it as I got this thing I've gone to do it. Obviously I'm a little broader doesn't screws loose and never really planned landing at meaning didn't really think about that yeah. Don't know how to do it right. I wondered if that's putting their female I can never plan on land in my plan was and right. Crash and was done whatever. And I did hear a lot of toxins out. Airport security how could this happened of course that's a question. How he just jump on an airplane and take off and we need to Orlando airport thing that you know after nine allow a moment that changed everything I've got a dollar and that blame thing a little under control that's sort of room that is kind of a scary thought to think. You know but in obviously we got lucky there was just some guy June. By his own admission. Was broken and had a couple screws loosened and I heard anybody. Much. It seem like a pretty easy thing to do. They talk to some aviation experts and and one of the people it's like a representative from one of the airlines. Saying that okay in this instance there are. Did they know what time it data is where the aircraft is headed is it going in for the night and taken it and hangers and we've got to use it for another flight. That it was surprising to these people that he was able to get on board the aircraft I think most people. You kind of got the impression. They've never really thought about. Right one yes a baggage handler wanted to get on this airplane could he used around waiting and would even not fly it right and connect. That someone a terrorist. Do that specifically. Go that route I'm trying to get a job minimum wage. He only bags they could I don't know now right. And look if you asked me. Friday morning and if airplanes have keys I don't like do you need a thumbprint do you need keys I've heard Jerry Seinfeld bit about the captain forgot his keys. I would assume probably not keep an eye could see these these electric code. Something maybe like a star like a code but apparently not apparently is just a series. And by the code to get in the door right but that out of son who wants. I'd go to follows the pilot laughter viewed fashion turns essentially once and finally is he close that door that nobody can get into and only pilots. But you know they email. If you ask me how does that work president Ali emailed the pilot that morning on the plane and say here's your go to get an indoor right that sounds about that is what I what I would have thought yeah there is no two year notes. Nothing to turn anonymous you can't get in the door unless you have. In some sort of idea passcode or security keys sentiment changes randomly. I mean you need. Fingerprint just doing your laptop or your phone. In our site regarding Andy card to get into the office right. So yeah I concede that I didn't think it was like you know old fashioned Citic tease us or with an ignition slouch but. Now we know I guess at least on this particular plane. It was just some bugs and hand pressed. Switch is flipped some similar user I'm wondering and Darrell Issa and his comes out cleaners moves. I'm just gonna go and pointed towards an on call tonight yeah you thought that I can be the end of. But that was his thing like once I'm just gonna do this last thing let me get this shot. If it works great it doesn't either way you know when it's done. I'll Lyndon that was kind of that was a little dark car he still was excited about community shopping early all right. But all this talk about mental health and we thought we really knew. What we are doing when it comes to airline safety in hand. They talk about all the different. Checks that pilots have to go through so they have to go to these periodic checks senior league I mean I think more than once a year. But they specified in this article I was reading about how often these people have to have these checks. But for the grounds crew. People obviously do I say obviously but now. Maybe not so obvious but they don't. Goes through as many that insures they may have to time their higher and that's probably about it blue sky Texas and I don't know insurance so Texas is. I was I'm Tony and planes and unsupervised Conklin cock pit. Unemployment claims when an unsupervised cockpit plenty of times isn't baggage handler. I'll send out any of these dumb asses and we're reluctance on the plane but I think that was part of the. Impressive Nissen Judeo Islam those things because it does kind of sound really warm those things too like. He's flying flight so later he works from planes on time he sees people doing it right. Of those Sundays on that plane by himself yes that's and it looks overran an inside. Commentators bitch up and it just happens right and also there's this guy is like that's we're well son of a bitch eventually put Geist. Jail for life for some light goes on to some broken their best and actually didn't really. Realize how broken our laws until right now I looked around and went there's a lot of people love ma'am blindness on television over the sound god dammit alright well. I don't know Merrill were all of them had the same strain on the ground colonized boys like a guy like that that's the way it out of me right I don't think we'll. Then I'm really don't run that morning and went on to movies and joins us. He's on the net. No when he says. There's a couple things when he says and that's why he set I didn't plan on landing and Hamels colleague Dennis was saying I'm Glen Day as saying on May be you know I hadn't thought about it when he says I'm. I'm a broken got to the couple's screws loose and just realizing that now. There was something about that particular statement is like he's saying it sounds to me like he's saying. All of this is something to crazy person would do and I Don Imus and run up here's why must I crazy that was the way I interpret them each night. And I think this through them police so instead of going oh my god what have I done this is the thing a crazy person would do the crime in cities like. All right well you know I didn't plan on this but anything to do barrel roll given a shot and it works fine the way. They point this thing towards ground out of that run out of fuel. He never sounds nervous. Never sounds. Angry depressed. I've never. I've never seen anything like that you don't. But further than I am guessing you probably won't again. Now there are there is no need. Baggage handler. At any airport for any airline right now that isn't. That they're past present and future isn't being. And incredibly. Incredibly. Thoroughly looked down right now. My right and the doors are locked the Exxon on the bench it's like after the German Linksys and networking. Purposely crashed that plane into a mountain filled with passengers. Immediately changed rules and OK because what happened in that instance was the pilot said I gotta use the restroom. Well we have the lots cockpits now post 9/11 that was right when the changes in the pilot couldn't get back did because his co pilot had locked the door work easy plane address. So now. When a pilot has to use the bathroom or leave the cockpit for any reason a flight attendant. Or some other employee has to be in the cockpit with. The other pilot they can't leave one person in the hospital not anymore. And those are the little things and fortune a lot of times you learn in life after the mistakes shirt. And it did remind me a little bit of the I'm not easy to do barrel on meet either. Mean the only one watching that things go upside down that cell phone video it's. And he looks like an experienced pilot he looks like up pilot at an air show or something celestial studios and didn't I don't know I went down right. To some sort of airs Saturday. Which I think the air shows just a couple of weeks ago in Seattle. And it did seem like we heard. Planes and jets are quite a bit because you've got to move the base rent there. And what Bremerton is over the best visiting my dad this means that one. In less exciting news Amoroso formerly of the apprentice formally of the White House. She has a book I think it comes out tomorrow. Maybe not pursue either way she's got a book coming out she's. Accusing trampled speed races amongst other things in justice says he's in mental decline. For summer Rosa. Was fired by John Kelly. When she was fired it seemed like she immediately. And it turned on the lighthouse partners and she had no idea that it was going to be this bad because. When he hired her and it was like she actually hired under Rosetta and these are in the know on the Frontline special about trump for an interviews. She talked about trump like. I mean most aren't things you said they're gonna have to all of his enemies you have to bow down and kiss his ring right weight. Is not a good thing. Or Sammy he's in Baghdad as she talked about him like he was just evil villain but it was that I go to and a good way she admired him. So there. They're talking about this book but over the weekend she released audio. Of her firing. By John Kelly sushi recorded her firing she claims that the White House. Tried to silence her by offering her a contractual. Payment each month for some sort of unspecified job and basically the job it is corner. Keep your mouth shut. And minutes. She didn't wanna take the money I think they offered like 151000 dollars a month. And would that mean a thousand dollars a month I guess there's an how many books you think you're gonna sell the 151000 dollars a month long senate. Terrestrial. Or just as long as he's my announcers this thing is stormy Daniels saying where. This is states it's gonna keep payments are due to guess it depends on 151000 a month. It was a blonde. So this is the audio of John Kelly firing her which. You guys said because I heard on the news this week and they were discussing whether or not it was illegal for her record to write something in a situation to situation room but you're saying what you read some religious violated ethics rules it's not. Against the law okay. I mean it's clear audio this is much clearer audio and Michael Collins audio was more about how Google announced a view that this act yeah it's on the Utica. Least he is important understandable and make this a friendly departure. We can all be you know you can look at look at your time here and another way houses a year of service of the nation. You can go on without any type of difficulty in the future roses to your reputation for. Don't know fashion a couple of questions the president is because I know where this don't do you started on the road this is a non negotiable discussion I don't know question. I've ever talked had a chance to talk she can come up so this is my departure at my family's an opportunity now when she says I've never had a chance to talk to John Kelly the. Sound like when the police are doing is staying in the China it is say the names now understand. That we could talk another time it's just to do some producers finally insert new coalitions. So political. So the staff and everyone on the staff works from note the president. All right so I don't I can't believe that this is true. So please say you verified this is a real tweet that trump sat. Is it almost seems like wacky others. Yes so Don trump treated that's really true wacky wacky Amoroso who got fired three times on the apprentice now got fired for the last time. She never made it never will she begged me for a job cheers and our eyes I said okay people in the White House hate her she was vicious and not Smart. I would rarely see her. Why would you to me that if you hire her I mean the reason I ask it this is true because this was a solace on the front page of rhetoric Sony respond to these guys Clinton says people. I speed right someone who responded and said well whoever hired her must've been a complete and must be eight complete FT incompetent. It seems so weird that he would tweet that I know I'm saying this about trump a lot. You're saying that you knew she was immediate before you hire her. Lackey I'm Derosa who got fired three times on the apprentice so you're saying and everything she's Canadian on the apprentice. Now got fired from last time she never made it never will beg me for a job tears in her eyes I said okay. One. Like she appears on decisions they do things beyond its own way. He says she's you know not presidential thing. Know what is on Twitter and red Nissan to. Or is it the second part of that tweeters on the air I just saw the screen shot of. Treats a lot. Pesos up front presidential through. What he's doing is not presidential when last year. It was true what is. More I mean look I'm pulling on his return. I'm on his Twitter now I didn't know I know it's not presidential gigolo lines like I'm Rosa Enron run I'm in doing so this is a modern day form his communication on the state news media. We'll be working overtime to make even wacky Amoroso look legitimate response ansari. I saw you also says five hours ago wacky amorous already has a fully signed nondisclosure agreements. He's got to be angry about those things now. Working very well hold up. I'll here as well I know it's not presidential located take analyst with. I'd rather not be doing so this is a modern day form of communication and I know the fake news we will working. Even like so I don't know what the sec I thought maybe that was the he sent that tweet right after he fired. But. My humorous to get fired three times and it hurt really bad things. So the next tree was nasty to people and we'll constantly miss meetings and work when journal Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser and nothing but problems. Told him to try to. Working not working it out if possible. Because she only say great things. Well now Frank Luntz you know Mac guy Ryan. He's a guy whenever you turn like during elections sees a guy who resigned. Well we've been following the dials we can tell what makes people happier and go right back nine. He says I'm Anna Amoroso is booked on page 149. She claims to have heard from someone who emerged from me that I heard trump used the N word. He said not only is that flat out false I've never heard such a thing but Amoroso and you know make an effort to call or email me to verify. Very shoddy work and he says. She's not very credible or Santa as he sat I malls for. The salacious chair and hit a book like this is the lesson tonight be interest it'd at least. Browsing through reading the first round all the morning Jeff I read Michael Wolfe book now. I don't wanna do anomalous any money. I don't and in Italy that I don't. I don't trust her at all you know after all the stuff set about chumps like I don't think this means very little. Kennedy Brothers who should the White House. She's not a great Turkey. And that's not seen I think it's hard to believe that. Trump has said something racist rev Wright that I I wouldn't be surprised by that I'm just seen her accusing it doesn't add anything. You know them. Tiger Woods I don't know. Much about what happened this weekend but it seemed like it was a big deal and I know tiger got closes sale emotion almost back to shut us are old war. Tiger is blowing I just see all these people talking about tiger tiger tiger does that also mean that. He could save golf he keeps he also about ratings vina under I want him and seems like people were watching and her crown was. They were unbelievable. His life size and the that this problem will. I listen listen to this crowd you just pull even Scott's perception. Listen has won the super. Tiger. All right so this guy that he lost who Brooks. And he says name. Took the cutting up to guns. So clearly he's like. Tiger Woods in his in his prime and that was the thing that I write so well Yankee got beat. As Brooks guy who got the Tiger Woods I mean I look I don't know anything about golf does that mean and he finished second overall. Roadside here and he what's he did finish second. The two stroke. Too short coming. I did see this whose Donald Trump two rich. It's not a big deal. So it really like. Well that thing was run on him and I don't know if that's from I don't now hold I was batch or real or none of that is. But Tiger Woods comes in second ranked him. Irish silent Tiger Woods. And downtown streets Brooke's got that just wanna start golf major and they did it only weather's powerful game. But when his powerful mind not only lose powerful mind game most powerful mind. He has been a man of steel on the tour and I'm many victories including majors ahead and I'm. King ranch to Brooks and his great team on job well done a while a lot when you don't. I don't can't know I was like that was and so okay. But. Every desire I would like to go through and see how many other times he's congratulated and also. Someone dolls aren't maybe doesn't every week maybe him yes and inspired as I said bad stuff I don't know. It just struck me as dobbins and I was like I should see your feet. I know he's a golfer maybe he can graduate someone every week and maybe that is normal I don't know anybody was doing on my. Are. OK so the bikers for trump thing that we just referenced him. The reasoning still considered Nazi bikers because there is a picture it's been circulated on Twitter. Of one of these bikers who is it is bikers for trump rally in if you look closely on the underside of his vice there's an SS logo. And there's also within that picture you can see the bikers for trump patch and is best. But I have no way of knowing knowing when not that's real. And then also the picture that they're using his look and his. That's actually it's this thing around his name and it's not on the pictures. But the pictures. You know pledge of allegiance you're down. So these days from now. I don't know which one of those guys it is it is I mean there was just watched so many guys there again would you really be surprised if one of those guys had an asset sensors of they've got some they've found us. Name on this FaceBook and penalties are still. Portland to a nationalist thing. We don't know who's actually. And this person on each voters said the Nazi who appeared with trump was tracked down member of neo Nazi group in Portland that target's news. Dealing and it's. Is a picture terms faceless. Yeah. That's I suppose but I didn't see problems. Space this process. And it has looks tough. That is his tough face Atlanta does things right here. Mean Jersey with my back. It was nice to see today unite the right rally is famous not only was it done but they were so outnumbered by counter protesters and other what do you think. They're holding covering the bases yes and. You're gonna do they got to the corner right. I think that's a tough putt. Well I think I would if you are racist and their own white Nationalists which I think there are a lot of them I think the idea that we're gonna go to DC. And Mars Jose Wear white we're racism white Nationalists and his heart. I think it's much easier to just vote for other white nationalism racism that is actually goes today. Just want to show up alleged don't like you've got to be a vital and assets tattooed Roland and I thank. And Leo I'd take your chances voiced his eyes when I am I just don't think a regular white racist from Kansas or Missouri or Michigan or California. Are already in those roles design. Does this look rallied. I had checked my FaceBook. Tell my friends my co workers does this weekend. I was in DC. But that's due to mild day did you go crazy yes you're the guy who helped head this up and help heads up the one last in Charlottesville. I feel like I've read closer and saying I'm not a racist. Now he's right it's like okay you really believe that now what are you so scared of them. Those are my friend parish certain limited time on my name. Lot wrong and because you guys been on Rihanna found byters I had was and asked us that tattoo on them. They've got. My face blown out everywhere all of one small Nazi tentative actually had a zoom in Amazon does not like about his job or my face like today. It does is that why you rallied. Ignite. Act on them overt racism oppression is better left. Behind closed doors once. Don't just take that to the streets I prefer to tie these men and today the kkk put stuff over their face and answer go to work. A logging truck driver. Was. Securing his load on the back of the truck carrots I imagine he's probably tightness and for straps are sent them back there. And apparently it's ice icy out and that the trailers slide slightly ailing. As it slides. He gets pinned underneath that okay he says that as he slid underneath. That one of the tires right guess you know those tires are on the same roll overs slain you can hear the bones strong chance. And he knew about Boeing's. Then this thing was gonna continue and I'm ready to different articles are top to bottom trying to make my testicles are getting sand is nothing like a week I don't know what that is it's something alerting the danger what that is that's a rare it and yeah ladies I'm guessing you don't know there's. But guys and I've talked to guys so they don't get them but like your ninth the day like that made it happens sometimes a pricey like a kid running. In May follow might scrape their knee on the cement or something might. Also start to hurt my chances. This is very specific. Type of injury that I can see or severe pain or is it like it tingles to my mom look like a poster I was like it right yes that's my great anticipation there won't. Oh right eyeballs every time he just said he could hear his bones cracking in my balls that none of them amendment and I thought I might none of them and I'm not so little. The Internet I'll get that feeling especially if I wasn't honestly I don't like you're going on oral because you don't talk about yeah not at least did you go over bumps in the road when your kid my dad called them we bombs or ever had a feeling you get is I come here see little bit your balls in my arms dangling your testicles I know you're talking about. Until you get peddling testicles yeah. From the rollercoaster from a guy after all posters but I don't know nevermind I'm being harmed now. NIC swells that kicked in yet and that reaction was someone calling like you said gadget really Simmons calling Emily did not ask. I don't believe you very specific thing but it. There's a bear and there are very specific instances it's not an ever I in his season with a story with we'll gather is that going to be right when you senate and I feel like because you didn't know what was gonna happen the story as this that it. Best surprise. Yeah I get I definitely get like a slew of yeah or just seen as soon one way or doing something dangerous almost like watching. Nitro circus I was really isn't on there and I. Track yet Travis when he did that when he did the evil Knievel jump last month it just watching him get ready to do that as he comes up over that. First rant and get that feeling because I don't want him to die I don't get hurt McCain god please a lot of juniors I was not feeling good some sort. It's gotta be some evolutionary revolutionary brand says oh my god honored and I've been here involves involves the most important thing in the world so no I'm telling you tangle tangled I'll do that tenants are no longer remember to protect us from. So this guy does 'cause he like god king added that some believe if prosecuted. Running like downhill ride. NE CM and it usually hamsters most people run straight up to pursue it a little kid the right. And they start to tipped forward guys are like I had handy this game or don't exactly easy lovely state or accidentally running downhill and you just know like its impending dome. Your head is over your feet you're about to again. You know I don't hurt yourself because it's like oh that's gonna hurt I had this feeling I get a light an I Islamic Conference here on. Starts down and moves on to my stomach. Not many girls you know an image. I've asks I was on Amazon is a feeling. Everyone I've vast and send them to do little stomach for it yes but what but you get that's feeling in your testicles. I thought you're saying earlier you're confirming that you do get that through any testicles on roller coasters are going over a bump in the road. I don't know it's been so why you're now you know you know there's no unity and how dumb I know their people on their car Lisa jangling thing in their testicles they know right away yes and other people are trying. Like you to see if that ever happened sooner and the people that just happens to you know it's an undeniable feeling. And if I would just say I'll know look at that I got a tingle in my nights. Some they would automatically get another didn't wouldn't they do get the stomach for mr. Dodd Democrat I get back to its separate thing. Detestable thing I'm with us and would now. I go yeah that's that's feeling the slogan I'm sure there's other things that some people can't relate to like the taste of so launchers and run I don't know but. Apparently not everyone gets. So this guy. Back to the logging truck driver. Skew his load there's. Ice. The trailer slide slightly he gets underneath here's the bones in his leg and getting crushed and this is where can I get confused about. What he thinks is gonna happen next but somehow. He knows that he is pinned under destruct anything I I think he's afraid of the truck is gonna continue to slide. And it continues to slide because his leg is stuck in there it's going to pull him under the truck he's gonna get killed. So he says he makes a split second decision of a by the way this guy is also a former firefighter so he's got some experience being around. Ian tees and things like that so. As his truck rolls over his legs he says he makes the split second decision that he needs to get out from under the strong so he. Cautious. Against. One of the tires or something underneath the truck to pull his body out knowing I have to rip my leg. So he. Chicks is way out. Underneath this truck to rip his own laid off hundreds of big east doesn't get hurt. Now or get killed and now he's co workers rush up to them and they all claim that he's completely calm. He's like jealous and I need you help me take my belt make a tourniquet out of bed and then and Egypt call. For help. We need to ask dramatic 9396. Actually just let me do it he ends up calling because like I said he's a former a firefighter knew exactly. Who'd ask. It was split second decision it was either I get pulled into this is my life or. I ripple among the Taj banner day here. And now the truck started dislike. And then when you're here because the fighting came out this way you would think both my leg off I've basically felt or heard the bones in my leg break. They were all freaked out they should come down guys. Give me a tourniquet before or bleed out I go a mile on it. Many 96 many many three and a helicopter. And he goes wow. Told this bachelor goes they go the patient alert and oriented Greg are you talking to him. I told. Anybody comes here it's all positive there's no negative here I'm here today to talk about it. These about it. So there's no way in hell. I can do. I mean I've seen a 118 and 27. Hours how many hours was a certain incomes aren't was announced weeks we discuss that I think. Anyone here do that if you watch. Starving to death if you cut your arm off with a penny or whatever it was that he did not only didn't do it. It was a credit. I. I don't think not now maybe Franco I remember that as thrilled as I understand a lot of your own arm. When we take solutions alone or missile defense bridges coming here for a us. I don't really wanna hear that but as I got a museum sailors I figure out a way to kill myself before I'd cut off my because. I still got to think you'll find kind of my own arm and good time I got just an I did not here anyway right and he was down the bluster. That's not this guy this guy's a different story Agassi trying to do. Anything you can live by now this guy was though he was out in the woods and I read in one of the stories that they knew that. Helicopters couldn't get to this like he was not in an area where help was gonna get too quickly. The fact that his co workers are freaking out and he's the one telling them calm down calm down. We make a tourniquet and my belt and we got a call this ending and they are I can just imagine what I've got Jerry yeah. Are you think. Companies don't just talk you know what I'll call them give me his phone and he said he was completely normal time in essence you've heard what he says I got. Not a not a center. Here is in shock but no I mean he's just interviews Amway after he still resigned yeah management and shot tonight is in now resign now not some man here boys and he was a firefighter in that that is so I think it's on Don and I think he's just a tough guy now. But that's that multi delays and tag line you know I know very critical of I don't take my ally in the zoo plus cities. If you want to do my leg I'll take my line the first article and it was coming off voice I'm told that in the beginning. Of cowards. When I get out here in one way you're all fired. The Pope. The first article didn't explain how we. I was only up to said he cut his own leg off and had you know the rest that's right I'm such a talent on display in the am praying that more logs fill up and it must rest yeah. Please just please. This snuck over the water so early to be Jennifer tracked him under regretted so we're really can't do this alone. I would just if you thought that the truck was gonna roll over and take his other leg wherever I loans as weight. Got to wait and see kind of mentality about that we look at each hole and ultimately the bush took me. As always tired of these land. Reds game and stunt and it made sense and all of us dollars and runners. He uses his yeah. There's a push its. Oddities and east. Letting us. How it was more lead leg is horror and maybe I lose my gonna round. That's the toast. Right. I don't think god reveals I think it is I grab my hands and how familiar telemann. You can't hearing and I'm really known not known as frustrating you know politically tomorrow yeah I grab another dog from out of his misery like him running at varying. It's gonna hurt me more energy or not has dropped that long and resentment and then call the police it is August 01 saunas and it's horrible. Horrible. Formal. Again I can only do you lost your mind. When I tell you it's. Yeah. You got a guy that's not I don't like you've got to vs. We've reached crazy talk yeah. All your own way dollars and gets a from the charges puts it in neutral. No this doesn't benefit of benefits over the weekend I looked it up on FaceBook everything I was mesmerized by this whole. Storyline that's. That's a tough person use that work at 9 AMC and yeah logging. I'm back but I guess he was waiting on his frustrating and are helping raise money that has you know America so yeah. Yeah right now Mason jars cowboys. Got healthcare crisis and injured Troy lost his leg got a raise some money selling to put pressure on GQ the approach I laid up there dueled for importers and I've given new legs. Well. It's like him. I think he yeah. A story about the guys Sunni airplane. To mean that was the biggest news of the weekend's. Even with some rose to release I don't let things take off into the points and that's what that. Acting isn't that a testament to flight simulators to like just again I'm only good thing to do well I really didn't know we just couldn't land remember and anything else I'd like to resume classes and it took a flight simulators where remember I just like a week of classes in peril playing. This guy says he just played video the video game Saturday but I got to get it I think he played us a flight simulator it seems to be everybody's. I mean not that we gonna we would even argue about and with a little bit of training are. Some flood some running and stood to boost consensus seems to really you can get used millionaire it's again primarily it's in the sense that. I'm having the sheer amount of buttons and you would have probably be. So he must have gotten not I'm thinking he must have gotten on there and specifically and playing all week this. Lombardi air every CNN news fringe only DN. Jack's you must have rightly or maybe it's just I don't do anything about flying an airplane I'm sure there's pilots are people and adds flight experiences saying no if you know the basics. But the fact that he knew how to turn the plane on that he knew. How to taxi this thing out to the runway and then how did take off. Let us know looks like he's saying it's crazy. In the fact that those planes can do that I've never seen where they take like a passenger jet. At an air show in those two roles and stuff you see these big Boeing planes. It's not be easy just don't think of those airplanes he heavy machine capable of doing that but. They are they're just not. Supposed to be doing mind. And I I just worried about how old. We talk about that story because I don't want to say he's inspirational. That my best probably the wrong word. But there is some eighteen. Calming. More reassuring. About his attitude. Knowing that his life was about to end. Now obviously he's choosing in his own life and and that hurts a lot of other people and I understand all of them but even if you're in a situation where you're not choosing may be your ill or whatever just the fact that he. Sound the way he sounded and he knew I wanted to look at the mountains as you think you're missing dual role I don't see. This thing did that kind of bring it back companies. It seems he knows. When this is overall just I don't know I call tonight. There the plane's left arm. As Brian. Yeah that's it just goes to kill yourself like someone else did you know you're an idea like yeah. And two hour layover there is certain this guy's a great little inspiration that's how I heard about it because Dan Savage tweeted that everyone is pissed off your flights landing this is why this jackass. Baggage handler. I thought about the guys who worked in the air force. Who game called is apparently very important and yet and so think about how fast they said they flew mock would have passed these. To get there so you've probably practiced that stuff this is some. Plan that we put in place after 9/11 apparently sure when this happens which I just kind of was thought that was a it was a plan that maybe there's something. Specific about it now I don't know. But you've probably practicing now imagine. You're one of those pilots. And the like go go go go go I don't know anything about how that works. I don't know they're telling you mission going this is not a drill goes right and then you go out of their busy practice packs they just fly over stadiums for the national and the most sings Elvis and you have no idea. What's going on other thin. This plane is in the air is supposed to. Ryan and his guys piling it is not suppose a minor hockey game so you gotta be ready to shoot this thing down you gotta get there as quickly as possible. Lawless problem again. And as there is others enjoy it's always a likeness and allows an airline Plano and Garland doesn't have guns on it. Right now and it's I think it's kind of fast here and I know last time I talked about seen those pilots come down at the chiefs came at halftime and only music it's. And Palestinian planes are there other people in military is tonight's intestines is desert document punitive beat but I think it's awesome. But it's time it's pretty Austria that person you're that guy or gal and get some day you. Getting that plane and boom that's your job to get there as quickly as possible have you heard this thing the only yeah. One. You don't like female pilots know what goes on in the sense you don't like you've been lied to us from new army and I think it can be no matter to me but I know you're the as far as I was doing. Labels too jet that would next thing and only us. It's not just me but has been here we've been documented as well document this is that we're not gonna debate this. I was in high school isn't here you don't think went into pipelines and I know wouldn't comply plans I was flown by two women to Dallas last weekend okay you and I'll never forget it yeah.