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So righteous man. On all sides. Soon you'll men. Values dark. Will strike down number. You know how volume. And grade are you now perfect good. Can't as a singer work but Nolan pitch on. It's time period our game. And want the moment. What's happened is a senior last. To me it was how's life which do listen. I took the boys to do. And then and replace video games it's an eating dinner with. Pictures from Romanian. I can download their but it wasn't today. You know those of pleasure and enjoyment and. I went homemade dinner and then watched sex drive. It's on them. As slick and not achieve teen comedy from ten years ago. This text messages are. Okay my guess is kind of sanction. Tommy. Other working and maybe not. So there's room. There we go. Clown Fisher Jesus in his head that. So let's these attacks from yesterday afternoon. They're working. Doesn't matter who. Will score more Lynn. College. There and seeing some stuff on the are you looking at tax time. Make me anxious and no appreciation. Shouldn't worry you that look on your face is making me really nervous. Mean it's pushing through remove. Her and she worrying moment. She. Jolie mr. and uses pretty quiet there was. People thought there was an active shooter. But it wasn't nice there was a training exercise running at a hospital in so. Trump says he wants to roll back the mileage standards for cars and Obama implement and of course. Accents. From. That Aeromexico flight that went in did you watch the footage from inside them not playing. I didn't know we were allowed to talk about her not because it was not in the United States but. I think 65. Of the 103 passengers were Americans is majority American. Passengers. But they're now saying that it's. That may have been pilot error state by pilot and who have survived though some. But that generation voted juices and thank you journey horrible. Not New Hampshire. Most treasured it doesn't scare you really badly and I didn't watch it for a long time and I sides have seen in the news and I saw their time at the pilot that was pilot there at that OK so. But the wrong with the plane over and take a look at this. The the footage. From inside the plane is. It's cell phone voters are looking out the window. And it's I guess there's a lot of bad weather hail rain all night kind of stuff. But when it starts still win the I'm really bad turbulence starts to head. And they hear people screaming but. I'm that I shouldn't you watch Eunice grind by. On the bright side there's drive based finding fresh from homeland. New Zealand and there's footage. It doesn't matter. I think he's great match. Someone says Jesus. The crane. Sound there. Okay. Plane crashing sliding along the ground. I know it was you you just eat peanuts great for them its IV and get off. Really in my Rolling Stone magazine. But I don't exactly. But everybody survived that makes you think you maybe. If god forbid you ever find yourself in the situation we think something's wrong. I think maybe if we crashed into a field. We'll survive. They definitely didn't think they're gonna survive. Exxon says contrast to four more years and jerking off invention Biersch. During our boys are no guarantees. I don't know serves four wheelers turned telephone harassment and vs us because flunk him what one basis one can work on here to stay tuned in the moon. So that. Let's let one does that mean. And so dig into a nice guy like do you know it's. That's a decade making good. I do actually yeah I do. Puget Sound you're familiar with pages I am used and I used to live rather. They have just like we have KCP and now they have the Puget Sound energy content and it paid their electric bills too so this woman. She forgot her pastor I know that happens she lives. All the time these puzzles say I don't want opinions on a C and go unless you've got past releases down but I don't know email either. I'm like okay well which you know they think it is only this month and then I was like you guys are going to be no matter using Indian. Yeah. She's got I mean he's doing well Vince I would hope that Syria or whoever the assistant mrs. For people like you specifically the lose a lot of past success I got us no need to download an app that saves on your passwords for you. You also need to pass pretty contentious. I'll recognize your face us on I will remember what passed for unions and correct this woman did a terrible thing Luis Sierra and I need new pastor I forgot here's an email. And you know the chain email you a temporary password. You temporary password and now you can go change your password. She was not happy about the temporary password that they center thanks. Forgot password and got mad at temporary password from PSE. And it was capital in IG GA. And earn. I was quite shocked. She's black. How does that work. She isn't just random. That's a question. She thinks it it must have been intentionally. It also said a couple of letters after that. I guess it's like what she said there were some European mrs. HHJ. Features several words it was all combined but it was capital and and in lower case for the rest of that word and then then HH zero capital but they were together. She says it was an emotional roller coaster shocked disbelief disgust angry. I was just yet even now I'm just kind of like I can't believe this this cannot. I cannot believe it says she is a long time volunteer at the Seattle chapter of the NAACP. It's random I mean what are the chances. She says that Saddam. She thinks that maybe. It's not surrender. But PSE PS he was just Puget Sound energy were today say. That slur was computer generated mistake its system random computer generated mistake no one. It's not like when you see these are just random letters like guns and you know. As we've seen the receipts from just bang random letters or call the sentence and yeah eventually they got a warning sign. Says these past as a generator automatically so they go straight from the system straight to the customers. It's not able to be accessed by any employee. So she wants. Ourselves and the Seattle NAACP who won a meeting with the energy company to discussing incense. Once they can do to keep it from happening in the I never seen this happen before I've seen weird things people share sometimes online or FaceBook or rhetoric much like look at my captures something that's right kind of funny. But I've never seen a racial slur. It's not Jews after words. Not. I mean I believe that it could be. Random letters bleacher thrown together because there are these other letters at the end Lisa mystery shop specialist and a screen shot more than once she only mentions that part where it. There is an ass burn HS and they say they've taken immediate steps to make sure the temporary passwords are scrambled mix of letters and numbers. And next month they're gonna begin using a new system that has heard of temporary passwords altogether. She says 2008 team we're still dealing with issues like this it's pretty sad site experience. I agree with her if Jean doesn't believe that someone within. I was so randomly generators I don't know how it works but I feel like they can't hide from now. PSE. And it doesn't look no runaway who diminished gentlemen we don't mean. To vote in our system march. And when you get your receipts. From a pizza place after they deliver pizza TN at the bottom there she says angry bitch or whatever we've seen some of those. Intentional Dench and those people usually get fired. The fact that it wasn't just that word. Right if it was just that. I'd be a little more skeptical going along why is that worse news why would that even be in there it's my phone. Says hey this is a bad word surely you meant to duck. Right right in this is a bad word. Do you think that they receive animation that we use that sort of system so that it isn't bad werder simply offensive and then when I'm not triggered the system as they do have an actor and I never Dunleavy afterwards for a capture but it went on trigger system right. Dance. It would the letters and on the end of it. In no way. Am I saying no we're iris country. That darva and Teresa it's racist things or they would surprise me if someone did intentionally do that it would not. Right people have the audacity to write this kind of thing on a cup at the coffee shop rams running and just handed to you. So right. I don't think it's unheard of in years but this sounds made him like it might just be. Random. So the story and thought about aside. What can we do something in this class when I do something like this. They make us feel good and maybe would help our image. And I've done. I'm likely to pull it off. A showing Houston radio show in Houston game. The Rob Ryan and shown the I don't know. They haven't they had a listener who emails and isn't known nationally as imminent and in a listener whose email in the name Susie. They were talking about to. I guess like RST team for kids birthday parties president we've kind of talked about especially when you're doing birthday parties. And that her son Max wanted to friends only party. At this trampoline place the track and indoor trampoline place. And so it was a little bit out of a budget but she she goes toward anyways she invites thirty kids to the party. Thank of this thirty only one kid and his sister showed up. A guy. So she sends this email and sue the radio station. So there's some company down their called licks Houston costs played cherry years and he's too costly for charity and they heard the story on the air they wanted to help. So. The radio station got them together with Susie. The mom and surprised them with another birthday party they still displays swift superheroes it's at this trampoline place. And it's they even spike set up the party for them everything in. I mean I was going through pictures of the event here's the kids. Right now it's happy he's happy right. Look at there's dead pool underwater analyst and a look at all the stuff. Nature of this huge party in a bunch of people showed. That's a pretty cool birthday card yeah. And I thought well Don Don Ryan again but it which it is something like that no one would show up. I would be scared it would be the same thing disease say you know what I'm mechanics and there's no insurance my birthday party there. Lets those on a list of the said we shall not speech you're referring the only do you we hate you in the fourth grade so are we trying to organize the successful party. A birthday party of all things for someone who had a bomber birthday party ID so worried that we get there and they can say. This was worse than the last and we are now I MI may own no I think this is a great thing and Olusegun turned out well. But there's always some unintended consequence right. We're going to do did show up. Right your kinda bad. Thanks for showing up but not enough for my birthday priority don't I get more people in here. I'm sure you got in my meeting came over the sister was cool but. Maybe an Irish. I don't know it's a good thing and I'm happy about it but I do think like maybe is is maybe is a lesson like hey man. We invite thirty kids an ultimatum showed up just a general. The match you know what. That's your guy. Yet if she didn't say that only one kid RC DC said one showed up. And the sister showed up so. I am guessing they went ahead and had that party with the three kids. And she was just letting the radio station Nolan Ryan RCDs and don't tell is something I run scoring only three kids showed up Letterman displaces out of my budget Monday night thirty kids. And it again not a parent but as a parent isn't there some sort of unspoken rule that if your kids get invited to birthday party. You try your hardest to get the minority trying to get to and it's not even just about the kids about the other parents it's like an agreement amongst parents say I'm trying to toe the party. I'm saying he writes yes and Jack yeah. Notes. Absolutely yeah. A view your kids had parties and hand out invitations. Easily send them out through email and tell her you know aussies nights or something. So scared that's one of those things all the things and a snow comes in new dad now and talk about things you worry about how those. Leesburg and carnage and third parties just in general. Seen your kids feel like. Cheers he doesn't have any friends and write them. When it's tough to would you do if you change your mama said I don't have any friends nobody likes. Do you say go back can keep trying to analyze yourself. It shouldn't be that it's not like father like son writes but you don't wish that upon them no portion. I'm sure you'd like to trying to avoid that. If there's any way possible the Porsche. I remember telling nozzle that this was like a friend of the friend. Was throwing a party for she's single mom she's throwing a party for June is not the same is less spin. And this was in Columbia Missouri nice and I feel bad similar conversation we were outside smoking ads. No one's gonna show up to this sub party and she's worried about a nice thing. And that sounds terrible I don't know what you do in laws said oh god I get to Colombia where it was Obama might do well. A man that's really nice military series is like double god he's got to give me directions but what I'm remembered and even know the kid what turns out it misting into a camera that night so. I thought that was nice is. And I don't know mom and I were there when it does go well known political presence and figured out. A guy in Ohio got in trouble for a criminal damage. For breaking car windows but the reason he drove the car windows because he saw and dog. In a car and was left out in the heat. So the question is if you see you dog. Where child and I'm sure it's different for you that is surely. But he he saw Doug Allen Mickey you might. The announcer just found them if you want to do a gas station it's a hundred degrees outside and see this dog out there and all the windows are you come back out and the dog's still and it's. You lose at least probably like his new unknowns Don this is someone when I am being Denon was you do as a person who's never owned a dog. Hours and probably doing I don't know it's time. I know that sounds horrible I'm just saying it. I'm trying to be as honest as I can it may not strike like I don't know man can dogs stink I don't know. My cat sits outside. In a 120 degree heat all the time. But not trapped in greenhouse effect vehicle right holidays this car was my feeling my cat would survive that and I don't know. This car was and hung. Yeah I'm wouldn't I mean you didn't I don't know the survives longer than childless and but it and that cat I have now old. Unhealthy looking one it's always looked out to this there was someone left turner car chamber and I didn't choose an event like nine months. But. He was at a Wal-Mart someone ran inside. One bystander calls nine on one another one runs inside an ass. Employees at Wal-Mart and don't come over the loudspeakers say if you look at dogs in the car. Come outside of the window cracked aluminum and shine. I think that's a yes that's batter should try get confused and not feel like if I did bring to win now and yeah I feel like dog owners are doing what. How is she is should I say like your immediate. Dog's fine. So the windows were up they say you're always supposed to leave and cracked I think they see shouldn't leave him in the car anyway. But what happened was he has no idea how long the dogs have been in the windows are now. Someone because I'm once someone else goes in the store I guess he feels like it's taking too long so he breaks the windows. It's the dogs out. Cops show up say. Now we're gonna have to go ahead and should now be my feet criminal damage because we looked at the security footage. And the dogs and only been on the car for eight minutes. SE that would be my fear. 82 maybe three month old Dalmatian did not know how long was gonna take time to get there. And I really felt bad that pumping me get I mean this week if that puppy was okay. Officer told me and there's. I should've waited then I had no right to. Straight down wind down this situation right here is what deters people. From actually stepping out. Exactly the guys right but that's why wouldn't know it out and I would feel the same way like if I saw I think I saw a kid in their car I would think OK this is sergeant in my car than you know what whenever I'm I know that animal lovers of this on the same never lead in the car people do leave they're dogs are we Ali my dog the car rendering gas station at night or something. The windows are cracked but I lever in the air. I don't think you're ever supposed to lead to get in the car I think you're supposed to leave the kid unattended period. So it's some baby in the backseat of the car windows up and yelling arouses is anybody's skin known response and I guess you break the windows. But I'm trying to with you on the dog thing like. Anyone know how long this car's been here I I think I was trying to do something I'd probably be the bystander who goes inside and says. There's a car outside with dogs and I can you hate someone to see if it's there. I know you're so huge dog and a Dresser tennis I don't know and I want dogs to die in cars that's not what I'm saying. I Solarfun Power Felix I saw a dog on the tarmac delay rule. It's not all right and he does really well. Champ and then go get my Connolly line and don't. I don't know how you finally easing about your your darn. This guy got their like 4 o'clock and he said when he pulled up he noted the reason you notice is dogs and there's because other people that are gathered around the car. So there's already other people knowing they've let their dogs in the car he sees it. He decides to be the one I'll be the once someone's in a common among some is gonna go inside. We wanted to break the windows and now it's like when that car crash nearly accused of armed and unarmed yes. But I just wait for someone else's and a roadside you're gonna break the window manager it was just me and I saw a kid there was a hot car and yes the next leg of manic quick trip that don't count might just stand and watched a darn CEZ don't Desantis. Good okay may mean in person who's in town and you know okay. Don't tell anybody how to raise their kids but it's like a giant. Corporate office building like that and there's a baby in a car I'm angry I'm probably break and when known renovating an enemy whatever you want. Yell at me or the police on charger and breaking a window or whatever assignments. I'll deal I would hope the worst case in Arizona got to pay for them and maybe they would drop the charges it was all right final plea to the window and luck in the car. I wait for someone else right now. I just make some how does it might break the window like a font to windows so arrogant so many believe. For the dogs for the day laborer average behalf tonight doesn't get some windows man everybody is going to be okay. Right. Alex trying to find someone like it damsel in distress. Somebody Clinton when that car crash I'm asking this car flipped over like three times like in your mobile phones and I ran out there on the first one there. First thing I did I start running around looking for someone to help they're happy deal longer true they ran up. These guys are busting out the windows are pulling this guy out of the car and stood their watch now. My hands of her mouth my home runs but that's all I did I just ran out there try to find someone who's willing to take action. You leave the dog and a car windows open. There's a fine depends on who you ask it depends on how long they're in the but that window should definitely be O cracked the windows open is that like is that a legit like OK the dog signs crack you about it yeah I usually say OK it's fine and less the dog looks like. Like I've been in yearlong tenure it's really an honor belongs installments and never cracked window the other windows should be cracked. I know they should be tracked but I'm saying if they are taxes and finally just alone right yeah a lot of people do that right okay cool windows drive them out I do that I'm sure people taxing game but I cracked the windows and runners cyclists. Like I was about to rule how long it can. Baby stayed hot cards. Lived in an open window but now I'm not don't do that now but I'm Jerry is lives. I am curious but I can't do wheel lands just in case something awful happens. So I'll never know in advance of the list of things that I was just can't do things and I just won't ever know the answer right. Following I don't know is no one should ever Google whatever. Ryan. So no one should know that answer if they know they instruct the town there had really quickly. But now you want to know don't you someone unknown like how long Jana I human being stand a car a car with a window crack right. Is it five minutes ten minutes to hours five hours how long can a dog stand I caught a hot car when the window crack. There's lots of things and managed I have no idea I can't Google. Can I use a journal tool to destroy the time release function of my pain pills I'd like to known but I'm not gonna Google in. This is not worth it. I guess if you wanted to you could probably Google that from one of those generic computers in the back and we're the some things I shouldn't said that in the sense that. Are all on look chuck police say you should not only McConnell cars. Immune to Windows Phone and say current or resigned. Type on some projects talk if it's hot I'll leave dogs on a three cents. Oh for only. And yes somebody yesterday ascent to get us a season where it is and start coming years for your daughters yeah mentally. Usually my girlfriends in the Carmen you are running but there are times right to run out. But it's quick. It's. Chocolate. Okay no man all right. Really kid she is brightness analysts think this is what fifteen minutes and hot car does your toddler video. IE zero video and let's not like on life. Leak sure you know southern us and we know the windows open this is like a cafe in mom bloggers no windows open. An alarming numbers being sometimes things are excellent scene. And so ordinary responsible middle class sponsor makes one bad choice and people who notice her baby. Back of the car so they can take just fifteen minutes. First child a hot car which I would assume these dogs are probably somewhat I don't know hundred I'm physically I don't know much richer and they can't sweat it's hard for them to cool off. So it takes fifteen minutes per child and I cars suffered life threatening brain. Kidney injuries fifteen minutes is about how long it can take to run into the gerchas shirt picked up some milk. Of course you probably know plenty people who left babies in the harbors a few minutes nothing bad happened and that's kind of why kids keep dying. Children won't die every time. So somehow parents who think it's a safety able to make but it's not. Stuffed animals ask me yeah. So anyway and they're seen as little as fifteen minutes. And no one knows not known it looks like with the windows but I'm looking for when the windows time. I'm not on feel comfortable feeling any further. Window's cracked your telling me about walk by a carnal window's cracked. And there's dog and letting down hot vehicles are the primary nine crash vehicle or leading killer of children under fourteen. According to media NH TS under fourteen yeah. And Sergio is now the kind of wondered the same thing. Child Olivia because there's so many two to three year old senator skews the numbers on the fourteenth. Once you get over fourteen and it becomes car crash there's now you're driving makes cents impact. Right children under the age of one of the most common victims. Only a few weeks and this summer this year's I don't know what you're in this from a monster this year's count of sixteen hot card debts. Is currently the lowest the lowest in recent history according to department of Earth's climate science San Francisco. Since 1998 the annual average of juvenile that's in cars has been 3838. A year. 38. That seems like such a preventable. Thing and does although it doesn't seem like there's not a lot of people but the sense of preventable thing department of earth conscious and is 44 deaths last year so this from confusion compared to 34 point twelve. Since 1998 there have been more than 600 juvenile that's triggered by hypothermia or heat stroke and that doesn't say that it's specifically because of the cars NHTSA estimates heatstroke is a cause of six and. You are usually really can't John I don't remember I don't think so my new all time. All the time when I got a little bit older they would leave the car running and I can listen to radio ads in the air conditioners. They would do that lousy little. So they may have just left it running with the AC on that's a mine down my dad doing all the time went totally gas station I really got to be right back can be in the back yeah I think it has a and the car running important darken put on the news seeing yet and I mean. All the time yet they did that I think the cars are running. And I really don't decision yeah and I just didn't. But I don't remember my mom or dad ever taking I don't know that I could have done their car on the thing you know I mean yeah. We're able to turn it Hathaway and 03 colors or when German air on. Nothing you can do that. Thanks to our spirits oppressor but I do know that they did lead to the season there I don't think you ever worried about me trying to steal a car it was just an exemption. Radio on me it was not their country ways and not. On the windows and Mike Dennis event always convinced your opponent of the casinos percent and hours but you know. Three formats they really really college on all the time. Yet I haven't. Make your background my boys in the car now I'm sent with the car ran. Yeah I mean where are you rent gas station yeah yeah yeah I. Wal-Mart girls destroy him and run aground and down and out any. Ice creams forest bomb hunters run inning ground the ball on their cellphones. And there's ACL. Yeah. What do you do get him out of the car every time it's humans in Munich. It. The seat belts again and get back channel deal. Let me I mean just not news I think a lot of parents do. A leading babies in the back of cars not running all that I'd never heard of that until a couple years ago I had no idea was this comment. And the fact that car companies now have these built in warnings to let you know that anchor there could be in the backseat. I didn't know I was an issue. I see people yell about someone leaving a dog in the car silence. What are you doing this this time you know the window's cracked well luckily. But she's trying to break the windows and I'm certainly can be that first. Yeah I notice there are no longer hours and resumed its. Music. Drinking water. Until the nothing if they got hot thing you know I'm going and down. They see salary and got so hot we got a car. Inside. Isn't there a guy like Andre understood when you go to tools write checks to make a shot really look forward. To you know I'm with the hard. It's actually really there's not here real. World. Really to the team okay. Bid and down memory I'll let you because. I'm divorced and I know once remember okay.