Thursday, July 12th


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For the righteous it's. On all sides. Selfish. And cheering you and you'll mend. The values dark. Will strike down upon the. Yeah it's you I'm good how are you I've never been undermanned and I'm on the air. What's going on. Another month thanks directions and come. Under way you producers' program children's summit when you do now. Based economic John aluminum producer I like him I think you know what I think when you send makes a lot of sense. You know all you gotta do is get to the point where these are doing this now wrapping up things around lol yeah I don't talk around the night here watching go. And then do this when you. Reason number and do. Do Clinton runs about makes it look like you're doing something isn't. Happening. It's impressive. We're in the same shirts and election times. Not sure. Are you just worn this I guess you guys earlier this week now look. That's why I want. I think you more than sure yesterday. The day before yesterday weren't gray shirt on remember how we dazzled you sure know all too little too short. A bit. What's going on. I was like. I'm new and fantastic in my view. The problems. Not much talked about it. Yeah it is. We talk about the news. You want. New sort ninth season was released oh yeah. Did you run through time did you get started I do have played this morning. For the boys don't choose Clinton should summon. Think about join in that tank game. Think you know we'd get access. All those inch streak. Nearly fifteen bucks a month. Redeem about. Good deal and sort trainer. Coordinate his blood I told just suck it up literally. I did win something today so I was pretty excited about that ruins and I got first place. Assuming you're feeling this special umbrella so I was super excited that's citing my license. Discounted pretty exciting at least for a night to win. It means something. It's not easy. I was there's a couple of guys in my team were better in the main you know to help me out. Throat but I did okay and think about what. Did you forget that had set that eleven international. Yes. So. Together I don't know. It's nice out. Looks. Like how it's. I first heard over the phone Goldman. American planes too I'm doing. In a mail in and time sore tomorrow. It's not here and is there is mention that a million times but still. We just need a little better access to water. Eagle Lake played right here there's there's room there's space their space is not being used a we never do anything. All those I never knew ma'am let's check man man makes every now I'm working projects easier than Lincoln or. Build a lake and dole is a giant lake flood towns and kick people out of their homes and build a late. There's enough in the rural area around here to build a demand mainland should share yeah. I do plan expire somebody in Houston. We can connect the whole city via canals like Dennis would just be the only city in America why not. Because there are other Susan yeah we don't we don't wanna try. It's never gonna happen so. Forget about it. We have to talk about this. FBI thing. I suppose you're right spurs he's saying that guy's name Bruce. Yeah those are just extraordinary. That's saudis as insurers bruises when he's learning introduces himself he says hello I'm agent should cruise and are Americans exactly like. He stumbles it's kind of style I'm Asian version looks down at the same segment hostess and. He's a former agent. He got in trouble for texting. It was it was in the context in the late yeah. Lisa page. They were hot for each other right. Michigan news. Today. There have been the sun. Congressional inquiry into. Into whether or not the FBI is bias whether or not this guy I was bias whether or not they're out to get Donald Trump. And trade doubt he's had this whole thing. There's. Yeah. He clearly. I'm trying county query query time I try and keep. Him and everybody and I know in Arizona I believe. A long time ago there is a guy like before. My time. But. Think she did like Monday Night Football matters highlights of him and his name is Kurt county. And I think he's just saying well we announced football games so whenever I hear though I'd trade doubt he's in front and I'm like dad singing dude from at all. And then out and then I remember my knowledge stuff other weird guy. Kurt dowdy was an American sportscaster Romans hers. As a longtime voice of the Boston Red Sox in coverage and many nationally televised sporting events dived into 2006. Charter may you rest in peace train dowdy soul lives of changes here every day. I think plug in the end of the game was turned down and maybe I'm wrong Netflix or not he would sing music down you may seem an in line you know you know. The party's over when I Wear my nose touched down restores OJ was saying yeah. Closing time. I like. You do that concerns but then again I that I can be dandy Don Meredith and I am completely wrong and I'm just derail this entire conversation and I apologize real names and make no sense to most people hate us it. Connection to reality could be pitch. But I confuse current value or trade out Heath and I was even talking about curt out Jesse knows argument dandy Don Meredith saw video. Dandy Don Meredith singing throughout the lights the party's that's him dammit it was Danny is seeing none of those made any sense. And must tray Downey's name whose trade married at them honest man. Any sense. Doesn't lose connection there and we thought of three is thought of throughout loud show our man on the radio that's fine that's sucks. The show sucks Arnie and I'm Tom Josh. We'll trade Gary EU doesn't like pierce schmooze central. I imagine trojans. Visit I'm injuries. Low engine turns and trade dowdy is that pressure from house oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman. He's an impressive title don't ask your parents would be proud he. Had no idea what it means but it's definitely sounds and that's doubt he's to his house oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman. Anyway they got and you today. Doubt he says he's you know not to get something if guys are too using yesterday's conversation environmental. Mr. down I would say I hate the house I hate oversight I commissions. I reform and I think in chairman's. You can notice it. So appears Jersey day. Really loud and have it today and people. Like it's supposed half the country. Loves. So I think it's important when you look at those tax that you understand the context in which there are made and the things they were going on across America. In terms of attacks that. We will stop it. You need to understand that that was written late at night off the cuff and was in response to a series of events that included then candidate trump. Insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero. And my presumption based on that horrible. Disgusting behavior that the American population would not elect somebody demonstrating that behavior to be president the United States. It was in no way. Unequivocally. Any suggestion that maybe the FBI would take any action whatsoever. To improperly impact the electoral process. You buy that. When an FBI agent of attacks and other FBI agent and says will stop. Talking about I'm getting elected these same. Look this guy has sucked so bad about the American people would stop I thought we men that country. But we didn't. And that's why we have her bust. Democracy and it goes on sale later. Maybe that's what he meant a lot of people who said he's just kind of presence. Early mistakes. Trying to sound more powerful than he wants it. Clearly didn't like trump doesn't like Chung and didn't try and hide that today. Stormy Daniels. I'm troubled. And she untroubled. Got in trouble for. Taken off her clothes and other agencies whose stage. Well except she doesn't want to touch. Which I also thought as what she did but you're only allowed to have. And when members touch and in my mind John listen to this story okay. Adult film actress who was paid to keep quiet about it too sad 2006. Alleged affair with the president was arrested as strip club in Columbus, Ohio overnight Daniels was taken in jail in handcuffs accused of letting people. Touch her on stage it's illegal in Ohio for non family members to touch and nude or semi nude dancer. When I listen well. Well I'm trying to think the only like I met everywhere I went away right. It's only did I Meyer Florida. Non core family members had such a new semi nude dancer while on stage so is your dad. Rolls into the strip club and Yaris stripper. He can just go to Tom Tom disease or damning everybody else has to back up. I guess that's a rule in Ohio says forestry variety. Dance scene and a nude or semi nude dancer on stage and so the only person who can touch a stripper in Columbus, Ohio. Is any fans who yeah. Weird city. We're safe and does and we'll link you shouldn't be the other way around. The only version of the judges from prestigious summer is not a direct family member. There's a problem. There's got to be so. To strip club I don't think it's just strip clubs they're seeing as a standstill or semi nude dancers right so I guess we're gonna semi nude dancer I don't know what passengers and the green bikini I don't know some of your mind you know. Isn't that semi nude if you're in a bikini that no woman what's new what's his choice I'd look exude. Topless would be semi nude. No clothes and all would be completely. So this sounds like your cousin has to be the one that. Tip your lawyer says. And why is she the one allowed to touch you imagine if you and your cousin of a really hot stripper on Columbus yes all the guys like come on Jimmy. Gotta touch your sister. It's okay folks I'm a cousin. Why did she get a restaurant slide as the ride out deer lodge. Little weird place that means you did handcuffs wiser I liked it they say she allowed someone to touch her. The person who touched what the person who read up on stage and touch her. You think of the long existed. And we're kind of seems like you shouldn't. Illegally usually able to touch. A stripper. I mean I get an answer like you can't touched on private area is right but if she's on stage you like and dread dollar and Todd Charlie you're not allowed to do that. Ozone is a real answers on stage and a saline backstage you write long letters right. This was an. One of those celebrity performances and she's on station but they have no way as me being a Michigan fan is all made sense to me about out. That's where Ohio State is it sounds like Hank if you're gonna touch. Struck birds gotta be your sister like OK you know why are guys that make sense you idiots. Her lawyer treated. And say just received word that my client is very deals was arrested in Columbus, Ohio while performing the same. She has performed across the nation in nearly a hundred strip clubs. This is a set up and politically motivated to reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges and horses passed and passed. Well they dropped the chargers. It ends. I guess she's gonna go back assault. Her lawyers say and she would be back to the scene of the ninth time. Performing again I think tonight. Same place in Columbus you know. That's the way he made it sound as it's gone back to the scene of the non crime. Do what she does. I remember when we were in Seattle the proposed law there was something about it gets the girl is doing it dancing she's semi nude. She has to stay at least ten feet or more away from you. And in the law as it exists in Missouri or something I don't know about it. I was an exemption in Missouri but I don't know how I know that they have similar rules technically about this tell me and I can be nude. Immunity can't be new and recent TV you can I don't think you're supposed to do Latin dances. And is very right member when that cast had catch proposing now long can Internet and in his lasts. Term he pushed it through and there is an earmark in something else solid strip clubs panicked and course in rural areas all the cops and shutdowns of those immediately. They say everything you're doing breaks laws as far as I know a lot of those. Rules exist maybe that exact lost its. Lot of places trying to find loopholes these are putting TVs out. So okay we can't have a new performer on stage so we'll have a performer on stage and lose in a swimsuit and a lot of video of the new and playing. While there on stage we'll put some TVs up here. There's a resolute. I still think it's weird though she's when he gets arrested for letting someone touched her. While she's on stage morale and seeing. Daniels sued the city. And really touching a patron. She she may have touched them. She touched detectives undercover detective yeah. Charges against adult film actress stormy Daniels for allegedly touching three undercover detectives. Non performing an an Ohio strip club were dismissed Thursday. See this and this quote here just says because she allegedly allowed a customer to touch her wall onstage. Mean itself. But Shane and the fact that they're sending in the eighties under cover agents because Daniels does not re your only appearance the club. The charges were dismissed. So. Columbus city attorney Zach Klein. Sent in a statement after reviewing the case I determined that these crimes were not committed. Based on the fact that mr. Clifford that's her real name. Has not made regular appearances at this establishment as required under law. So if you don't make regular appearances. An establishment then you can touch news. But if you're a regular worker and then you can program. Weird. Okay. There was no sirens gentleman's time. Also what she did was apparently. She removed her top and then put dudes face and iris. They often serves observed mr. Clifford fondling a morass of other female patrons. When they officers witnessed those activities three detectives approached saves Daniel's allegedly made are made toward to detectives. We know her and grabbed her face as she shoved each of their faces between her race. She's finally third officers box and breast. Sunny mornings and documents. And then forcing officers had between her breasts and smacked an officer's face from her breasts. I was all three. Well they got us in an old team given mean. I guess they all got blue and arrest them when they stop at first night I don't know I guess is no question they can. It's not even like she gave in the atomic wedgie you know ripped the underwear we get this out tonight dancing you know and examine how. Three times in the she's still in the race in the wrestling less often and what have you and unemployment and save our sound around. We'll go ahead and see this thing do let's see this case through and take our time. In this scenario probably more severe Robert Mueller we want a really true. Other servers were restaurant essentially the same time yeah. Stormy Daniels. And they show solidarity so should we back there tonight and all tips. I noticed only Daniels will go to the legal defense fund and the other two strippers. Legal defense and. Yes and outlaw that haven't Missouri's required of thugs to close. By midnight audience full nudity no alcohol no touching between semi nude employees and us. What do. If they see can't stop progress. Sometimes I wonder it. I was eight years ago. You don't. If you move or it's. Your decision we had to that many parents are nursing did you do it. You can do. He just. No problem and think about the depth personal journal. Yeah you wouldn't struggle with the public maybe I should just bring that into my home. Aviation you know worried about what happens at nursing homes in the scary stories you hear it. She's an equivalent. I mean I think that would be. Appropriately after finding don't want any you know you go in and shut down and have people don't check on him or her being my deceased father listened to my mother. Blind. Deaf enough in my day and put his mother and Anderson. My grandmother was. So she couldn't talk I can't imagine what he would say. Like I and I are innocent they're showing and you see your mom right see the same exactly want her. You get your room. That's what I would do well respect my Jazeera to Honolulu my kids be a burden I'm not an tonight. My grandma was a money she. Was knew she had some they don't know exactly it was a little flustered Palin's speech and there's all these weird things to happen. It was AO she turned on all the hot water by herself in the tub and that she got burned and all the stuff so. Do my parents were constantly trying to figure out. Where can we move for Yemeni prime mover somewhere else is on them and they never knew for sure. It was just really suspicious and I know it stressed the mount because she couldn't tell them. Going on they had to take the employees were born out wall nursing home in Georgia Jefferson Georgia. These employees decided to record snap Chad. They titled the snapshots video in the end. While they were and dying patient's room non come on man three employees. Other assisted living facility in Georgia have been arrested after police said they made us capture video called the end all in a room of a dying stroke thing. The three women there is a nineteen year old to 21 year old a tutorial and girls. We're all employees and assisted living. Facility in Jefferson it's sixteen miles northeast of Atlanta 76 year old woman suffered a stroke just minutes earlier. And the three workers were supposed to be caring for her until hospice worker arrived instead. They repeatedly ignored the patient and recorded videos in her room for snapped chat. And the police their said it's the video showed the women and you can see that they were joking laughing their smoking state pins making obscene gesture based branch yet making obscene gestures in the video they're mocking the patient according to this. And this I should mean that they use this is evidence as is the police chief talking about. Discussed. That how could somebody do that how would they like it if it was there. Grandma or mother or or any any family member Halladay like somebody knocking them making fun on doing this. Hopefully this'll send a message that can come Egyptian wanna do some. Stupid this discussion also that we're gonna do everything we can't just say that you had a damn court and didn't spend sometime and then you have system. Another is that whole group. Think. Idea that you do things you would normally do because any peer pressures Cuba but NASA with old people. When an old person. I mean I would hope that any person. Is that desperate for. I would hope that you wouldn't be laughed music but I do you worked at a nursing home is 76 year old woman who's having to show me just ask you for help. How was it did not one of these three people said well guys what wireless the snapshot we need to make sure that she's okay where we. Is that group think or do we just happen to find three sociopath so all working in the same place at the same time. Imagine both. I know you're the same way anytime I see it crime committed against. Elderly. I just thinking now I don't know what the worst punishment is your face right now go ahead. Think that if you're guilty. Muddying blowing and hopefully is tainted source from another cranky. Cranky and their sometimes racist and you know she's she's yeah yeah. And to win this this this woman had a stroke and was dying and they're supposed to be helping our. And they are taking a snapshot. And I know also young people lose. A lot of importance. On social media and making sure you get a video as an onscreen stories snapshots story whatever has got to get this but that that moment he could get quick. Make sure we get a story of this. And in their mug shots are all smiling. I assume gunshots. There's a still shot from the news video or. England she looks like someone just told her joke. She's Jewish and there's a there there. Really smiling. I imagine I'm saying let's natural reaction so much roster temperature. There's a mug shots and he's on my relation many OK DeAndre tonight. Dispatcher. I noticed all mental or was yeah he is today they released his munch on you marriage on it. Brag soon know which is drag. That's got a son. Even if he is getting special treatment like they say is. Still got a son I have ever seen Hagan shovels for this so this woman in New Hampshire she gets a phone call. And apparently this is an common scam no one's ever asked me to participate in scams but this woman gets a phone call and done. Based they tells her basic believe it. They need her to pick up the computer incidents and it's probably pay her some money. What probably happened here is they steal someone's identity and their credit or. They buy something in this case computer and then they say hey we're gonna mailings and in new words at this I you dig it up email it to a symbol hey you were right. That's the deal. Or someone called you an offer had that opportunity just go pick this thing up just pick it up stormy in mailer to meet us in yet fewer bucks. It's even as they're gonna synergy your house and now what would you do it we call the cops now would Jew who takes the good since they arrived your home and keep them. Many yeah that's kind of what I was thinking maybe. She got the computer she kept it in and she mailed them the computer box on magazines. And now she's in trouble do she got arrested but really pursue gaming this gamers you should be allowed to scam scamming measures and our other rules like we talked about yesterday are really before. You know they're like a time to kill is it time to scam of the spammers do and as you should be allowed to scam them back under. And how the various scams work and were always a work. To these scam is what they want you to do was essentially be a strong man. In in a scams all. You know what they may waive some money in for your face stood to pick up an item in and moving to a different location don't do what the law shorter but is it. If you have any questions I do think something might be a legitimate you just simply don't know. Pick up the phone call your local news the former en us resource officer you know they'll help you work work through this. There's no Mormon. Look at what it's like didn't ski in the scheme right after all the cops would have the computer shows up at my house. It's a computer shows a bigger house or whatever television. Shouldn't get in trouble for keeping someone dropped out of my house and my address some agenda via word came from. Gentlemen. I do like the idea that this woman her name is whole malls manner. I do like the idea that there's against sounds good I meant like I wonder if she thought this whole thing through it ambulance and. Easy computer. She gets left out Susan back to much of magazine. I Michigan shows that. My brother. Ordered a computer online this long time ago and direct from the manufacturer right they send him. Computer. Given an obvious use in recent and another one. He sends it back like Tea Party got Mike in here he sent me another. They send it to him again king the third time. He's like hey again mired had a computer use sent me a second line mail that back in ninety cent Jimmy again. So he knows that back. Fourth time. Fourth time this is why you just keep the computer it's just gonna keep seeing you you've done. Ups a year end of the deal or no jury's gonna convicted they can't get their stuff together and they keep sending you computers. They just kicked it. But some people are just. People don't think it makes you want that person or nervous knee and. It's like yeah it starts this later something. The chargers corridors I would be the only I would probably not open to me honestly. Those guns and somewhere if I didn't wanna be left feeling really rallies and do my hero and it's and I knew I was so whenever it is and undermine our oil wants to reduce. Prices and on the Dodgers to the box and you bugs away and yeah. The apparently these scams are common if you look in like. The classifieds and on Craig's list or maybe FaceBook and when did you last president asserts herself on their way you look for light gun. John as you know wanted to whatever help wanted and apparently these ads are their help wanted guilty of this thing for us small Canadian open. We're not where. When I find out that it's illegal in the and it's stolen and then you stole someone's credit card to buy it and Washington troubles for. Now senator bacteria. It's no reform and they're making as I did she did days and it is sounding good to her she answers the ad and then she goes and picks up the same. And then she says in the night right now you got to send this to us and so I promised a synergy at. And she's never sent some some magazines and left out. I think that's fine. People still jump on trains and guests. Trains commercial yeah I mean. In the United States people. Jumping on trains again the movies ever see Joseph. Yeah from my measures like boxed our guys and the bodies and another slapping you see in other countries and on the train. Apparently saw happening here in this guy jumped on a train it's funny because I really didn't know where was going Ian Kennedy asked him. Why on the train accidents better than locking the tracers going too fast and it's not stopping. They think I'm having a hard time LaMont strength. The pulls out a cell phone calls I don't want is that you gotta tell someone slows turning down the. Why on the China and I don't know why I'm just I'm here on the train. You read my lips aren't. Aren't. Yeah where'd they aren't swore he'd do it on the train yeah I don't know and it. They're definitely teach and after in the end and attitude. Maybe we'll live I don't know. Shouldn't never got to. Drain. I think it. Sum okay sure you just hung onto the side and it must feel like god this late night and signed a cousin going to cargo train like those old. Trains residential and they did no maintenance doesn't decide don't jumped into the wherever resume leasehold on the side of this thing. Zelaya did you remember them. Yeah yeah. You know me and the beginning redux or the guy who's kind you would drink beer and push him around and guess right now guide to this. Jazzy jazz and Ernie Solomon wrote a note isn't realized. It did one point two Ed McMahon. I'll realize hey yeah. That's cool. We train our guys entrance to a they just jumped on train's event like California. Right now California way. You can jump on this your trainers who friends of disease bench came back once. You're gonna say one hour runner. So they just wait for a train a slowdown they do what they go to the lake Union Station or something go around and. I think I the other trends and well that's a city so now it for freight train notice I'm fighting the bulls and guys like patrol that only Helen. That's the power and there going yeah that's the punishment they be here. Sections so now you say okay do they really had no longer enforceable by these and other eating they. I think there's good guys and eighteen also a different water fountains and. Things are different and of course. I can't imagine list and a guy or Enron and I'd say now there's clubs crap on it kids are trying to jump trying to. The parents and why did you feed my kids each of country and it's rules man. Rules are rules everybody knows the rules for train jumping. You get busted by a blogger knows what's it called bush out. Bull a bold. Billion busted by the bull you get beat a Z dual Urals. There's got thought it was gonna stop and Willard but it didn't. I thought it was gonna stop him will and I never should gotta match I mean I know it's stupid ideas and done. I wasn't Josh and never will again. We just have one bad experience. At least try to slow down. I saw that video of the guy in New Yorkers. Writing on the subway on the outside of it holding on to the subway doors they called it train service winners and so I am sure. Go to outing entail that them when you go to the tunnels are and there's room. Unlike an emergency lights in the breakers is that he did decapitated Jewish men turn out. Come on kids that's just stupid if you're gonna write untrained. The new deal fashion like a freight train jumped on it and watch out for the bulls. More or do. California too expensive the coolest guys in new York and disincentive to go to California subway. The nursing home story doesn't this. So trying to. Messing with old people. What kind of sick. And I and and I know one of them is like nineteen years old easy seamless communications not an adult bullies not. I care. Something's wrong with you and someone needs to keep an eye on you. That's not normal. And a normal reaction custom Ron Paul reaction. See someone none aluminum. Wasn't that I am in the debates and likes what would you do you saw a guy in the street. I was wrong and as I said night trying to get an ice and guys diamond doesn't and insurance so yeah when you take a monster on his side welcome and then there are like robotic. It doesn't have insurance and have heard. And it is like right on his. There are several armed. Like such a weird things people talk themselves in these corners and when you're like most of the time we take things to their now you'd think you I don't know as an organization. They're always like well. Wonder why do was a dying man on the street running and is now they're gonna ask you you can't just kick the body you know this thing is that was your core beliefs that you'd at least be. Is your core beliefs was that well that's the way it goes and you'd at least be more prepared to say that all right I did hear some sane and get an applause. My general insurance well why I rally want to give some credit and that debate they asked him is like now I know I didn't Diana streets. Right outcome was the opposite he resigned Diane and I thought that was the last. When Ron Paul room or. I can totally hear trump saying. Its assets in question yes. Of course. Did he wanted to charge women and doctors who just moved him. We murder decently gesture and extortion murder but this would you charge you will. And there's certainly after. Everything's done now. That's why there's so much to think about sometimes just got to jump trying. On. I can't all these Graham questions. I don't have answers Charles question beside in the streets to smell of freedom commentary the strength. Up to Missoula. I was so when he was trying to get to Strickland was in Ohio like bunnies and it was a stormy day. Three undercover officers in that strip club. That's that's that's what these in the not to do our guests. They get briefed before they go elegance of a concert you isn't. Madame Ming deviate your chin against 31 dollar bills and just trying to put him. In and around her any minds on speakerphone and then when she SEC and it won't stand up. In the positions contempt for those not using Facebook's. You go ahead you knock it touches you lose Jews under us a better way and make sure she does it to the others do I don't want anyone in jealous. That's just something Hussein they waited until all three of them got to go. She broke but yet she's broken on the let's just. Just wait. She dormant in huge. If you took a nationwide poll insensitive being legal history of blood. For someone to put a dollar on stage and as a thank you further or whatever I dollars in tips on the stage and as a thank you for the tip been dancer performer ever. Rubs her moves in net interest faced with the majority of Americans begins that they see NI want to. I should be illegal now and my first glance this like of course. Of course they would be mad Mac I'd be fine minute and I still doesn't amount I mean we've tranche president. So maybe not. Managed 52% of people out there it is actually not. Well I mean John should not such weird. There's no consistency. Now. It's like who chairs in someone's moves such as someone else's face it horn is legally you can still Mac in the United States. You can you can pay an actress. Come over aspects of the stranger installment container. And many times it's the other performer whose pain term. That's legal because it's films from what I guess intent to distribute. I think we got to do right but if you do that privately and in new. She's on an actor at that point sex worker and that is illegal business on camera around right yeah. But is it as long as you have a camera urge you have to have some sort of an you have to have your permits. And then I'm guessing you have you the truth the had some intent to distribute. Some method should be with the Internet you can just say oh yeah I don't know shore up I'm on the horn hub what do. Entrepreneur born good contributor part of community member now. So god knows he's ozone is 100% amateur or so it looks like they never seen reports earnings. That he's missing out ahead. He doesn't do any of them are anytime managed signals and world I was like the big names like this as a two girls let's look at him. So that's exactly what you told us. Look at looks or should be surprised potent memories of that. Yeah. Are you any amateur guy and trust me that chemo not really an anything in life I really have a pro. Many issues like like okay Olympics in college from wrong. Unmanned going to grow served search certain. I'll tell you wish that how you believe that college ball players should get some sort of rebirth and Obama would make him professor Reich I'll. And I believe in London should be eventually rebound and you're not going to Washington luncheon. I know it's so you like the less and less yards and she amassed. I like the girls or plucked out a small towns and given an unlimited supply of all right chanting boos visit soon. Let's ended their chambers breast augmentation. That they can have those two minutes it. A solid and for this sake of this conversation on the air yes that's all they can happen. Warsaw the bag in goods and dreams and now there's going to be actresses. I don't goods and drains it say anything else. Except that you drums those look like that my New London. What's wrong with some of them become successful I think we can use stormy Daniels well you know. He it's such a successful says Sasha grace got a lot of followers on social media. Jet engines and made a career out of it. Just go back in socialist and yeah yeah yeah yeah I think they'll do but let's I'm going back drama lies and talking on all things I wish I never did an analog and until whenever it. Where that stop you ladies went our way out of me and.