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The Greatest Show

Tuesday, September 11th


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I'm sorry I is heading here that. Degree as some of the greatest show and you know I know Michael. My guy Mike has this so is the greatest showman. And I hate that it's like grown on me. I sing along massive flag. It's. I don't like that the stories about them. I mean the story I don't PT Barnum my old thing about again like this earlier probably right emit per movie. I'm sure you know. And he's in two instances the moment to put report. Constriction in the dome is waksal who threw for fool. Zach after in two days then yeah he's yeah the scene where they go up. Oh yeah they're going up I like the drink insane 08 pit scenario gas and they're just doing shots yeah. We knew you know it's a fund makes the duke and I'm a dongle or hear a player for you know a good mix as though this is. The greatest showman and panic at the Disco Saturday night saying that oh yeah I. You know I guess an app you can mix any fallout boy or panic at the Disco. Win. This song it works. You do real lot of. Does play a little while ago. Displays the most powerful and not keep me the greatest showman tests. Right. Dammit I hate that I like best. Yeah I just I think in my head I just had to hear it off. Hey will we get back from Fall Out Boy we're gonna giveaways that Counting Crows take its apparent. So as soon as follow boy and it's awful event coming to file boy look at comedy club buoyant. I was gonna be panic Saturday night that I thought Leno played Bob Boyd grant the bottom for finally yeah CA does have a little fun. The guys. And ensure. I can't believe I still like dislike things. When you can enjoy things I don't hitting like a guy who boo boo boo boo boo boo. Late getting. It's the greatest show it's everything you ever watch. This is the damn job. The greatest of the damned showman that's we should do a musical. Like who who on pumpkin spice Cheerios it's used to joke it's so I love pumpkins it's okay. Our eyes it's club like read about we get back we'll give way those get a prize tickets are right Suh is the Fall Out Boy song ends. Five cynicism nicely five not a minute before. Not a second before. Pollard thirty we'll give a pair characteristic it's that tonight if he can't go please don't don't call it actually can go please don't call. Because I I know what it's like to just be huge caring for a spin and wanting those tickets but you know you can't go we are not sure just let somebody go Seattle. All right. Merit scholar thirty at the variant of this Fall Out Boy song Counting Crows.