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Tuesday, August 21st


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January that the night's what's on the alternative nicely by the buzz Danny and mark with yet in the morning. Market I don't know if it is I just I wanna I wanna I'd wanna said something right. With with that I mean that's it right but. I just wanna do something I should've done along time ago I look at. So my grandmother. Is got moved to. Haley to care got moved hospice. A couple days ago. She's not doing well. This isn't you know. With grandma's you're in year out the hospital alive you're visiting them but she's a hospice she is born and then 1922. Almost made it 96 times around here. She's strong she's so Golan you know wanted to think that somebody born in 1922. Would outlive everybody. And make it comfortable surrounded by people who love her. Is awesome she won the game per ounce and she's the reason I'm here backing Kansas City my grandfather died I came back here. Because I felt I needed to take care of her. And so many nights when I was working at Starbucks. She'd be there with her Curley is on in her pink shower cap and a pink robe reeking of not seeing the lotion standing. Looking out the kitchen window waiting for me to come home when I would walking in she would say. I can't go to sleep until your home. And islands are yesterday. And she was she was Christian cheers real Christians you Israel. She was a prayer warrior every Sunday she had people over I mean that she dedicated her life. She went all over the world. And a lot of good things when I got the job this radio station and the reason I'm at this radio stations because they came back because of my grandmother. When I got this job at the radio station she said. Do they play Christian music. And in my life and I said yes. I thought stepped up. Graham if everybody did it feel good you know I didn't want it to feel bad about my life. Choices. Adds I I she said can you play emea song. That that you guys play bad is Christian. And I did. And I was doing the punk show at the time is called that the driving here at the bus. What year was this 2000 do you have them you know to do as interior. And I busts open this record and I knew there and I put it on and I played it and her face. Was probably the face a lot of you're gonna make when I start playing in this record okay. She said well if it's Christian and you played it's good guy and I never really played its. And I just thought right now. In honor of the woman who brought me here. There was so kind. And stared at me through that window and it kept me in shape when I could really really really fallen out of shape. I feel like it would be awesome just one time. To play a song from my grandma. Most years that. Oh she's still around I haven't gotten a call yet. It's it's hard every day we nearly. And you get Macinnis. And my months. Thank you for being. My. So. Are sealed. And Flanagan maker. Fifteen years later I thought I. But I'm gonna do it. It's reliant K. Chapstick. Chapped lips. And things. Like chemistry. And it's on the bus. Farmers.