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Tuesday, August 28th


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Advanced joy and rip tides on the alternate NAC five and those of us can talk. Danny mark in the morning but that was a pretty good job is pretty good morning. We Dini mark wait gamer morning DN area so. This because absolutely this is how the start of. I loved. I was Ginny brown. In this fits in the my story. And it's that's a wonderful time for him. Okay. So. Yesterday. It was time. If you know my arm of the past time for her funeral yesterday. And I've ever been to a funeral as an adult. You. It wasn't anything like I was expecting. Panel Paul feels like this. It was. In sync. Like if you didn't know my guns nice use 95 almost 96 just a few see you know. Few few days shy of 96. Lived a wonderful life died comfortably. This is a celebration. Walk into the room she's 951. Of our biggest concerns was. Did she outlive everybody. We come to the bureau. You don't. It's like if you do a show legacy in a comedy show bureau is worried are people gonna show how the energy in the room going to be. Well I gotta tell yeah. Mark seal could puller rove and she still is a who's who of Casey's evangelicals there were. Prayer warriors. In the room yesterday. Punctuated. By. Somebody I've known about. Gave a lovely service flew in from California to do it. This guy named pastor Don. Oh man passive on okay. So obviously. Her kids go first grade my mom CNN's Gayle they'll kill it. They do great great great touching movie. Loving Larry yeah story time connection. And macedon slows down a minute. And he he opens up. The it turned into. Because. Now who would like to come up and say a few words about Marcy a pass and Don. Made it open Mike. Night at McGinley hope. Funeral parlor. Oh yeah. And the best part about pastor Don. Is he goes. Please limit your comments. Had two minutes or less. And nobody was mad about it because. Well I've really got to we are worried we get played off by church music heard organ you're doing too long you know. It was open Mike night to me Gillie hope fear of parlor. And does this is hate is they realized pocket and you know there's a moment hesitation were nobody stands having class. Alia that happen. And I'm like F this this is grandma's funeral. Imus say few words. And I did and it was great. Other people came out. They did some great words it was wonderful it was full life. And then this dude with a Moses stick walked up out of nowhere. When I say Moses stick. I mean that it was eight Moses stick what was it was that arranged it. Like was he from like the percussion section and the church now my understanding is he because of the thing he gave he's he's a pass streaming Graham of the very well it preached together okay are heaving call her like a minister pastor to even those who wasn't technically won I feel like they were that Kendra Graham yeah. But so he goes walking up there and he is walking. Ian like super slow motion obviously he traveled to be here and it it was typical. And accused parting the Red Sea he's walking up I mean he looked like if he threw his stick on the ground he could make it turn to a snake you know an assailant off like that kind of got he looked like the embodiment. I'll would you would say the holy spirit wispy white hair. Locking up very meek very quiet. Very kind and he was saying these wonderful things about my grandmother. Entering his listening nodding their heads and then out of nowhere. I mean he's talking from Klein and meek and very very very BN to no microphones no microphones. Is just talking to you could hear him but he was just very room and then as he finishes. And as he finishes. He is paying. It reaches this crescendo. Because he's quiet quiet quiet and then he says. In God's name starts to build it up Jesus Christ everybody's on the presidency. And he goes. Hallelujah. He blew the doors. Off. Of the funeral home does hallelujah so much so. People started clapping. But few of them stood up. He got a standing ovation for his minutes for a visit to go under because that hallelujah. Rocks you'll are. Based off. So there we go at a point cemetery service that is that is lovely. And I see my step dad Jerry's whisper in the past Saddam. If macedon does is being over there as a dances death the does yeah and the hasn't done says and I know Jerry talked to a he says the family. He invites you won't. To join us at the tavern. I demo isn't much of a drinker but we show up for sure all our. And so we did. We in my 3 o'clock in in tonic arrives. At that. I slugged it down I looked over at my beautiful wife. Should we write Yang and she said this is the best. Funeral. I have ever been into him. His are doomed of course says they're too is Bennett insists are going Alia I don't know. At the very end when mourn those things joyful joyful I feel like. What was the guy's name with the way they're side. Oh in a deserted now I know it 000 I just come guy Moses Moses guy yeah I I see him singing joyful joyful with more he'll agree do at the end of the funeral 100%. Anyway. Hey. Thank you all for being supportive on this journey it's been difficult but I feel wonderful. About how. Everything came together. C'mon tiger my brother. I talk to my brother mark Zimmer is all back together let. A funeral be a celebration of the life. Any begin book pastor dawn because he's a really good time.