Friday, 9.25.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Saturday, September 26th

*It's Friday! The last time I posted this turkey, it cut off the first half of the show. Let's give it another shot. *Slimfast is trying to get the team together to watch corporate training videos. *The Doobie Brothers are pissed at Bill Murray *Need to evict someone? There's an app for that. *Headlines! The world is still a depressing place but we try to find a few bright spots.*What does your perfect Friday evening look like? *You've heard of "Karens" and you've probably heard of "Zoom Bombing" but have you heard of a "Zoom Bombing Karen"? *Have you ever been turned down for job because no one can stand to look at your ugly face? *Jeriney and Slimfast have a dream. *Slimfast is getting cold feet about this Trump rally he's supposed to be attending. *Have a great weekend! Let's catch up on Monday. Until then, wash your hands and pluck your eyebrows.