Friday, 9.18.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Saturday, September 19th

*Welcome to the podcast! Told you we'd be back. Looking to kill some time? Well we've got just what you're looking for. How's 90 minutes of random bar talk sound? Today we discuss Slimfast and Jeriney's obsession with background checks. Would you sue Starbucks for spilling hot tea on your lap? What's the first thing you do when you walk into someone's house for the first time? Be honest. That's right, you zillow it. Let's continue to get to know each other. Today, we'll tell you the worst things we've ever done. Is YouTube turning your kid into a Nazi? We looked into it and the answer is yes, your kid is in danger. What does your favorite high school movie say about you? Well, it probably just says you were born in a specific decade. That's about it. What's the oldest piece of technology you keep in the house? We'll talk to someone who actaully still owns a non-4K tv and watches it everyday! We talk about a bunch of other stuff but by now you could have just listened to the podcast. Seriously, is anyone still reading this? How about now? You don't have a lot going on, do you? What about that 1-888 number that keeps calling you and never leaves a message? If you've got time to read all this, then you probably have time to answer that call. They aren't going to stop calling. They'll probably start sending certified mail soon. You don't want that do you? You're gonna wish you'd just answered the phone when you had the chance. You can't keep ignoring all your problems. Just kidding. You should probably continue ignoring those problems. Remember what I always say, "The doctor can't tell you you're dying if you never go to the doctor." Hope you enjoy the podcast! Have a great weekend!