Friday, 11.13.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, November 13th

*It's Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? We discuss the perks of our parent's jobs when we were growing up. *We doomscroll with Slimfast. He's bummed because he's missing the Million MAGA March in DC this weekend. A new speaker works like headphones without the headphones! Seriously! It's called the Soundbeamer. Not sure why I'm so excited about this thing but I am. Check out the article and demo video in the link below. I'm not getting paid for that. Just genuinely stoked. *Nick Wright takes a break from watching The Masters to chat with us. *Slimfast is a Country Psychic! *I mean it when I say this, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Dallas, we love y'all! BTW, there's a new Dateline in Dallas tonight. (11.13)  Las Vegas! Hope the Raiders crush the Broncos this weekend and I'm confident that they will. Go put $10 on the pass line and drop another $30 on those odds. I'm feeling lucky for you this weekend. Kansas City! Quit throwing dog shit on my porch, please. Everyone else, I love you too. I think we should all surprise someone we love with a random gift this weekend. Perhaps they'd like a new coffee maker or maybe you could just buy some goofy shit they advertise on Instagram. Is there anything better than surprising someone with a random gift? I think not. Have a great weekend. Everybody wang chung!