Friday, 11.06.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, November 6th

*It's Friday! Slim wants to have a party at his house this weekend but no one wants to come over. *Lazlo's childhood neighbor is in the news (again) and now we're all worried about the future of the Trump's Unity Bridge. *A guy got banned from Yellowstone for trying to cook a chicken in a hot spring. Has anyone every banned you? Why? *The election is still too close to call. The Starbucks holiday cups are here! More domestic terror threats thanks to your friends at Q'Anon. A north Texas man was shot by his dog. A 100-year-old man breaks a world record for frisbee throwing.*Nick Wright is on the show! He's here to discuss the election and he'll eventually get to sports. *Slimfast is a Country Psychic! Today's song is "What Happens in A Small Town" by some country singer guy. *Slimfast refuses to adopt Tik-Tok but he's starting to regret it because it looks like it's here to stay. *Another week on the books! Thanks for hanging at the bar with ys this week. See ya Monday!