Friday, 10.30.20- The Church Of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, October 30th

It's Friday!!!! Slimfast once bought a car for an "exotic dancer" and Lazlo wants to make sure that everyone knows about it. *Headlines! Walmart temporarily stops selling guns because they're worried about the election causing unrest. Only a few days until election day but COVID numbers are their worst yet. The missing mom who went hiking and was lost for almost two weeks is now being investigated by the police to make sure the family wasn't trying to scam people with their GoFundMe. Somewhere in Colorado there is a compound where you can rent a room and try to avoid and national instability. Florida man is the neighbor from hell. Did Governor Cuomo try to end his daughter's romantic relationship? *Let's discuss guy code and why it's so important. *Country Psychic! Slimfast sings a country song by some guy named Riley. He gets nothing but the instrumental and he's never heard the actual song but he can figure out any country song, just from the name. *Don't take pictures of your ballot if you live in certain states. You could end up in jail.*Here's a list of kids movies that scared the hell out of us when we were kids. *That's all folks! Have a great weekend and stay positive kids.