Friday, 10.16.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Friday, October 16th

*It's Friday! Slimfast is having a panic attack at work because he has to apologize to someone on air. *Netflix is ditching the 30 day free trail and people are losing their minds. *Headlines! Did you watch the town halls last night? Me neither. Let's talk Trump says he's the second biggest celebrity in the world. Chris Christie is out of the hospital and feeling great. More people dying while trying to take selfies. Screech is still alive. DIsney is woke. *Nick Wright is on the phone ladies and gentleman! *Do you have a sex bucket list? We do! *What's it like to be a divorced dad? We found an article asking that very question and brought it to Lazlo. *Have you ever "soft launched" on Instagram? Do you even know what that means? Don't worry, we'll explain. *Stryker and Klein asked us for a little shoutout and we came through. *Have a great weekend! When's the last time you dusted your blinds? I know it sucks so bad but you should just get it over with this weekend. I love you. Goodbye....