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Enya 45 Turkey Time

Wednesday, August 22nd


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311 down before that Marion held down. Now lie. Makes you laugh. Not gonna do the three forgive way though mark. In a safe we have one more song you know would be going point eight you I'd like and threw it out of the nuclear PA now about a half yeah math. He got that dance that gonna love joy I love it don't worry he's an a soundproof Booth we play this bit nobody on now so here's the thing. I think it's no secret that I loving it right I think associate them a lot of people loving it. I mean come on him like listening. I'm does he says. It is make up words kind of fun. Yeah yeah. Came here. It's. Yeah I mean he's cool. Our. And all morning. I mean c'mon man. Like every engine uses it and many. This. Moving upwards. That's that's the kids any band I really. Certain bands iron or an out downloaded. Silent mania. I feel like I've heard a lot and songs and movies Aniston knows and yet the time every trailer made for 1987 to 1994 featured one and you saw that I think it was part of like. The sag guilt. Anyway other mania. I elevated. And like it or not but we've got to ourselves is a quote machine for president here is our president he says a lot of things. And it doesn't necessarily need to be. Any sort of commentary whatsoever sometimes. You can just take two things somebody who creates a lot of sound bites and something great like Kenya. Put them together it creates something like Pena 45. Something beautiful this is from the I didn't know you needed you didn't the new life. That's absolutely correct you didn't know you needed this. And that without. Further ado. If I had could play this for you and this is just mark you I love to listen to read. There's something about reading I want you did you books on tape. I think there's fortunate for him buy me a fun side now ladies and gentlemen without further undue. And you don't go away this morning. And you 45 that's not bad and doing everything. Right. Yeah. The. The the. Okay. Sir. Can you get this deal done immediately. I said he doesn't work that way. I don't wanna go too fast. The deals are not going to be any good. If we do that and we got to. Take time. It's got to just stay right. Network gestation. It's like when you're cooking chicken. And time. Time. Turkey for Thanksgiving. My mother. My mother would say. 08 hours. I said. Eight hours. And she made the greens Turkey. She made the greatest Turkey angry at him. Okay. This. I.