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Enya 45 Telephone

Tuesday, August 28th


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Panic in the Disco I write sins not tragedies. Two from panic excellent from the alternative 965. Vote buzz eleven industries and they really quick on talk about business. Talking. About India in general idea of talking over any okay. So. We have this thing here than any marks. Is damning a 45. And again. You can play it. Any words over Kenya and it just becomes magical. And it doesn't matter what they are. In addition. Love them or hate him if our president. Is a quote machine. He is a human quote machine. That passion expect. Is off pick news. The main item context or not. He didn't break him out. Morgan I was the lab and we figured we saw a lot of wave at the president over any NC it happens that yesterday I I don't know if you guys soft. But he had a press he had a press conference he was talking. He called the did Mexico on speakerphone was from the oval walked from the Oval Office he calls Mexico on a speakerphone. And he had speakerphone trouble. Everybody was like dog out of right away luck. Guys has anybody ever actually tried to do a conference call before. It never works. At it a couple of times you never go live with it would this be your phone call. It's telling a radio it's hard to go live to attempt to phones a lot is like man what's gonna happen below the buzz they don't say anything below the buzz they don't saving. That's what happened today to a yesterday. I I dare I say I empathize with that part particular situation. Easily for the translator. So dissuade without further ado my favorite bit. Canyon 45 mark yes taken away. And he. Live. You know. I. I. Yeah. The. Enrique. You know you can come up you just tell me when. Power you. It's a big thing. A lot of people are waiting. Hello and I. You wanna put that over here on this phone please. Hello. We would be. Very helpful. Thank you. Thank you Enrique. It's a fantastic thing. We've all worked very hard. I. Room.