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Enya 45 Hurricane

Thursday, September 13th


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It appears only alternative many 65 abuzz Danny Margaret in the morning and Danny and mark. Down down and abandon them dot. I I did I buy it but. I actually my wife she's groceries Cuba Myanmar. The pair of Nikes that he got customized and they sit him on the back. That's critical did this pretty off and Allen is that they sounds like I can't wait I take remark my what sizes your shoe guy like rider on an arrow have to. I haven't had a shoe Gibson's. But three Christmas is a guy got these so weak. Tom's boosts dude that I loved. Katie just loves to get shoes all my shoe game my geoghan was terrible throughout that time I've played in. And supporting Casey unlike the local media celebrity game recently like two years ago maybe a figure was. Michigan is terrible or converts you matters let slip conversely on commerce I duct taped him to my feet and I got hurt. Sympathetic if 170000. People thirty seconds into the match. I fell on my face and had to hop off on one foot with where it has taught mechanics and about they as he Alia is his hardest sport it has like. Did he help me out yankees that he held you back to the car he help me he's the only. I'd probably meg the carmody else is like you're on your on the favorite sporting doctor is like I'm gonna need those stretches back again argue back with it day by day. It's our sporting I owe you one pair of crutches. You don't want amount of have been in my arm pits anyway. I'd it's gamer gonna mourn and it's time for in your 45 is a little thing we do regardless of how you feel about the current president it doesn't matter. Pro or con this is not a political show and anyways here perform. And lastly something horrific event happens because we're just trying to be an escape we're trying to be positive we're trying to. Distract you when your drive for more coming my goodness you're assailed by bad information 24/7 by the Internet television and radio maybe we could just make it two of those three okay. So when I say that we do Tautou 45 and 45 it's just we put Donald Trump quotes on top of Kenya. And it just seems to be funny it just did makes Shia straight. Transcript from two days the two days ago and you got a few and social I don't know what it's regarding it is one people listen to agony of the you know this is having this is seven listen to it is is direct quote there's no you know manipulation quote mark happens to read it. The president like we're not his quote machine. He's a sound byte array I think that's why he's so effective at getting broadcast everywhere. As he is a human sound bite and so we took advantage of that and this is march creation I've always loved them is going to be great there you go. We. Hey. It's. You need the hey. Okay. We're. For years pairing no expense. We are totally prepared. We are ready. We are as ready as anybody has ever been before. It looks to me. And so many talented people that do this for a living. That this will be a larger. Far larger than anything we've ever seen. Again. They haven't seen anything. Michael what's coming in Paris. Maybe ever. Tremendously big. Tremendously wet. Tremendous. They're prepared. We'll. We're all prepared to work in conjunction. Last year in Houston. They went out for second and third yeah. We'll never seen anything like it but we did a fantastic job. Yeah. This.