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Wednesday, August 29th


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Right over and over as an alternative 965 a by as Danny and mark in the morning here with you today. As we are every Monday through Friday until we are not and having a good time. Wednesday. Dealers today on I'm de. And waited for a you know I got to tell him mark and I don't know. If you knew this market I don't know if you knew this in your car. I guess IA. Had. A penchant. For being. Negative. And cynical. Blew me away to an FM. They're like the other day and other. Cool. I understand. Yet okay. And I thought about all the times that somebody's enjoyed something. Yet they post about it on those who merely talk about it here at Iraq and I just like birth. Like. Pump is by such as thank pump pump on perfect perfect example right a lot of people. Like pumping and pumping pumping. They do like companies like pumpkin bangers. Pumping pumpkin GS you obviously they're pumping out my back on pumpkin. Pumped his eyes like today and for example old B would have gone. And it's ideas mid August we leave you can love and if you love it. That is a point of damn popular opinion so if you could. Has Saget on Twitter phrase against the Graham. Texas and 96500. DA MD AM Gainey and mark Mets sit there's no like brilliant we didn't even realize. That it was damn. Until. Six days into the zone like damn. When are clever frontrunners as they acronym. Is fun to say damned damned and and and on the country but to sit him while on 23. Dam began. And takes me nights he's Pfizer zero please please please include your name and own the senior from so we can talk about it Paul mean at 5767965. Okay we're gonna do this in the second. There were images and they're going to get this thing start army by some six innings of five takes me damn popular opinions. Mark had a great example with the pumpkin spice latte I have another want to please what do you love well that damn popular opinion my damn popular opinion. Madden is. Popcorn as a great snack while watching a movie. That's a great popular opinion. I got wanton and whatever topping you want or does have a point. That's a great popular and whatever. It's and it's as green I was watching I Tonya last night eating some pop that is an interesting choice to Munson snacks to behave I am down mark whatever you need to do because you know what. It's your life is found to be positive and it's a damn popular opinions that get him started the game coming in I mean more probably randomly grabbed a couple people grab tickets and we were participating by some six innings by text in 9500. My damn popular opinion. Is that McDonald's. Is delicious and you. According to a man entitling the oil through Macy's by the buzz it's the Kmart in the morning. Damn. Do cool fun thing get to know area share a little bit about ourselves. As a lot of negative real world now has a huge. Part of it. This. We got to be more like ghost busters to the news can either make him matter can make you happy make you wanna love Bonnie kiss everybody. I have a theory that the who's from ghostbusters two was actually viscous Indian MDM but. We do a damn popular opinion is very simple our rights. And you don't have to be afraid. Of what you love to do no more shame love and acceptance. That is what DM is all about it's that the love damn acceptance DM optimism. Even get. Everywhere in this world. So. We say toast the about a penny has taken listening. Tells we are from tell us what you think today. Because. I'm tired of running away from 6. AM. Even on the phone Steven. Yet pay anybody how aria a moratorium pretty the pundits and you know from the seabed. A little. People. Laid well at the for many years Steven Gray tapped Stephen for your participation in this first the next girl inaugural and nag Earl. Damn popular opinions I'm gonna make sure mark gives you a nice parting gift okay so why don't you tell it Kansas City Stephen. Why don't you tell them. What's your game popular opinion. Daughter lives. Are these fair and appeared at their copy. I'm old yeah on the ground there on other best companies who are spreading and butter. And jelly. You know I got to tell you Steve and I I I understand that night for the coffee when did you make BS transition. It low. Google revelation. Or and I realize they're eating breakfast. And I didn't have coats and the only you to go right hand. There hadn't been used for food all the border. And a war the world that you wouldn't that. Well Stephen thank you much thank you very much for sharing your damn popular opinion I like Steven. Seemed like knives by sister has copied he likes to use a spoon to spread butter and peanut butter. Great I actually meant trend advocate sometimes I cut through the brand on accident when I'm trying to spare with a knife may need this do to help me in. I think with a spoon is Everett the bread more but really a no judgment only support here I support. Our tax line. I will see where you're recording from KC MO says the real housewives are a fantastic franchise for guilty pleasure TV. Has said damn popular opinions absolutely. I love Garrett Molly married oh please there is damn obvious paintings eyes are written using king sized chips ahoy cookies. Are the best of king size cookies today ago yet his. I couldn't agree more you're talking to mr. model as himself I love bacon says Sean for mission Kansas. Past and I damn popular in this same shop. Oh man let's see. Data about their opinion Dylan from Lawrence Kansas says game of runs is the best show on TV absolutely body I love the television show dollars. Patrick Moore takes to get on the tax Lyle Patrick what pads are more how you doing buddy. Damn popular opinion beyoncé is a literal queen says Alley from Shawnee. You see guys it's OK it's like things that everybody else likes if you find joy in it. And share with the world another prisons or Britney Spears is 00. Yeah. You know what different strokes different folks yeah. Is it birdies in Vegas beyond these more global yeah you know. They're seen invention Selena Vegas we can find the positive that he everywhere mark is a day in positive show my weight do you hear about. The damn positive bit mark. Let's see what else we got here. Up up up up. Damn popular opinion Bruno Mars is catchy as. And yes he has that little tiny move. Easily three easily when he eighteen prince. Without the fentanyl. That we know yeah you know. All objectivity here guys. My personal opinion is QTEMI popular opinion is I cute tees green apple T was the bomb says Nancy. I'd ever had a QT green apple T but I'll tell you this this is my definite damn popular opinion. Quick trip is awesome Alia. No no shame for the things you love Kansas City. Did it off your chest. And as saying I love the guy that said. Coke is very and Pepsi and somebody says Pepsi is betting count because you know what. Well are damn popular opinions there you go guys that's how damn popular opinions worse mark I want to get Stephen something and I think it feels good to know that you don't like something and not worry what other people say about it. This is a safe space here. Spikes.