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Crushed or Cubed Ice

Monday, June 25th


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Florence and the machine on the rise. And make fat or him as the morning names and Indian easier Marcus yeah yeah. I just learned sewing about you yeah weirdest conversation ever. So it's right in there. And the spurs marks up works here she got result will be dole. Diego the big game quick troops are from cup. The large not that extra large as the big star on the largest are from cup you can McNabb the second known as the biggest. There's another bigger one no there's no bigger that was the forty something that was the big errors there was a large are now seven large army yeah that's the large styrofoam that's the biggest one. Now I get is an Arab bingo though large the nova and a larger size than that is plastic. As Aaron. I didn't like I believe if I don't it's as large styrofoam are above the Viet dispenser if they always have the label makers think that large star new year big your plastic you give him plastic not Stan announced that. I'd have got to be all right sorry it happened that he did you hear your little did not give them that not at all about that's like the holy goblet. You remember any real guns are made. The Rain Man of great trip yes. If they ever needed a spokesperson and yet I feel like everybody really does love. Quick trip it is an institution here sir I first moved your mind where the party stores right. That's basically quick trip by my little girl about the party while on the cans on the Missouri side is later re not having cancer and then and then. Which is so ridiculous well it and I can tell you the different lay out Steele I know which entity to answer to hit the bathroom the fastest based on what type of story it is. Sure if it's via an older star of that food store now. Yeah although they did. You go hard left if you're in the oldest source hard left and you better you better know and advance whether or not he rocketed to a multi stall or single Saul. Mail restaurant or because you can get into some trouble they're looking that you seventy history. And and I'm I'm a quick trip to bought and they have any say they're alive Metcalf. That has knobs and styles that not for deeds bird emails I really had that produce. And then you view the seventies and if you go one like for example. I had to go the bathroom wife was a shooting. Commercial or PS airs on the on Saturday. And I wanna go in there and use the bathroom sort of go the quick trip that was close by it it was in Lee's summit off what's chapel. That was one of the newer ones he walked in through the back right door and you make a hard right if your guy bathroom right there are. All these clean those new ones. But anyway we're talking about the cup and we are talking about huddle. Suspect cup is it's the perfect cup. And US me a question and I'm stunts. So ridiculous what way did you say what you it was a I asked you I east. Or cubed or crushed ice yeah. And answer is of course crossed. And you're like now now the answer is she's cute. Cute dice. Mark I'm not a fan of the Karzai. If it melts you quit. Not a crash optional like the crash yeah yet now all of I'd never cries in this styrofoam adult male is insulator. I'm not. I don't know I don't believe that Danny it's not an in theaters the ET you here's what I can't do it crush eyes a very simple button. I keep you on that when I'm done. There's not enough hair black. You like ice kind of growth is your Greek and European. You guys like I mean you guys don't know like most the time now know we got I never wrote now without eyes and I'm drinking water there's ice and but in Greece if you don't specify ice do you get eyes now you never get it's I England temperature power and has actually anti deep ball ice like a low light now I'm not a low life I like a good amount and -- time. And I did you run it later I mean I thought I feel like. I got a rash with crashed ice you I'll tell you I give it you are the slowest drinker. Of any beverage I've ever met in my entire life it doesn't matter what is it doesn't matter how hot or cold it is that day. You're still sit in on something yeah at the end of a shift well here's the thing. I have three drinks going. Hand car a few water energy and I got as bad guy away ideas station that. But the pilots are Jack but my ice in here. I would consider this. Que dice Merck. It's a weird iso or X it's dead presidents. Initially it airlines. Machine made QB which is kind of different. A machine Q yeah and I think she was there really were around him Hagan little hole and it is right. Don't that was added dimension of crushed Cuba it to that makes sense IA it's like. They are invention yeah like the crash melted and formed a hall of Q. Or signs as cubes. Under crushed very set interiors scientific. I can see that is that because you want to create a space for your strata penetrate through to the bottom sea ice at the same thing you didn't do it doesn't happen cubes crash gets stuck in struck it down and I've never had cry his eyes by. I straw yup mine I don't know what you guys do and when you're slurping down your beverage now. That's a hard suck. The poll appease across throw whoever said no lies ever is a monster yeah under a model hi Edgar a weird. Who are year drains. Simmons of Easter worked there for seven years and I can definitely tell you that crashed is a popular opinion meaning definitely crushed. And sent enhancements for and the only premiums crash at least like specifically from huge here or sign that white Ebola is on guys like people go to sign for the Christ's life. Without its crushed ice sonic. Let's be honest. But they do have and that's why they've guarded it's so close that's why that sonic crushed ice machine is like 400 dollars. I have no way it's empowering because I don't. I don't know that sonic has Karzai is like I never gonna sign they film what I doubt I doubt I'd I'd yours out right now what do you go in get a stop. Going to decide. A litany and a great deal style my next Tuesday nights I. I had when he got to go. I get confused it's you match. So I have no idea even as shake like I don't know and a lot and is there are many options after a half bridge shakes and slow season. There isn't a marquee big outcry if you are large slice she's clearly. Mark does is it he's like she eyes different. Is it a slushy literally I mean I think it starts probably from the same place in the crushed ice. Offense has done allows him on the archives. It and don't use plastic straws the other very bad. For the environment. I read a story and straw metal straws are bad for your teeth in your mouth. My wife has metal straws not a night goes by there were delegates and Jim beam and dye mound do I don't. Chip my tooth on that damn middle throw. OK I don't I never seen metal straws. They heard. She her computed unlike me they hurt. I like big guys they can I say it's cold beverage is yeah let's listen G. Love. Can remember his name current. Pat at the end of the day and as soon as except for one person who is an animal Texans and they don't like is. Yeah as. I guess as long as we don't as we all agreed like life and it is a necessary. Like part of civil society. I love ice and a big fan and yes I mean nice as ever ice is a big DL. Yeah in my household net ISI I now when I say abolish ice I'm not talking about you know frozen water my parents still don't have her refrigerator that makes those periods. Ours is like now. My father. Is. Like knee o.s CD that I Medicaid and like there is always guys if you like ice meals he is it's like commentaries and I do this at my house to me oh my gosh it's all it's there with that phrase. Yeah he's got the trail I laugh at. I bet he's got like not a bucket about a bucket yeah I got a whole another big deep trade's gotta keep the eyes and being in Andy's got a bag he's got a big game. Always filled. And then if it spills the ice cubes are ready to go out there whenever anybody takes any gas so ice is a big deal when you take guys setting your fridge we your dad are you expected to fill the accused that you took out if you did. I like to Ngo forum because a I think it pisses them off a little bit. You know because he doesn't like is that like change it. I'm AJJ adamant silent. Story I don't know. It's like now you can did a good night's I don't do Iran again a lot of crushed ice and execute.