Country Psychic

Wednesday, July 25th


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Will country sidekick. I'm ready the people love it man. You guys ready ranked. All things. Sing the first few. So my friend. And the artist of the country song and he'll be able to sing in the same way and they do. Would the same damn lyrics. Just by hearing the title. Yeah and he'll do it slide. To starts coming to me. I'm not sure your psychic I think maybe are more comments like on just one slam I don't like done. You tell my name I don't know how that this stuff starts come enemy and then 99.9 percent of the time mom dad on the run damn close. I guess it has some sort of psychic ability. And only happens now when is country music. Like something we only talk to dead people you're gonna go what country music when is somebody says are you heard the song you know I'd heard it. In my head right now right. Knew I think it's just. Country music sound no one else that happens. One time and I've had a Medicare from a soccer team in my new soccer team and he would introduce himself I knew he was gonna say Jacob's own. And he said Jacob who so Lama. Moments Osaka tantrum. Customs with names and I'm sure but there's definitely something there you want me to engineer and title and artist or song what you got foray. The first one I'm told there's a song called not our noses are really popular not so. Not I don't know much about country music. But this one was called by me a boat. By Christian Janssen I'm not Chris Hansen. Crist Janssen I've never heard of them hungry Libya Chris that's not a country Korea in my vision do I don't you know over the years. Deceive rout over there for faculty know who it is suck on your DJ. The stop with the I don't you know I don't mean I did Dana dry drew I mean you are around a lot of country music sometimes against. Your own. But I'm not says some not though don't you have hot country nights and stuff here as I don't work over there and doing a lot of information here I thought maybe you heard of them. What I have heard that real name is Christopher Pierre chance to. Okay okay okay England has handled. And he is from Payer Louisville Missouri in the enviable piece from both moved back home may have. Community does song called Miami a boat I thought you're gonna say Israel has so Missouri so I'm guessing maybe. And this is about Lincoln deals are you might be able to do our business. When you say change is named. I'm really tight you're gonna say was so I guess I'm the psychic named thinking that I was gonna say like cac Chris Jason vets or something right now. But it's true heir peers know his middle name is Pierre Pierre so let's see Christopher Pierre. Just dot I don't. Tees wage lasers her own way he always a loan to actually ask the line and yeah yeah you found it and you drowned and it just now times Ali that I weigh one or not okay that's way way ward didn't mean that you Bunning. You're not funny I was assigned these fun too far man you crossed the line I walk aways from this. I'll walk away. From this year and I can say it. Perry bell Perry though there throughout Tyrone I've heard of that is that over on the Saint Louis side. Where is Perry Vilma oh gosh. You fancy pants over there parry bill. All right so binding vote soco you got some. On. Ensure a medal for your home on Lisa thing if you pulled from whom he. Oh wait he's still hear us. It and I'm there I'm here is something something something just went away Aaron. I'm trying so I'm trying to reach a pair. Things broken. They are usually give me a little more information about him anywhere on trying to get this figured out a little while that's all you got. Bosnia Perry knows this Oka San and 2000 bound by a crush her for Pierre Jan send. He wrote songs for Tim McGraw your favorite artists. See me. He moved to Nashville Tennessee after finishing high school. It was a national. So when I got ready when you are. June and is releasing a whistle a woman comes along. Sir that's film gambrel is that he is explosive onstage and completely unpredictable is the last Syria's song called tell woman comes along. I'm. What does he do an Intel Obama got so what we should come out on I don't know that I mean but that's sounds like he's gay for the staff and good things and Juan Pierre. Here side embarrassed lives sat to a wild horse it's not meant to be tamed. He brings a blue collar redneck edged every show that seems to be lacking in country music these days. Kristin Jensen. Is a future. Of country music. Buy me a boats things these wild night in the wild man. His other hit singles including the power of positive drinking. He proforma third day of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Because song called fiction drink it's par for the course. Not by me a boat. The song that I gave you only hear the instrumental if you don't mind and get a little. This real quick some India. Well. Yeah I give me a shot here. Randi I know how the song goes never heard of before. It's going to be getting us started this stuff. Ready cameras don't buy me a boat. Guys drew. Got a trailer it's got a Condo lives and well it's always good and then there on two. I'm still sticker shock. Take my name into the main goal. So they won't so were real good time. But I'm paying close next in the years. Cooler come down my last time. Follow us on hill. But I mean low. I was doing a lot of red. When your son on the bed. Yeah there but I did I mean about you John I'm alleged that ripped through my head he must say it because man that last buy me a boat I'm said the idea boat. Pitch might be involved and I think now it's some of the bitten I think you might be onto something. Interest in money I'm a new version failure go to the basic idea though is that. He does now on their money and needs some of them I am about he wants to go to the lake and he doesn't have enough money for her a boats. Because they're. They're expensive trip that would you guys were thinking without having heard the song. I think is and as somebody else I'm about. But. I thought like his next payday he's gonna buy you know I'm no pop I'm gonna buying medium that's held. Ten minutes. I mean we're in. Move on Sunday I'm sure. We're no lock it down down day and you work. Me. Manning came the now I'm more in love. And then end. So that's continual talks. Money won't might to have liberal by relay runner up these little five million. You can match may have. Is that talk dead in the baton. I like that Sony actually woke up at. I thought I call on. All man. I mean a vote. How are you're. Version matter I think it is right now which mountain would die you're just back anyone no kidding I said this is I'm an instrument do what I do about. Was that a day yeah. A bay I'm begging please I guess. Does get on my knees are usually buy me a book that means there's none of the British. Asset management and they're in a ball conjured for a content no no surely rely upon to vote. Yeah I couldn't think of another kind of though I was they cannot or Baja. I'm a sincere but that's on a boat that's a jet skier wave I can think of a boat. Cigarette mr. I saw the price of the center bonus there. I don't know that's what we're well catamaran and the other one I'm feeling warmed up at Emory and I'm feeling loose coalition because this is a guy named John party. A never ending that made about a thing is spells with a T. John party but did. Johnson Ryan partied all these fringe come on over there take take you know our country seem. Young. I don't know much about him he was born and Dixon California. Course. Womb. Anyway done name of the song is called dirt on my boots. There. My blood in my aspect. That's on August 2. Everything of your bottom ration and dirt on my boots. Or can I hear the instrumental version please. Durham on themselves as an on site at confuses and says no some called head over boots but doesn't turn on my boots. This is dirt on turn out pirated music. And. Are right sewed. There are my boots. And I think it's pretty obvious he's. He's a proud man with a number one's single he's a proud working man. Interest and I don't know. Yet. On to number one US country or play. Never heard this guy. May have a jump party do it from my boots are on my bootsy ready and I think it goes also Mike Dennis. Us and. No welfare man. I guy. Brother Jerry says he can run on the bank just a theory I think now. I had this car loan to and so somebody's got to do the work. Can't believe they're respectable man and this includes our cupboard and dart. Let's game. They're busy work you know. The moon boots has some effect. Are you you said blood okay Dave came down. The pistons fans in the crowd against Paraguay as you pass hasn't hasn't the norms time. Experts aren't. Well I didn't know what I love freedom and I'd rather do that it and I don't think I love it and Kamal was. And I. Slant. Only well they're playing. Forever paying the other Ares said we could. The bank and I said what do you some stupid day. I am okay respectable guy. A sudden got dirt. Lot of mud boots. And it's for this day. Who's Cheryl and that's why I now jointly tolerant. Of supper time but I wouldn't I'd that is trying to be respectable now. How am I gonna Wear respectable now let's say doubt. Respectable guy. For season respectable gal I don't know all right and we hear the real version you guys think it's about it I think probably at least says they're a minority in his pants then. I'll give you and realize now I'm playing now don't you you said blood. This the real ones. Okay. Don't come Monday. Don't he said two more roads and he's a farm. The ads that yellow. A Hazmat heavily. What it used to. I might have a little light come on what he's heard the news for you're going to be open. Mud on my wheels. They're gonna shine with Europe and I think. Hey hey hey pick the club kind of run. That's ditching my friend I said so yeah I'm now working but I do know that you're pretty hard said something about dance. I know right now he's saying he's going dance and I think guys that I don't have time for the dancing. But that is that just happens but I isn't what I'm saying is are all below the late picking up because and on the field work a lot he's working the farm yeah and then he also says I'm gonna serve dance and you know am I it's no time that is. The opening. And I bet it. I really thought that he was. I cracked his fans alone all that just. Flowed well but I thought. They knew it was going to be. I thought he might say something about not wanting handouts I still I feel like. The rest of it I got I feel I've always says might have a little mud on my wheels is talking about crap in his ex. That could be my how little mud I'm you know it's urban dictionary and mud on now loans as a euphemism laden. You know what if that's not in the urban dictionary RM and add it. OK it is says mud on the tires. Them kind. I cannot say what that it's. You read that from there. Mona. Okay. So that is an entire well explain the blood to. It would explain a lot a lot. And I think that's a great job that I think now knowing what mud on the tires means via. I think you nailed all thing edited and explain is a blow blow blood in the PM. All fine. I thought he might say well he did I thought when he said. Dirt in my boots that there'll be other things there in my boots on my plans right in his case it was not on his wheels he did have other stuff though. Now you're saying I want to mention other thing I said the thing about dancing. Today I also does not take an under dog and then I don't have time to dance right but AM does daddy's farm when he says he's our tractor. They could've been a cowboy guys he could have been. What ever they do you know what Rangel channel wrangling cattle drive them across that. Prairie was saying I'll be late to pick you up because I've been working in the field and army go to my booed to them rushing to get here writing you're. Yeah near yeah close I mean no one expects a psychic. To just word for word it's not exactly receipts psychic. On MS Mario a lot of data and try to and you mailed me and you'd probably I mean. Coming in your head was mama flats exactly right so now obviously there Marmara classy guy crap to sprint and then that a I didn't come out exactly like W now I'm in now and it. That was that was what your best known and well done I think we've put any. Skeptics. Criticisms to rest of them are absolutely. So I just wonder. I did not know. I did not know this term mud on the tires yeah. If you look it up to now with this I can't tell him out OK I don't Alter it Johnson. But until. No it was a little just let on the flags now but on the tires of Brad Paisley so it is you know it's not there's that is that's a YouTube pucks over here. Boy oh boy. Well I'd like to hear that now kind of curious. Where here all my boredom but I don't know if that's what types that can't possibly be what he's referencing. Here polio but on its own problems as an industry and upon. You gotta ready for a bit and be careful because this song. As Carl and mud on the tires. Got some big news. Thank finally came through. And I'm home keys to brand new general day. Here is now. I'm not a little taste. Down love laying. Don't match. Our new plan. Job that's the bills face little Connecticut could open.