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Buzz Briefs Trump in KC

Tuesday, July 24th


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Music is so bad. And little blue chip and yeah. Our rights Burrell. Good morning. Yeah. Suspension is easier for Merck is here. Tuesday morning to insert yeah. You're a lock down. Closed man downtown is clue sorry folks. Moves show that told. Downtown Los. The Allentown is closed today county on his own. This is the president. The president Donald troop. Is gonna be here in team. And he's speaking at the municipal auditorium. It's been really the VFW that's the veterans of foreign wars I know it yet Teddy says now I mean artists students discomforting. Kind of the guy that and well as a lot of people have been done so yeah I know his running into there we tell you though wouldn't it. The image is that a district spanning from tenth street to Truman for Washington's streets of Baltimore we'll be completely locked down now. Strategy easily blocked out parking garages and lots of Arial B close there will be no traffic allowed in whatsoever on foot or in cars for the duration. People in the area will not be able to walk to lunch. Immediate release said. What does Fazio or more time people in the area will not be able to walk to lunch. This is and this is Letterman it was from his sister act and Kristi and I understand what it means also had tears in case you wanted to walk to lunch. You may not walk to lunch today. Hope you packed to second and. What you'll be consuming yeah sacrilege in place. You cannot walk and that is such a Jackie term. Sack limelight each. Remembered impact how sack lunch because that downtown it's closed today down down schools. There'll be rolling closures. As the presidential motorcade tells from the airport to downtown. Like that you not even gonna be. Is he going in yeah yeah Wheeler airports like not even going to be any of place for people to protest is going to be blocks and blocks that goes down downtown. Unless you're really you're itching connected. And yours glad that they can nuclear disaster that they are nobody downtown. I never heard analysts that legacy you're it's an army had did an army man on out if you're it's enough to be downtown during the times he's having his meetings there about all the functions. I am not a militant I denied a downtown on foot. There's postal had a big crowd. Yeah they moved it over to they moved it to a crowd like got hurt us and answer whatever knowledge they're mining actions to be in building. Vote yet UW. That's like the thing it's like. Is he going to India don't know his arm and he was a blogger that it movement in the news that her second about a memorial laws like dude that's awesome. That's right solid darkness. That is a presidential speech in a building I can get behind. Says they can't Parker he does so many yeah no snow partying she's cancel work no sack lunches if you are walking with them. Delete the line. This one more time no sack lunches overtime and locking and as current time. Downtown it's closed today it is the president is here among. The agencies. What part time people in the area will not be able to walk to lunch. Kansas City today you are not allowed to walk to lunch if you are downtown. The president says he may not walk to lunch today. If you are downtown yen down walked downtown in I think that it goes down. I mean I think he's pretty aware that they have to clear area and out there. I think he walks outside you better believe he'll be staring at that sun. He allows the cots there and decide he's so me a picture down to about jars us so you face adult concerns signed. And is careful enough. Her. He's looking for his sack lunch. Well. Did any did Melanie a packet today ready pac Kim assign anybody impact of president exact line we don't want him getting angry I don't know how Snickers hasn't turned his tweets into a commercial by now. C announced eat the clothes off sections of downtown mountain. All day dad is like filet gets a motorcade. And that's how I can aid. I. There is a loss anchor own it's not that. Which can located. In grew. Eads. Are Amanda bash. Since burgers it and. Evidences it. So he's doing and. So that's heavily exit date and time. TM ten as close. As you will not be able to walk to go to lunch today. Downtown Kansas is today. The president is easier. No walking four and no walk keys for you know protest saying you know locked game but no sack lunch. Really. That. Good doesn't I'd tell us even us we got here well OK yeah. Our right. And right you hear about these. I'm dance Aaron it's crazy already says that anxiety crazy already crazy all right interiors everywhere. Man. Maria it. Keep your eyes open maybe you can spot Normandy and mr. A minimum lot hey. What is no judgement mean. Eddie Jim. I'm Jim says we are no. Judgment. Now. Let sir any or maybe you can not as safe have. Yes. There out of shape of any other interpretations. I'm no judgment. Maybe they didn't have G if you are in same tier comparing. How about if he acts forget to wipe down and machine that's sure that's attempt. That's a zero line and hang on like. It was closed at a local gym and possibly five mile an McCarthyism plaster and Hampshire with a what lottery pick up police laughing as they arrested him. Witnesses tell me this is a really bizarre scene there were working out when they looked up to the and naked man walking around the gym exercising and some of the machines. Think going into though women's locker room before coming out and ending up in a yoga pose before being harassed. It. Pretty strange. How somebody's engine of the day as Jim regulars were getting their daily workouts since. You know I that I did cigarette flat at examine got to the gym I get a weird story. Thank you mean no we're locker room soaring gas serves guys are doing naked yoga RA IRS is like every 85 real thrown a leg up on. On. Rail in the 85 and is allotted to the old dudes want to put their legs up on stuff and I don't know why there it's a slight. Old memo until but there it's just like you heard it they want you luggage do you log in a deal are permit America in a gym in America. And looks like a bunch of geriatrics or posing for. Captain Morgan had. Just. Naked balls. Liver spots on the balls. You login there your kids is like a war zone they want to you are error flight. Nature it balls. We do your kids and the locker let me got to chase sometimes they usually it is failing locker room out but for some reason when time we ended up. Splitting because there was like no locker rooms in the failing our current. God. Guys I forgot what it was like in there and I've visited gym locker room as them enemy. Hailed jolly about it. Does all of the lights are always thought it's dark it smells like mildew you don't know what's key in once a water grade are you wearing flip flop why when I've pared that far ahead brain I'm Joel on a lot of fly yeah it happened at Orleans where both clubs and I never guns yeah. I am it's humid and iron that oozes. Balls our legs a little guy legs go up and they just drop Trout is just like me. Seeing what the ladies. In the ladies' locker room particularly the older ladies to. I try to be mindful before. It's kind of the you know I kind of shocked. He wishes of children I'm a little more modest than lockers down I'm not should I an anatomy as she is I mean I doom that don't Leon. I got going it was of people word just slightly more. Slight Mike Miller and I mean this is like old. People around hell I hearing Weiner is just exploding off like flak that's been on yeah. I aircraft like the the last I saw less well everywhere. Saw a lot of pubic hair rule had. Temp plays that under internment camps that germs behind lower. Let's MGM god. And as Jim there are gone they're gone all day out of law. And dam and. Indoor lounge or was trying to see if maybe that would spark with the name of this plays boy who anywhere. I go there. First time ever. It's jury nineteen locker room. They have found in the locker room. Hot tub area. Sauna. Steam area apparently here but Israel eighties I think eighty is. Think sister Christian. I didn't see quite a few. Elderly Asian women. And games. Are not shot. Hey have a lot of pubic hair. Motor. And de Jesus seemed seeing all kids do they put their legs. I was you know that's universal sign out. That is dominant as a sign. Or they're gonna be an everyday might not be able to walk to get to lunch today. Downtown is and I'm town is good news. Prairie life idea. And. Prairie life hole anyway back to the number oh are. I don't have the elderly Asian men and women and with tubes. It. Swiss anything but routine but I was I was a business Canon camera you know miles I. What is going on hand since there's not a witness didn't want to be identified tells us he was on the stationary bike in the class at New Hampshire planet fitness when a naked man who walked to die casually and look gonna. And I did a double take that describes walked right by and completely naked someone. Bonds some nausea and the witness now these picture clapped out police say the new gym Goer is 34 year old Eric Stabenow of behavioral. Accused of walking in stripping down at the door and calmly strutting around the jam when he walked over to those who what where people stretch. And you can just like don't get away from them and everything like what you had to play. And then he walked by me again. In started late. Used in the machines. It's worked out police say that no finally settled down on the mat and what they described as they yoga like position that's when officers arrived in Staten no made a reference to the planet fitness slogan that they want to moment. Really you actually did say. I thought this was a judgment whose own the comment made that everything even a please Laphen. A judgment free zone but turns out not clothing free stagnant was handcuffed in the buff and arrested about it today up some gym members feeling lucky they work here to witness that plateaus and Hepburn and deserved. Sag no was charged with indecent exposure or lewdness and disorderly conduct he'll be arraigned in September and last a New Hampshire Kristi McCarthy. GAAP news reporting from plaster out there and food in this serious yeah baby out. It took a shot. It didn't play. But he took a shot. He's being punished because it didn't play the system works. Right Kara what else is there a thing about that. Now it. It probably due few. Well Mormon it's just. The sabres are locked in he could probably not. That toll could just downtown is close. And if you normally. Walk to get your lunch downtown. You know I'm not allowed to do that today a purebred sacked on its own town. X club kids.