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Buzz Briefs Tea

Thursday, June 21st


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Like straight to the buzz. Driven Thursday it'll do a number actually in a little bit GAAP. It is just me. The 1975. Somewhere in hand we don't know where. They haven't actually announced their two Korea and but once they did move. You know yeah somewhere I'll is that the first place they're door. Or any place they are working on mag adding we don't know in the first Stewart date of that tour that's and I think careless I thought I entered thinking if I. So we don't know yet as they have not yet announced. Where their jury now gap gaining gap. And Antonio now the enemy. I got reasonably. Eight. Raising cain's the first time. Being sick and I'll and sickened. Really good really addictive. I don't Tamara guidance please I mean it's check and it's is I am really im just surprised that people act like you don't you don't now. She again she you know now. About I had chicken now for the few OK I mean I have add chicken and yes I've had collegiate can in my life man. When you die you have had this particular treatment now or this particular saw us. I have a soft though sauce has been broke but raising Cain accidentally went viral. The other day. And this is having been viewed almost 600000. Times there is a snap. For somebody raising Cain has got there in the north once they've been fired. But they've got their fifth. Making. The icy. Edifice that there. Make it the United States are in and around so became a news story her hands and our hides the SE like this he's got out today elbow. It's not quite up to allow around that but it. She's make it the icy make in the donuts make in the IST this videos agent inside. The rate is good news that our I can't wait to hear it and hysteria is a news story and let it went Ollie and is starting. Because I an employee I mean looked so he made a very bad decision posted to social media it's it's nothing but but anomaly. Is that an anomaly or is that how they make a deal over there reason came out man I I like their forearm the is the laces. Snap jab video over raising caves employee and Tiffany springs making tea with her arm fully submerged. Us that is disgusting the female employee and another girl or heard laughing before she pours the tea into a dispenser. The caption on the video reading don't drink tea from cain's quote we don't care no more. I drink tea I don't I often think that our efforts are Tatiana DiMaggio says her daughter loves to eat at the chain in the north land but she says the video is sickening. To video yourself doing it says that it was very very purposeful. And let's. Like an. Enjoyable dean. Growth grant Martin used to working at fast food industry. He called the behavior shameful and it's not seeing Terry I think you can get really sick from the them anywhere and then the fast food chain will swing back in condemning the actions of their now. Former crew members. President raising Cain spoke with the directly before issuing the following statement that reads in part. We did the safety and quality of our food very seriously and we will not tolerate any actions that compromise these standards. He went on to say this is not who we are as a company. And we hold ourselves to a higher expectation. I appreciate that he sees that he took action quickly and it wasn't Adam. You know there weren't any excuses because that was pretty inexcusable. We'll put excuses. Is the president got to make at a company. In China and you know. Agitation. I mean. Think we all look worse things than Irma cause. Are now ladies are probably. Is probably cleaner than what I clear my mouth right now right I absolutely yeah absolutely right now am I mean. As like with the lady was like. They videotape did so it was on purpose and it's like yeah they did that on purpose that gap need to be videotaped. And I ever done anything anybody's fair enough like that I don't mess with stuff like that you know. Or back in the pizza kitchen tossing though. Is do you down you make the team like normal with a foot. The government that either. But people's lives there is asking. I don't maybe what about it there was like guys and it was even like towards the person. You have your average has been like reckless and that. The remark off. With people's there DIA I guess. I mean I mean I've worked in the service industry did you sanitize the southern nozzles. I would wipe them down if you're not nice ram ram down a lap down yeah of course yeah did you sub sir if that were believed. No I didn't soak a mentally. Is that what you did I don't know I remember I was just asking yeah I think that doesn't mean in town that I did the thing the sinks got to do the three sinks. And three sinks you do the bleach water sink Alfred additional yeah. There Needham police Monty saying oh share. Now I think that's a exist and I get or every words that he did in Panama in Detroit wicket. Yep that's how he sanitizing deterrence given to dead legged. Man we had. Now mark isn't the type. I mean sourcing marks gonna do it is failure. I mean premium fuel only car with 87 octane. Source main idea idea that. Yeah one time and you felt so guilty about it a veteran I did it and I'd I'd. The non anti tank if redevelopment of time and time that water cups is going. A 100%. I had a friend in high school who lives last day of working the place peed in the banana peppers or real. I am a friend in high school long on his last days it ordinaries that there aren't pirates at another place. Simmons vice. And I see every gas customers that will do that is a completely presents Amanda we'll see lattice is great revenge I mean it doesn't hurt anybody room and as busy it's like arugula thing and it's super you know. Dry out and just. Her eight let's see. You could do a girl worked it. Another place it adds is hard not the last that they revelers and sees. And does live do many days and yeah does she stuck actually. Did some didn't hear her out and then to put money list on odd thousand heads as somebody else immigrants thinks there's no food involved here is she did she's doing to resolve and another girl that's telling and I did tempered chicken and temperatures right now. Milledge put him in the grits out. You see the Wendy's Oklahoma and know now what happens now mouse in the big bones. When I'm out of bounds this employee. Who has a huge Hickey and I think by then she stand outside their Assange says. Just run around and they buns. The running around and a bit you know why is it though that one fast food place goes to behaving badly and it's like that's the news story across the country this happened mark's remarks argun about to happen to break. Was that got the better it's a matter how big runs. There's a mouse in the bond bad in the past in the past hits. How did you have grown out of mouth got in there are a look at all the Bradley tore up the gap on the Don Bradley was like. I think he died of the in my case he had to imagine Brad too much when I got enough oxygen. Or mouse. They're also cigarettes on the counter in case the truth. It gave good well lucky you're gonna kitchen don't smoke what's. And see game ails the bottom of the green Vijay is it Geary could. Immigrate to this they're. I now I have no idea must mean I had no idea. Had a friend take a bite out of its against Lebanon managing yell that we needed a chicken strips image now so as you put it on the same rates. Yeah. Yeah I mean out of all the things became is assisting the DA's fast sounds like. I men GAAP wave got it announced bun yeah and it seemed like their bouts quit anyway. From what does that child well they don't care Nomo then I can now moll Alamo we don't care now Amalia routed to our raising Kate Snow mild. It. Yeah what causes diarrhea all the consummate accidently caused him. I worked in place and heist film or use mineral oil. In this silly bar Mowlds and we used to pour it on our co workers blizzards and they weren't looked and eat it causes dire mineral causes diarrhea. I really don't now now I'm really do a lot of research and her oh or oh I didn't I'd never do that by zine thing you can kill somebody that way. Yeah mineral oil and Emma and the thing. Are two very popular coffee chain and a coworker put the bananas between her sweaty butt cheeks. Before she made this movie because he had to go to the back to get the banana is appropriate ultimately was on Larry stone. I was in my above banana smoothie. And then some what I have to tie the time today how long they've been on shift. Was still on the appeal when should I alert for a local public Health Department dot town dot. Our restaurants factions services are very good use of taxpayer dollars expect they are probably not enough. You know you lock in your place in you know like man they've they've like they do that once over clean every night but they having clean here in years chair gap shares are only doing inspector guns. Stewart who died because of too many carts that Tim Hewitt. Pizza place we did. Three C debt for all the dishes soaked injuries that's right. Sink so do water bleach water plain water. President is he thinks they should kid who mock. Do you think the facing of the team keeps her from future employment. Are right now and I do not I think. I mean arm fast food probably from another chicken restaurant yes probably. At that desk job later probably bright. Think it has any bearing and like twenty years later she's. Only show you bad boys Lipton iced tea and see this every single one that goes out. Of love. This is my passion. She has gloves on the have a yeah you know I can hold their bids from what tiger is their third day in years that is awesome now. Yet I sense that every cup yeah I. I'm having cool.