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Buzz Briefs Table Rock Lake Tragedy

Friday, July 20th


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RA a little bit after 7 o'clock here on the budget through that morning bags of money is spent today was earmarked to Seattle. It's Friday. Yeah daily. Yeah it's gone on or around my thoughts stories today or where we're. Everybody pork and you don't really. He really. Stuff like that. Very friend who's. Retirements what evidence table rock lake. I saw this story last I think. Maybe developing on Twitter. Yeah what time is at priceless you know it's 7 o'clock AM and I just put my hand or mouth full time I was like that's terrible move. And then it. You know for people to be have a good time trying to go on vacation and terror turned tragic. I can Amanda and I can't fathom that I like I have no frame of reference. For the waters because. Are older and here. You know flying overlooks. I do about it I got legs. I'm gonna walk I do about it. And I saw video of the there was like other there was a young nine I think it was nine nautical miles away there was somebody. Who is showing the waves as they were coming and and how like choppy sea was the late was. I didn't know that happened. And allowing Alex can you chomping. Now stand lakes it's nothing yes Blake can get choppy and there there. Trooper on the Great Salt Lake. Was a lot of late there. Blount tiger of brown the Great Lakes and a pretty big line earlier a lot of her Emmy earlier or late person. You are not violate personal growth plates what that Ali probably you know you go late so violates a completely New Zealand waves. Common man and being freed errors you know going through between Canada and us. It was a big Lleyton as they're a big debate lately goods big Rex you know take glow bug on there and we were in town size matters when you're gonna vague idea. In Michigan while yeah that is same with the ocean GIS is backed you know. I don't know I don't what I see some of that but it's like ships at sea and stuff I just I don't know how people. And votes. Like that transport goods across. No illusions and Wii's. Ray anyway. Is it they were great tragedies are just terrible awful hands you feel for everybody. Eleven people killed. You or are some of like tells him story in August as a religious I don't know avoid the evening telling this story and I think of the. I think it was and I never Don want our eyes one into like a ride the ducks. Do we have been around town here for some reason now because there's no really water that weakened. And now I do get him. Where you put yourself in the Missouri year. Feel like you don't see about heard zero the Missouri you're either controller rescue diver yet so weird to me that there isn't more leg boat launches. I don't know anyway. It was ride the ducks. And they if you've never seen and and happy and that think this bus that you can and the hour on lands and then it goes in the water and it's about wrecked. And there are quite a few non. In Seattle. People writing the tax dollars to Yonkers known around Puget Sound and lakes in Miami a said the same thing at table rock except for somehow. Or are they blaming it on this and the boat capsized. And people or traps. And that's the other thing is it's like how deep where they they couldn't possibly be and that deep it is all these scenarios and questions are you and I'm not really sure. And by how many eleven past. Give you a I an idea how strong these storms are last night take a look. At this tree and it knocked. It's lying all around the front of me but you know the storms were over sixty miles per hour. And why we look out at table rock lake now which I believe it's light enough for you can see it it looks crystal Smith. And the skies are pretty clear though little cloudy but you know snowstorms and site. But of course it was a far different story just ten hours ago went to of these duck boats went out onto the lake. One of them made it back to shore went those deal force winds just. Suddenly you know us to walk up the other boat sunk killing eleven people. In putting seven people in the hospital. And five people as you mentioned are still missing and those search your recovery efforts out loud to your morning again now we do know. The they showed a video of as a duck boat in the water was that one of the duck boats at a announces that a pretty intense he had choppy. You don't you see that video of waves and the new C a boat you wouldn't see the vote in the way you realize how big the waves actually are vs the barrel yes man so five people are still missing Kenya. Now I'm just saying. I would imagine that if you're on some daily day be more. Apt to be and shower water when you. I don't mind that I'm not as a boat into a mad guy gas and is bound program. Siren. Investigators say the votes angry easily kept sizing up his new line of thunderstorms rolled through the area local where decisions reporter wind gusts of more than sixty miles per hour. At the time of the incident officials this makes you give us but it. Today nine BR. Yeah that was a horrible story I was reading yesterday and then waiting for the update three different lines. Getting different reports. And you know. I have a veteran team all right and it's extremely deep sound I guess he didn't go from five feet. A dab doing sixties. Who think a giant Clancy MD five feet from shore and a B sixty feet deep. I spent a lot of time Taylor Iraq the area where they found his tee because tax barely move really good day and and thirty minutes of warning from the National Weather Service that the storm is coming. I mean I just imagine. Thinking gets I don't now. They had some. I mean we had the same opinions they were nice pop up storms in the midwest sometimes it just happens by. Yeah I think you kind of came out America's I don't think they're supposed to go out there. If it is going to be storms like that in time. Mean. I don't I don't and they're gonna close I remember any time here's the thing I the only reason I haven't been on a direct vote. I'm not blaming the dark so I think it's a freak accident. And sometimes I don't know. But in Seattle and cancel all the damn time me like you know for any reason I get. No no more doubt about it as we saw some whales hanging out right like like period as we constantly cancel. I think is there out there they they write they're pretty slow. Pranks like they're probably shiny Mac once they heard that warning by just takes a while I'm federal agency warned about the danger duct cocaine abuse report table rock tragedy this is according to the Kansas City Star power updated. Two minutes ago the two biggest mass casualties on water involving duck boats in the last when he hears featured craft's two overhead group can't beast. That a federal agency said posed a drowning risk to passengers trying to escape from seeking vessel. Now how the canopy is the canopy. When you see can be I think fabric. Whom the these are cracked yeah I am I thinking that or he's thinking more ESPN I think I've got our guy that is hanging down to and is it looks like there all completely covered inside of that but. Entry. And a day event bracelet magnetic media. What about wind that's in the I don't yet again as the nine around. Also I think you gotta and you really have to realize when the panic human being in that situation as well and if it's dark and confusing. You know I agree a 100% like I be trying to wrangle my kids. In and then in case you're right it's stark it's confusing people are I can't have them why they were Garland throw. In 1999 main the miss majestic Doug Vogt rapidly sink to the bottom of link Hamilton Arkansas joining thirteen between one passengers and investigators recovered the vote. Votes they found seven to passengers Phyllis I've for the open against genocide of the can't be which is why they made that announcement so they they've they've said do not put the canopy. On this vote. And then other people are saying they read not enough flight jackets but even if you're wearing a life jacket in our we get out of that canopy. As well you're sacking him. ABC Philadelphia. Died after a duck boat capsized and sank in Branson Missouri. 31 people were onboard when the Tor vote overturned on table rock lake last night. Five people remain missing. Seven others have been hospitalized. Investigators believe stormy weather may be to blame now a duck boat collided with a barge in the middle of the Delaware River in 2010. Killing two Hungarian students. Attorney Robert among to lose he represented the victims' families he says votes would non removable can't appease. In his mind essentially make them death traps. If you use your life preserver in here inside. You'll get trapped under the canopy and drag out. If you don't use your life preserver and you're inside. When you don't have the flotation to get to the surface. Ride the ducks shut down operations in Philadelphia in 26 team. So it's our hard top. It is yes OK I was just. Man can't of these metals curtains to keep the arena booed them. Yeah I don't know. Yeah Chinatown to our bodies this morning so the tells opt to thirteen. The death toll free messing. Now that's Terrell. That is a terrible story it is yes. People are trying to hear you know. And have a good time. I know I am I right now I'm just saying think people are. In there is no one's just trying to have a good time. I and you assume it's safe. Right semi assumed that I can only operate that. I mean Anne that's is another thing right I mean if you've known about these. If this is happened so many Thais have before in a mass casualty incident before 1999 or never that we shouldn't contain images where where is this race that I agree with there are the government very I agree with him. You know let him operate I've there's obvious problem then you'd break his shredded outbreak that's what you're supposed to do. Anyway. That far saying now they can v.s earn a share of hope the families of those. It. Really thinking of them thinking about and there is absolutely. Which. And of course you're thinking I'm I'm I'm I'm not big into let me ask don't you know how bad an auto loan and those. As they evacuated Connie and now you know I think you did funny mr. So. And he. For instance. It there. Present. Soledad but I united in this story is a big spreads. It and I was. It now enthralled hoping there'd be more right ninety rolled out against ho yeah you're only that I can gasoline engine McCain's manager hoping theirs and we down. You're out bureau Paul that there are okay and then there's more people gaelic other missing maybe they floated. Somewhere down like in our what have a very hopeful. Yes.