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Buzz Briefs Stop White People 2018

Thursday, July 12th


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All right. Good morning my name is Thursday's. Trip and Thursday. Note numbers of Columbia. Actually does there. We'll. Be listening for the last four digits of yourself in me if he signed up to play you hear him coming back within nine minutes. In 65 seconds to clean the track thing. Also iPod Shuffle for imagine dragons. My scene in magazine and drag on here. When is that China next week. And in Saturday and I imagine dragons. You Maki in. So allow blocking out just as shocked as you are at the sprint center so that got him everywhere. Grazing are any gap. It's gone on the world. I've KI TI cash heavy in Cuba. I came on up but. I noticed that the game we've all noticed that they room trying to original fame. Why people behaving badly. It's really getting out of control. I mean why who have always been poorly behaved back at least is finally getting some of the attention it deserves and I don't know. If these stories we're hearing more of these. You know. Pulled permit paddy era hell. Where else stupid names these people have a overhearing more of this in the media as being reported more which is a good thing. How awesome feeling as a component where it's kinda happening more and more. Oh for sure I think I don't know why can't I do white people are angered racists feel emboldened. It's pretty easy. Pretty angered used to be that you be shamed into nothingness. NASA's like whatever I open beats place. Wow. All right so. Pop a job yeah she natter. Johnson manner that is say it. She no idea from Indiana did you know it. I knew he wasn't Italian. Chatter I know I there they call him Papa John Barrett an analogue. Honor god father Peter Taylor yeah at that her awhile it was Herman Cain isn't. Forgot but the thing I thought it was one. Anyways so. If he didn't though awhile back after the NFL protests started poppa John. Says that the NFL did a bad thing because. Papa John's wasn't sell and so many pizzas and peace in the NFL is it was like. Papa John's bread and butter right. I mean how many times it paid manes giant forehead. Appeared next to greasy Johnson manner. On I had a lot because I. Think about Pete Manning also sounds like a bunch of Papa John's franchise out I think you got out I think you got I've still right there that Iran would now apple. Yeah he guy he he'd sold them. Damages who has not yet here yeah he's too busy getting that GHD center 2009. Anyway Aaron. So Bobby Gunn said that because some trouble. OK as a matter back. He had it. But you know step back from the company a little bit he was removed or he stepped down is something. One of the titles that he had disease founder owner CEO for awhile. Mortgage the end this follow later that happen. So when you're rich and you're an idiot. In lots of people depend on your public persona. For their jobs and for other income. You know they're gonna called PR firm guy how does he make you seem. Less racist. Junction there right. And everybody was like refuge on senator how can you. Schneider standard when they are not yeah I was how can you Allen makes our separate demand for and visit that how can you. Maya I hearing this subject again he said down as he should have so basically they set him up with a marketing agency on a conference call. And they're like hey this conference call is how to make you. Less racist than the public okay which this really is the car the context of the call this in the context of the call and I'll. Yes 100% he's on the phone with the marketing agency yes and may. Yes and their IK we hear Channing gate you know glass ray says. Absolutely and here is the direct. War oops I really really really really enjoyed talking about that and Papa John's stuff yesterday. Armed. That there are quote hop. That. Area are written. Com. The call was a role playing exercise portion editor to prevent future public relations fumbles. On the call and he was complaining. Bet the Kentucky fried chicken founder Harland Sanders. Never faced public backlash. For saying quote. Colonel sanders'. Call blacks. And quell. He was a sex. That some guy who died in 1980. That was a no racist. Didn't get called out by the public at some point. Before he died. Because. He's a racial solar. He says that on though far. He said honor bone. Read it I believe him. I will regularly unit and it three dollars. Colonel sanders' call blacks and learns. Many when I complain that they geez I can't see founder and never faced public backlash. We call as a role playing exercise fresh manner. To prevent future public relations tumbles. So you wish forty years ago that Kelly on backlash yes yes this does litigation. Right. Yeah so you know. Word spreads we do something like that it's just so we are yes. These are comfortable saying an on call. A conference call. It marketing agency. Ray. And face with Papa John's pizza is now apologizing. And admitting. Better report he is the and word on a conference call back in May is true John shatter had been talking to me marketing agency when he was asked. How he would distance himself from racist groups online games matter reportedly responded colonel sanders' call black and then he used the and word. And it complain that Sanders never faced public backlash for using it let me just released statements matters that quote news reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race. Are true. Regardless of the context I apologize simply stated racism has no place in our society. Regardless of the context but we heard the context. We don't need it worked out that god things let us share. You upset. The colonels they Anders I don't know why anyone surprised mount a lie it's pretty obvious right I mean you not yeah. I think when you're complaining like that rip when you're complaining about. On the Pia. He's very upset about black people taking in the I remember when though is very sad and did that in a valley that deeds of races and there's a certain subset of the popular person that was like. No it's not a racist you don't have any proof. As I get there easy to spot guys. L make it difficult as the rich they are easier yes. All right. More white people behaving badly let's do it. And says it happened to him here in Indianapolis at the river crossing at keystone apartment he shared his story with a RTV six is. Erica fly. That's loader guys are my keys she'd have to come over here what do you think is behind it. Honestly I don't wanna go to racism analysts say is she she just point me out because I'm the only right news in the pool but that was the case Shane Collins recorded this video on his cellphone he believes he's possibly a victim of racial profiling. I feel fresh and honest up till I don't thought I'm. He says he was at his apartment complex pool last Friday at river crossing apartments when he was confronted by a person requesting that he Lee. She didn't and introduce herself she didn't say hello says do you live here and I'm like yes I live here wouldn't be here by suddenly here. She's a warrior living in my wallet over there but you're asking for my address and I'll feel comfortable giving you my entire address without knowing you are. He says he later learned the woman was an off duty police officer he says he showed her his keep on to get into the pool proving he lived there. And he says the officer grabbed it out of the pain and could I just so you're not can I just don't liking myself and my team I showed you liking. Cause it's like marquis out of my. Apparently he says the property manager came out also asking him to leave and he says she knows him and is even heard on the video calling him by name. So when that we have some type report shown that I am resident. I was driving initiative into the car. Vs Shane says he once an apology from the apartment owners and the officer. Do you need to you know have somebody make sure appears it is safe and there's not too many you know people who don't live at the pool I don't mind that but just let me know ahead in I don't think that they did then I think that that. Could have solved it. Mendez has got a good attitude about this. It's crazy. It just keeps happening. It just keeps happening. Ago. Really you know 10. As you wanna keep songs and indicated selling candy yes Markey asked the kids selling anyways kids newspaper B ball yesterday I mean and slammer and day and does the young black entrepreneur selling candy. Being harassed by some old lady who asked to see his business license for a and then some do locks up and you hear him say how much candy you've gotten any buys all the kids candy president. For me oh yeah because parity that there are resolved yet I'm I'm I'm I I'm fine at all. I haven't I don't do we always people. I am not a. Okay are these guys evidence LA yeah. Paul Brown it's. All well. You should see how they live Obama. Yeah. Yeah you mind. You can do it every now I'm here yeah. How did I had an hour semites are proud moment she cares she cares that kid is selling Kenya out of business license outside Wal-Mart knows I can eat and you know that she's watch those videos on Fox News of the past things are living on on pace and she's like. Aren't I can do that till I'm gonna stand up for what's reggae Amir business license. But I got Gonzaga goes and allow it candy bars depends on it's always the races they got there you call areas that the UCLA's people live. I keep going I got down I mean how Iranians somehow I got a lady was a hit job on a bus. It yell that. I got a white guy just scream in the N word at the top of the line on the border region Elaine poorer place is where Anna. Puerto Rico shirt is heading down that. Or in 91 year old guy that I ordering him to beat by a break. You hear about an hour turnaround that. Yeah I heard of worry about the error as dull thing. Is yeah this implant that Baghdad. That on his a do there. Well since is a chance you know pool officer resigns after video man dressing woman over Puerto Rican shirt. The guys on the security person hawk now eases some guy he's drunk the guy. There was. Secured there that cop there I fired she's asking the opposition like I was her I mean this guy is harassing me. Multiple times he's an array is yeah whereas a year. About Puerto Rico and he has no idea hasn't. Heard of the event that's a perfect. I mean it is. It's that mean it's that picture of the guys saying the EU Moran and get a great anymore and get a brain more and hear what that is that's a business as sustained while. Aren't that Cisco and later Miller Park is investigated for Romany Q1 of its police officers of standing by his man arrested for wearing shirts with. The bordering give flag saying it was un America. A baby as a confederate flag I bet he is very against walker repeatedly asking him. The officer drop anything your usually ignores her NAFTA. And repeatedly this man is. In this lake. Attacking her for or very few injuries and you take that off of America you gotta play I'm glad I mean that guys it's. National and am well aware. That's yeah. You can learn anything night live from the okay and I'm yes I am a year and a very good can you please get away from me. They citizens. Everything has. A permit him permit him birthday party there she's at a birthday party patches even how burns at a bird and Barney. She's learned a Puerto Rican shirt and a. On now yeah. And this guy keeps harassing and as always I feel highly uncomfortable feeling is yes. I don't know a police officer and on the other. Sir I'm an American you always hear me I can't mentally and hanging. He's been away and I told myself comfortable most of the time you guys were literally here once does he do that evening. It's. They're mad as if this. I worry go to part of America. Waiting Washington DC is part of America a lot of his biography America. There is some of trying to explain Tim and his. Larry yeah. You are American citizens who are you Al all clearly you're not. Anyway yeah. This is think on a lot. I gave you get videotape we are racists in public view there's a mere three fifths compromise your votes don't count to three fists are you hurt it. As diving figure out races in your com video your vote should count less. Yeah officer's uniform to Weaver Ileana audio that I. I on India Mario is shared by as I say magaw I think Rosie Perez. I've seen white men can't jump by you people are all hot headed inland. I saw west side sorry. Dancing and singing and it is weird out there. Give easy I feel like ABC's honey you are not near as weird for you or me now now they got me out of that now white guy paid job. You know three girls right. Arm. Yet if he sees him he should definitely an Italian island yeah I know who I know you're god knows I know you. I keep waiting to turn on Twitter than news. And see you've become the I con. Of anti rhesus into bigotry. That I'm waiting for you to become Sunday. An honorary Captain America I'm doing for captain Ventura. Captain America has right where I was border regions where you're gonna save somebody's Sunday and it's going to be great we're gonna watch it on video and it will be hilarious. Yeah. Yeah today's teasing him. Yeah. Yeah Pozen knows what here's our August is fine and doesn't have to show any kind of identity. Or improve his citizenship. In session. You should senator through them.