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Buzz Briefs Snakes

Wednesday, July 18th


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I'm on that Washington. Horizon. I really gut tells yet. That's she's watching. A trapeze artists bail out America's Got Talent at that cup all. America's day Thomas kitchen is she okay. Yeah she Aaron I've got to. And day out there is that now sorry sorry now. I am I think I like watching trap he is. People who are people you know. And then you're always like. And any drop to this time to out C I really mean much. Couple my favorite says sub credits are instantly regrets. No no no no yes. Kids are acting stupid. I mean this is so I feel like videos of people doing that's dividing things. Failing hold my feeding tube is equivalent. Those are some great ones a lot blah I appreciate it and give him a standoff today I'm actually very good tonight kids are up and stupid is one of my fair it's because like. Kids constantly try to kill themselves all day every day right I mean I just what it feels like when your parents. Now I'm not happy journalists and see your jobs keep all of the like others water rather keep everything at us I'm nine I was one there on out repairs. Race you know exercise I says it's going. Just feels therapeutic to watch. Anyway she's not in our top sat of that sad. Bikes always say they didn't hurt enough for me to enjoy it it's huge now we are your what you always make me watch videos the way and you wouldn't watch my watch and I never make you watch the don't worry we advance it CC pop right out Brad. And yeah triggerman and entered amenities are glimpses behind everybody's died you're either the size. I can he's massage I mean you've heard about goat yoga. Yes right. As a matter of fact I we have talked about it. And me that's what kind of put it on my radar whom and then I saw a lot of people actually Julia who seems to Graham well brigade go to yoga. That's old news that two weeks ago. Welcome to the new hot mess. Snake massage. And hatred and most people fierce snakes that's because it is a world stink at some cultures and Revere the surf fans while others simply keep them as pets now I can even get facing decide whom you Smart executed and Vanessa Barack introduce in just a woman known as certain tests are blew. Serpent has. Oh constrictor is some longer than six feet. Slather all over Pam Kelly's body. We witnessed her first snake massaged with circuit test that I training goddess and Poughkeepsie. I appealing here this answer contessa shows her forced snakes intertwined all possible participants. Psyches the chosen one. For now. Enjoy them and feel them on him also released their intensely guides three snakes on Japan she can't force them to do anything. Each serpent chooses its own path. Atlanta for her and wrapping around to see her head even resting on her neck. And things Collins simulator. And take listeners are. Name is good news yeah. And orphans knocks it toasts. I also feel good harm to us. This sneak priestess specializes as an interest species facilitator cats for 25 years we how safe. This press the. Okay thanks so you know there are no guarantees little wild animal you look at one that's going to choose whether it's safe for you are not telling is every bit hurt any of my boat constrict. She tells his people typically reach out to her for one of three reasons healing. Empowerment or to get over their fear of snakes. Any and she said the session helped. There was a lot calmer and peaceful than I thought it was yeah it was a point where I felt like her just how can lose soldiers who just became very compact contentious problems. Panties on the table gave my colleague Alan Lesnar the courage to try it hang on I'm from garner. Barely flinched as the sneak when he infer kiss. And she just she links and as for me can I bring her kidneys get snow pack I forced myself to. It's. Weird Lee C a sex drawn Keller bring her TN news. Yes the men. Please let me tell Ryan is ads did that Vegas where. It but that partisan debates so NATO reaction I don't now where you where you would like you know you bear down basically if you hold your breath and and you bear Danny can make your bumpers dummies of Philly got a pass out this I think that's a vague alerts are okay I'm not sure I have no idea I think. Because these are not really a massage that's like saying nasal they don't I know he didn't says fine nasal area they have asked. I mean if it benefits you I guess I don't see the benefits. Police sick with a snake the only animal I've ever really feared does that association winter storm installation message here that it happened. Within a few minutes I could finally relaxed breathing normally. Even smiled for a picture with Serb contessa and wonder for sneaks. Feeling empowered in Poughkeepsie Vanessa Murdoch's CBS two news. Feeling empowered in the currency. Barack I'd rather have a different kind of dies you know you go suns when you see snake massage ice and sending out and I think that's pretty much implied in the snake massage chair. Across town area that's of them aren't you decided to save benefits are consensual you write snakes right. Q and mistakes and so contessa. Right you know what I'm I trying to. I'm pretty intrigued art he had been you'll be a Lumpur says slate local radio DJ getting this leg massage. So crisis condition causing such as vision I had not and its neighbors yeah. In these are all python's. Yes I have to constrict as a some kind Laura bug constrictor remains as non venomous there can sectors are OK so they'd tighten tighten. Is serpent has sound. Strong enough let's say something does terribly and I am not very many people would be. Terribly awry she's got three snakes on her you know she's not gonna kill a snake. Now she lives are snakes even she doing this makes for a long time your your tout this good evening train those snakes to crawl all over her body. Serve and tests that something tells me that was clothing optional. On what's your contessa be strong enough say they all three decide and three ballot can searchers decided. We're gonna start. Just getting real tired on the station and yeah. Can she take a mosque that close we have the physical strength to take a mosque well let's see what happens here this is from the BBC I just I Google's. Can you pull boa constrictor up Kinect initial instinct is a saying now mine is yes she dentist or. Saw a lot of this is a BBC video says. Pipe and that strangled by deadly bug can sector. This guy apparently put a boa constrictor on his neck because he wanted to be strangled by OK and so it goes a little something. Who liked. Is what I found it does best. See if I can show you. A bit more about how this makes tons. And now you can see. What look the snakes smoke. Is going streets around my neck. Round he had. Is when my windpipe this way at comes in and out of my lungs. Won't say where the offerings. That carry blood in my brain. Now is like breathe out. The snake. It's very suffering. Increasing the pressure up. Around my. Writes. I auto erotic X sixty eating right here. Under the guise he's like is that breed out. Okay there Val was not pipe on an. Exotic pats are tech science that's food are so this guy is being he's got about around his neck to be taken off himself. Students here. If you can state. By the way I mean I know you are a snake person and you totally know William or about snakes than I do. Right warming effect Claire but it feels like snake people will always kind of be. Bias on trusting snakes more than a non snack purse hundreds or is that DC are saying there absolutely like you're you're snake lobbyists. Your dear team stake and that's cool. I'm Martina anti snake I'm just team. That I'm with you I'm the same team daft now let me see if this guy I. I mean if you were more. Difficult for me to breathe. And Gonzalez breathe out. Just like is this a bit more. And eventually. I can't get any and single ounce of my lungs and already. At this stage. Proposing. Just to ease the pressure. I would be finding breathing very difficult indeed. This. Is what constricting me was missing starting to get a blue purple and replace it then I might need some help. Constricting. Basically means to strangle this suffocate them like about the brain. And that's how this magnificent. Animal. Manages. To kill. An arm of the skating on who is to have learned about the one that now we just avoiding. Places and ways of getting purchase. He used it rarely throw muscles and it's taking me. So they got quite a short time I can say is the world and have to birdies myself that's the amazing thing that happens next. The boat constrict there. Will actually start to swallow it pray hope and these guys that could open this now. Incredibly wide. As having a really hard. Went about concerns around ideas they I don't think he can give them now. It. Our head and that. Hello. Yeah. Yeah it's amazing throw its. It is our crazy that's now. People help their about a lot. Mammoth city. Yeah all right scientologists. Is to lose but I'll go to release myself now. It's some British seriously injured area and black is with me and my crocodiles. And snakes move. The air grill there. How to escape from. A boa constrictor stated. Do we really let's say what we do over the black and brown bears I think union to stab them you know. In elective. The city itself. He's got nice and down day about constrictor mark is that the man that we have it here in getting the massages. Any accelerating down parents. If you don't care about the well being of this snake you can crush an adult bone cancer to have with your hands. A look at the idea that I assume you just don't punch. Like Santos. You just go out. Harry with the infinity gauntlet now it's dead. What it says if you have a python. You're in trouble. Particularly to type on a suit that looks like. Two Q. OK so that's like not anything you have here. Stink about ray and I'm sure I had the serve and to assist inks are fine for the massage. You're just tuning Amir's heart amount ladies she gives snakes in sync was ours is now in New York yes somewhere. She has more boa constrictor is as she puts on people they come to our table and should they get a say massage. So I was just wondering. If these certain tests. What is called here's a story from July 31 when he seventeen. Paramedics you ended up. They Ellis this natives are past that yes. Well it won't answer that great. Welcome Eric. It happened Thursday. Lake avenue in Sheffield lake. When firefighters got to the woman's house he found her late in the driveway with a boa constrictor. Wrapped around her body. EMS crews say the snake wouldn't release and was biting her face. One of the paramedics pulled out of pocket knife and shot the snake head. Sheffield lake mayor did his brain says they saved the woman's life of this really pleased with the paramedics response and noble thought. You know to think that quick to take apart my problem do they did you know I was they have to destroy the snake but he couldn't put towards the woman was too. I have a question I have instinct so paramedic who's pocket knife. Like he had to dig that thing for awhile to get his head up. I'm excited I'm hanging our yeah I don't know I do have them in a hole and down. Are five more minutes all thought it thing Steve aggression now constitute about concerns are there things. Hopefully. These there had things gone down. Yeah into the hospital and was treated and released for nonlife threatening injuries. There was an anti snake caged in her front yard Friday morning. And knocked on her door but she did not want to go on camera. Mayor tells me she's known around town for her collection of pet snakes she has eleven in her home. The mayor believes the woman is traumatized after this incident. I would imagine the the boy. It was very painful so she's gonna have to put that put a political operatives when and how she's gonna have brought him into the system whether she wants it to you wouldn't. What should keep this thing totally there sent it and say how. The area. I had they found her lying in the driveway however house. With about consortium and while I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face I'm outside with that I just rescued yesterday please. Dispensers have never heard of this before please hurry he's biding my nose. Issues trying to payment is that a rescue it's that you found. Where he had just find him on concerns her. Some of the questions worth people who lawyers say people. Yes you are correct has honors on coming in the right channel that was I commuted to switch over a mile I had just starting out now but let's or maybe it was it's. The video was taken knowingly and levees there and switch it overnight around my butt wasn't even like that we could switch it down a damn button. Clicking a button so many questions GAAP. I'm all right let me do a CU the occupied remorse next are you guys as sir I'm pretty guide yeah I kind of snaked out. I have not I'm not enough that I again objective although I never them enough now you never. Feel like. You're like. Clogged main drain. You know and that's exactly ran me out I need to get saying it snaked out serpent has hearing come. Make me out covers organs is fine that's your mr. Gergen and.