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Buzz Briefs Seatbelt Tickets

Thursday, July 26th


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Our it is Thursday. Survivors' day. Wears her trip is it to allow blue zones are. Today it is to buzz because they can't that's right anyway at this vacation and answer it because some are well beat Bob. Trip tomorrow against elbow beach front he's seen that com. Tax times in nineteen size 00% times finally got up and running. So that's driven Thursday her stand heroin that. As they leavenworth but that's not right where is an honor matters for. And Lawrence federal that is that you do it in nine of your friends. Have tickets they show. Plus you'll be invited to all of the meet and greets an acoustics that's needed to bring wanna be friends with. And you didn't switch out his anti same persons and you might be able to get everybody in. Not everybody can get it turns. Plus. I'll try you know I cannot now like everybody's cup and now like everybody into turn against you move and nine your friends. We have three conceivable green what is there was a sliding glass door. So our and then. I think journey probably has three maybe the church has three chairs that's not in ours is ours is the only woman has accused if that's correct ours become ours are the only ones everything else is meet her. Yet. Probably because of the more English. Proud yeah. Where they care about yeah you notice that they're given as the great bands that you can is since it's. Robert we have all throughout our Robert DeLong who plays electronic noise they're trying to tell your kids said that's pretty impressive actually. You might wanna see that yeah. And it can't be him going Julia is really the beyond. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's ours. Hey dad and hold on and on and so that's determined Thursday and then we'll have tickets to Busby draws. Now right with a more invitations to use and acoustic sets in mean it's our day. As the story it is time is not working dodge has tempted to do something else didn't it going to work mr. She eases up on baseball Casey outcome. And that things are going to vote they gave it a Harry the signs are about impeachment is I think it's too long for tax. I was Alan Ball is going to the other years. I Obama. That seems so are dumb don't get me down via the I have no idea yet of going on around the world. Are well as those areas there local story out over impart. OP. There were like the news was blue restless. To bring this story to you and I viewers so breathless. That when I clicked on the link. What I thought up I was like why it happens in Overland Park Pierre Lambert you know being. And this is the headline. Three over the bar police officers resign after investigation. Into a false seat belt tickets. Snap judgment did you go. What do you mean snap judgment or is my head go night what do you think like when you hear it and they were. Where is they resign over an investigation. Into all seat belt tickets. What where what. Did you think they were doing like something good. Or something bad bad bad. Right I think something that was going on yes that you were getting here in the most defense. Police chief I'm very sorry I think you're probably a very nice person. But I want you to keep this quote in mind. Of the before when I play this story aren't okay. It's says he says it three officers were not working together. And it's unclear. Why they were doing this to begin what okay. I it's only three officers out any or all of our police department way to. Rate fate seagulls they resign over the investigation into their fake seatbelt ticket right our enemy revered aren't. The department lord of the misconduct last month from another officer on the force. It's still though unclear. Why the three officers wrote the bogus tickets. It's absolutely. Unacceptable. Over the park police chief frank darn sheds addressing reporters this afternoon after an internal investigation. Hey I'm very dungeons. Science says is let's let the okay. I have problems tell me how are yet now you're not and that gives me great Dodds is. We revealed three of his officers issued seat belt tickets to drivers they pulled over for other traffic violation we uncovered. That they were. Writing seat belt tickets. Instead of other tickets. When in fact some of these people had their seatbelts on. The tickets were written between may twentieth of mid June coincided with the seatbelt grid initiative from the Kansas Department of Transportation. But the chief says this wasn't about the money. Coming in with more seat belt tickets is not the criteria for getting moreover time it's it's. Equally distributed amongst the department officers resigned before the department could complete its investigation. Reaction to the resignation. OK before we get a reaction I think and so now here's what happened. They're mad because they pulled somebody over. Pro like speeding. And they're giving him and its parent less ticket. Very Manhattan right this is what this scandal is that it costs were actually being nice to motorists and reminding them. Vendors about sounds of what their seatbelts lies. And he's mad because they got a grant to book more officers out on the road to write tickets and they missed out on revenue. This is the scandal in over the lady Laura Jana saying now that it. He didn't care about revenue value said he did about IC belt he's magazines like these guys out here get overtime. With this great airline I again I misunderstood and yet there. Live from the Kansas Department of Transportation. But the chief says this wasn't about the money coming in with more seat belt tickets is not the criteria for getting over time. It's it's equally distributed amongst the department officers resigned before the department could complete its investigation. Reaction to the resignations has been met how come. I have an idea you resign you don't have to complete. Investigation. Wanderers there's something gone quietly among fighters. If there's something else. Going on where you mean. I'm just asking a question do you think there's something else besides that going on the opposite was seems like. Not a good reason to resign why themes like not a good reason to get fired. Or to have an MS agent like your car was telling me your cops. Instead of handing out speeding tickets. Or in not complete stop sign you know you can do completes opera ball lie there just in. Are any out Siebel tickets. Which used to pay for our right and there's still making money that was the least expensive ones. Probably I mean how good they do that like maybe takes them Nagano I don't think of that at all I think they legitimately are mad because they weren't they keep reminding over the park police department. Isn't exactly a media darling right now. Considering a couple of tragedies that help it happened over in Overland Park. Yeah add to that guy resign no line those guys dollars and I think there's something else going you see. Somebody is having a mental health crisis you don't resign if you're I think they'll take it when people really are repeating what. What about the guy. The coming out that he was off duty that I thought Ed though. I'll get. It's on social media. Ron Parrish writing their job is not to play court. Adding that the officers could have issued the drivers warnings tiered Andre thought differently of the situation saying that the officers were being nice and gave drivers a break. Well defined as a lot less pursuit of that no doubt. We're achieved what NY that the problem yeah that's what he's man I can't say it's not about the money when clearly as I say. If the what a sad day. Yeah PR person pray. Nightly. How ridiculous this magic days or is that a bunch of BS. He just that I know he said that plants. It's a lesser fine they had to resign because they were bringing in less and that really why they resign now I just fine arguably as good as the day and age. And that the way that we look at law enforcement in this country that we have some all of our officers who appear to be kind. And that not ratings again slowly got in there again very good test I think we need to realize it is there's apart is they're kind of went over the kind of piqued my it's just a little bit. The way that they found out about these three were riding lesser tickets was one person. Another cop another cop pull on them right okay like I'm all for Costello not racist cops I'm all cops telling on you it is. Cob yeah we gain vinegar on a cop car everywhere Ireland Jim totally that yeah totally okay and we are honored lately no law against it right but yeah. When it comes to. You know three guys there are three men or women possibly cry. I agree a 100% this is lunacy is that the case so what I'm saying is hold them to this story that. Like this is the story than they're telling you this is this is the official over the parks stances. They're mad at their crops. Like it had an air cops were let getting people often less money that's funny that's. Yes that I find it hard to believe cop eyes. All of the you know the few or loan parks we stories that I've heard Maria I mean about it means he's. The other storage yeah. And teams are authorities step you penalty if you shouldn't be able to get a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt that is an officer's discretion ticket and let's be honest. Leslie on their refunding all of the seatbelt violation money and we danced to me well why. I would be happy to get a lesser violation Biggio. It felt like maybe electrical factions in the OP TV viewers Amy resign because they were taking people for crimes easing command that's illegal. Okay. Is that a crying. Again at me I guess it is bit stupid like you know they weren't creditor having mad for watts. Berle yeah we did justice like like rape law is that they were being nice. Bright. And it might not just give a warning instead of he I think that is with the department and Stanton when should they don't care about that their as the data and turned them from or if they showed up with a was a warnings. You can write we wouldn't we be having a similar break let's slightly different discussion. May alive that's the problem is they really go lie. It is I guess I disagree it's a little smug Jeanne I mean how many times the cubs had to me I tell you I won't write you for this well right you for that all the time it's time let's. It costs. Slightly. Creepy perfectly. We popped up for this country because there's so it passed. Yes we do that all the time. You heard ally and twenty miles over the speed on them but I'm calling him he would take it for China our view word. So why you didn't signal is up there or ways style but I'll go ahead and just not be a for an rolling stop for a nice little. Brent you being chill. Great writer. And happens. It happens and it's it's cool that happens I feel it. Did she say they won't buy face criminal charges since they resigned that is weird. Like these are you were so outraged about it but once they resigns as new Lego didn't they still do that thing that you said while they were employed. We is going up you know what better. It's definitely against the lots of faults I'm pleased documents in this is what they did it. They jet went all the time. You cannot think you have ever had an experience like cop where there are like all you do is amen do it right then they immoral technically. That's happened to me. Yeah. Given me a lesser charge now they'll be going resistant lesser charge is it the highest and stop it now industry Ide I've never been. The lucky ones that you guys via united way and I had a badcaps you have po leg when. Closed. Yet put a sticker innuendo some kind and when you. My dad would every year they'd call me in the police union friends of believes they're in Africa every year my dad dies. Get some money in its finger against the sticker puts it on the current. Then gets pulled over he is. I didn't let me actually he says he never gave another gotten. Man I don't my campaign and protects a regular like that either is or it's a re Basel I yelled iron my doubt about it would have been yeah. Now how do you a lot of bugs once a year for sticker right yeah gimme a break ray I thought of that bracket that's my dad's thinking right I get it out but he got ticket. After he gave the money in these super bats and seen a dime from it. You guys are complete idiots you're reading this story completely wrong I didn't even read this story I had a laid at the story. What am I missing what is it that everybody sees understand about the story that I doubt because like I said our top news was breathless. To report this this was part I couldn't believe this with the scandal yesterday. And that's nice and causes a great point and that's what record does indeed get an attorney will drop your stuff to do that as. But I hate the smell like dead quiet or does that yes. That. I feel many times I've been pulled over and the officer and it's a discussion. It's not not a discussion. Usually announces like what you know I'll do this instead of this is you know darn cool things out there and go big hero Graeme. And asked. Yeah. OK I understand. That. They're not reading your take your first beating and they're giving you a lesser line that the seat belts. I feel like that's still a violation and once upon a time I think it was a rolling stopping got me for. Are they they got me for a rolling stop he wrote me for headlight out. Soul. As what cops do then he's been my experience throughout my entire life they always going to be a good guy because you break. Lazio. Right today. I don't know lamb and I don't know why they. And passengers. I don't understand and lighting investigation stops if it was so outrageous that you had to have this press conference. Then you should pursue no. It almost feels like you wanted. You gave me an excuse to get rid of people. Now their offices or enemy doing the full charges. All the time. And I don't know man I let out an hour outing announces stork I feel like some miles is going on well they. But it immediately if if if David any media knows the rest of the story of a for whatever reason it didn't journalistic standards or Brent. I have no journalistic standards. Go ahead and send it to me. And I will. About it. Recap please it's it's too long. Police officers is a in and stepped down own. From their positions. Because they are due in some solids for a few people. Because I OK you're speeding fifteen over I'm not gonna give you that. But in how diary app for seatbelt again I wonder if it was anybody that was in the lip sync challenge recently that was forced to step out there was another officer apparently who told on the other three officers are getting people breaks all throughout over the bar so here's my question then hours they have resigns. Prior to the end of an investigation and add your own park place apartment so they're no longer is an investigation because of the rising nations and the three officers. Cops got each other back all the time right that's why you don't hear about good cops toting bad cops the police departments constantly yeah so hot cop. Outs in the three. For not right hanging. For giving out speeding tickets and I don't think it's I think all they did go bright and it is an investigation three airports are resigned. Should find out who of those three. Are okay and you're so funny that now that interest I need I mean I'm pretty engines and I don't believe that that. Anyway also we got to meet over the park police chief charging you with a crime you didn't command isn't being good day it is not a crime to ours seems out. If it is good but it isn't a crime crime as we Elijah crime now you're gonna get a ticket. It's not a crime per cent or is this as are expected to take this. It is those stupid charged with a crime he didn't commit is to be a good guy this is the person. That person just a contrarian insurance through. Trying to be difficult look. You. We do all realize that. That getting a seat belts to get over speeding ticket is yes this I mean period and a story right you're going to get points on your eyes and you're our insurance and airmen I go up after various amount of you know I mean like. Does that go object Siebel Johnny encounter they had those I have your answer to your insurance companies either. How things. There's like there's no repercussions other than monetary. Again the department discovered the three officers were pulling people over for legitimate traffic violations. But instead of writing them tickets for those violations the officers issued takes it tickets for not wearing a seatbelt it doesn't say. Then they wrote on top. It said they wrote difference. Yet they didn't in the Lou. I think people horse I'd like arguing or trying to ask the act like you were idiots. You may already have may only know that flight leg DDT is everybody in your life. Where you make a big they're not us. Three cubs resigned because they wrote seat belt against. This is sort cops regular surcharge and all the time. I don't encounter that sometimes they even let you go adult a lot of police report. Break it happens. Daily. All over. Isn't getting a ticket means you broke the law now. There's. I don't believe that's breaking a law. Seat I'll take it over the part of the only ten dollars right. They're doing you a favor. And they're being punishing. I mean I don't understand and everybody's freaking out about. There and outlying. My that they are who cares that you might have discussion that you and the police officer at unless it is. My husband was coming home from a night shift when he was a paramedic Annie was going to head over with a police officers stopped them and Solomon is paramedic unit more. Instead of right David ticket for speeding he wrote him an insurance they can't which she could then take out. Right with no penalty you see yes we're not crazy happens so it's not being disingenuous. There's crimes and then there's traffic infraction thank you Jesus create traffic violations and he's not a crime. Now there can be some traffic violations I feel like that can be her lips and what we need to find out is. Cops don't rat on cops we know this we knew who this. OK but somebody read it on these cops were seatbelt ticket that doesn't humor what's going on in the Overland Park police department. I think that's a reasonable question. I. Don't fair shake. Alma Danny. Why would they be forced zero otherwise resigned something's going on wherever the minute hey I deceased as soon as they resigned to the side and we won't continue this investigation what's the nastiest thing is special bonuses for the more see I don't think it's there're. I don't. If that was the day that would of the newsletter reported that it seemed like a pretty. Important fact. They're on corn Indy five they think this is a ridiculous. I'm I'm I'll lose my ass right now these people. I'm it just the now I'm just and I don't think I'm an answer yet they didn't drag down aging athlete I don't know it is I don't know I'm not getting yeah. I'm just thinking like okay you know what I got an issue evil person that don't ask questions I ever. Right and they're walking around with more guy and I don't care badge and a certain people up killing on the I. We have some got its due and a solid it's. Barack they are out I don't understand it doesn't make any sense many it's time we've heard police abuse in this country. And not once has anybody ever got his elbow got an analyst not act one time and it made and there is. Ask the first there was that email yes it was on stuff yeah very rarely. Do we see police officers losing their jobs. I mean a shooting not asking questions go into this eight as people are begging him on video you see that the rumor is how. On the streets of Baltimore that's OK. But weren't wearing super fast and they kind of just tell them away like okay. I understand Nate Cooper you Aaron got clear and present Bruce.