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Wednesday, July 11th


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In her car and as slow hands and then their latest the rover before that. On tour. Right now. I ask. Seat in the US August Philly Boston. Montreal Toronto blue is some flowers being. Bryant thanks. Detroit Columbus Dallas. I wanna see them. Senator shows kind of diverted to learn no one's in LA ink that children are opening. Or they can already done nose and minor and announce an inch so. Anyway the jokes. Learn math skills. An air ball with enough details on the I'm so sorry yeah. Can you tell I wanted to see them somewhere yeah they're playing Detroit and I can do that one. I mean I guess or music there said I'm my birthday. Well it's kind of an edge. Now we just took a verbal and show them. I mean I know how our season seems I Hampshire is to be could just feel like focus used to be like that yeah. I do there's room it is on my birthday and I giant a duck and the company's. Now is back here when the boy that's a good today is yes on Saturday December 16 it's quite some realistic dream. In Iowa they don't then who can. And around the music there. Some are being. Every bird they made. Danny gap what's going out. You know. I hate capitalism is really funny. Because I think it really did. Like work for awhile. You know I think those boomers. They really got to enjoy a capitalism. And like towards the end of it where we are now things just kind of are falling apart. Dear member. East feel to get on an air here remember you get on an airplane. And you get a meal. Ever minute it wasn't a bad man but then it became a bad now and then it became a cold mail and then became a sack lunch that you grab down the into the terminal. And then became nothing but pain it's. You don't give penis that and then they even sell peanuts and some places well because he got allergies right in Sydney June travels. Some airlines do pretzels and depends if you're doing a and I think that. Lower fair and airline mean everything is. His church has really lower fare. Now I'm talking here is there a targets there yeah AA shares or I visit my way that I pants. I give America so helping capitalism is the best. And they fly these planes all over and they charged all its money frontiers and cookies and cookies as. And then they ended the cookie did in the cookie it was midwest airlines and that cracking week and it higher meant I was on why you fly. I have to go to New York for something and I don't remember why. Why that now is minding our. Dollar hammer anyway and file are in and I and really pissed at an amber and I live in Nairobi. You couldn't I couldn't hear from you know me. This is a long time Sonya I'm up here yes Amare and here are some of beyond repair. And serving the united. It was an expression and having committee holidays. Wherever. What are we can it was there was something because we saw Moby repeatedly. Almost the play and the noise and the like Moby that's enough right blanket and unseen matter of materialism. And. How much. Who remembers those old time commercials they're Southwest Airlines within itself more than forty year history. Has all kinds of traditions traditions tons of them but now all these decades later something is about to disappear from every southwest airplane. Near 10 o'clock hundred Lucy is life force at Dallas love field to explain what's normal way and why under. Jelena Southwest Airlines has long claimed to be knots. Flying for peanuts as they say the starting on August 1. You'll no longer be able to get actual peanuts on your flight anymore to change being made to accommodate. Flyers with allergies. Hello Marlene. I mean everything and they have. And I do have to say I've never appreciated. Now I found Torres in this and I've never seen. Flight attendants certain. Be quite is. Animated. Yes. On southwest airline flights than any other airline that I ever plot it's more people saying. More people take that Michael patent news that speaker Mike yes. And CNN on a Southwest Airlines flight that any other airline I ever flattened. I don't know what it is about south last look around when they're doing the singing and you see people who are just enamored. There are just enamored with whatever is happening on that might elect. RJP. And find out on. Yeah narrow their Ramirez. I I did what I show like they missed their calling. They need a sick content. They don't need to serve me sprite slam is not peanuts anymore and inner come India employee lounge or something and let them get it out there. I'm trying to I am sorry I'm seeing out there are out Alan's. I appreciate the wraps yeah I had done the Southwest Airlines flight attendant Syria now and also that everybody wants Sierra wrap. From a flight attendant I appreciate it now I feel like it's added value yeah. It. I do not feel like it is. Easily subpoenaed to Angola a sleeper I think there. That would require is doing work like that. Yeah hard and. McCain and they asked a man we should definitely have that as a lever to the moon. Seems he added value it's so great we're gonna ask it. Two or sleeper catalog yeah. I was saying I'm getting paid in have to be that happy. No wealth is getting her to something. That not the south as the only air I play Marcedes. As Costco getting rid emanates out. Bull that's a weird thing that jumped to a new tell alive. I feel like that's the value pretending that people have passcode memberships for is the new talent and an Intel anywhere. Not for that price you pizza and and that sign. Is that why you have a cast over. I did for a year now I dynamic house there are many more horror or better 313 years and today it today but the only reason I dead to have it. Mean was for the gross amount. Needs we've purchased that's where that's a slate of vegetarian talking because and I think -- getting it is something you know like you tell us tell me every now and then tell us 2000 dollars in the three samples please tell me it's every it's not the free Sam all you I I hate every sample and I hate the free sample people now and you gotta be it is not a mother after Meola com and it's not it's. People makes. Meals that this crap when you like the airline people singing and rapping it's hilarious and fine but when people like Costco singles does yes says that samples did you zones then they're stupid at this I knew I am I'm not elaborate on what you want pilots. Lou. Please please rip ripper away I don't care. But. Free samples from Costco here's the thing like you haven't seen as I do here's why. The ties. The time hiking go to Costello is free samples from. And that's what everybody does the cost of you know why because Hungary and I got there Fermi. I don't even think some of these people shop I have I never made it they they can't have appetizers. With. The free samples and then they eat at Costco mean. You're you're discredit my son afternoon I get a guy. I don't think I learned that I didn't say there's anything wrong when that. It's free samples and I mean I'm gonna cost Owens is walking around and thinking about what I can warlords and today I have seen. The same person and. Multiple times in lines for me was him bothers me why I don't know why does not why what are they doing in your life. Nothing they're getting their samples then. They make these other line's fleet is his. Is huge lines here wondering Jesus Christ what's going not I would win sample. There are we'll take LS I'll lions. Well that's. Yeah okay. All right. You know what maybe why you know what I is Sudan but. Missed. I ECB sample or just that's why. Yeah. If god denture. Yes my girlfriend petty mean we should collar. Her dad owned agreed baker eaten in my mom works that are simple and once they would make it would really Greek. Dishes. Thank. It's not copied and ended up at and Mike who sec have passed its anyway they like easily sampled dishes is a not easy to say now here's or her I have to distance. Now they're delicious and please have messy dishes. All you did listen to our I see dad's. Dream. That he was that he achieved by the way. It's he others may green and he would you know. For lazy restaurant owners Greek restaurant diners which are very many and that straight metropolitan area or grow up. He would supply them with their spinach by angry dishes. And said they didn't make their rounds they are small enough yeah biggest fight in some very clean. You have to clean that it's never let his advantage amass any of the masters or marry your rank big companies like I would few examples the great country general. Well here's what happened. So our dads like real soccer is that was that that was our darkness that gaseous tail. Totally messing you gotta make about Hamas costs us all off fast Saudi act is not messy it's messy. Now it's beans is bean soup and that is messy another way sabbatical but it definitely massive and very messy this column that he got easier I can't imagine he's Rangel I. It's portion that out. Yeah I lie there and it probably flaky crusts and yes it was butter yes he let them. Anyway god Deanna I was an ugly he's got a pennies add that we call her. See issues that her more passes in a so pennies dad owned at my mom worked there and and his big dream was to hear it as boring everybody. This is funny how Latin America when he gets here a bed bug that can tell you what they've pulled off the menu at Costco yes I want you and I'm telling that burn out that this is the matter I tally first time courtesy you've gone. Our sound. Pennies gadgetry went to get it in grocery stores OK I can change yeah. They think. High near Price Chopper ten house here. We have or had farmer jacks so you set up stands inside the farmer Jack so every Saturday and Sunday. Penny would come pick me up. Because I can drive you mean the I think you know fourteen and fifteen hour remember. Zero penny pick me out and I get to see mountain. Actually it was even young 1111 or twelve she had it been like six and anyway and then package. Would go off and smack out. They're firmer Jackson on me or not finish high samples. Two ass holes who come and yours is Manning they're dying now nobody used it's five. Any dad spinach pie. And it's an estimate. So that they too would go on in do like god knows you know while I was a farmer and then Jack and you kept handing out. Symbols he kept it this grudge towards it this entire time now I always reminder of it in the awful dresses she made me Wear during her whining here. And. Up in arms because the college unused and taken off the menu here is polish guy on Twitter. I have had my Twitter account for years and have never actually tweeted. I had never found a cause worthy of a tweet until Costco decided to get rid of the polish dog a travesty I tell you hash tag saved the polish dog. And this one sometimes bad things happen in life and we all need to be united against the evil that is threatening our peace. War mongers tyrant hash tag costs down hash tag saved the polish dog this is that we reporter. There yes they get near the polish dogs. They're still gonna have the other died. But the post doc has got. People of the poll is not. Good for that it was a dollar fifty. Bremer is again there is an article just about three weeks ago about how Costco is keeping the price of the dogs. Down deep how are they keeping into how are they used to be there they can just because of the volume that they would buy and they get past that directly on to consumers as matter of fact he's a famous story about Costco. Where the CEO they are like what we got to do some of these hot dogs and he was like weird. Off. So navies that causes tries to raise the price. Or killed polish thugs until that I mean against sales were loud on the polish dog Paula Starr is like their hottest items AMP because garnered dropping either rescue me third to hot dogs there Paul Eaton did I've done in drink for two dollars. Yeah that's I mean that's amazing that's what Costco Lewis. In the pizza number and you. Not cemented assistant coach at giants are now I can order evident that process and yet to call them. I just want him to new rockets that they need to start paying your legs you're good dozen. 248 team Costco in 2003 member. Yet you have to pay for first and then go do your shopping and there's something he had India will usually means I have I'll eat before ago. But the story is set up that you read on your way out but you're supposed to spend so much time in Costco that your Salah hungry when you walked out that's ridiculous. Is I'd stay with IKEA coaches did. Through line and go. And then they're like on Americans fat people let's play everywhere you go out here ends up an ankle cafe is somewhere. Where at her read out a line that inning cafe or Smart plays down the online they have food there are many iphones doesn't only hurt their cap progress yes Cuba in one place not after it like hey. We're exhaust said. We need weird noble Barnes know it got to cafe at some basic books Asa. There is still around he likes it go places to buy books one of our most. Now that's consistent and sorry I like the cat the putt I'm sorry that Carrasco. I'm arguing like the post like I'm done. That apparently people like post. Yet postpones. Did you like we aiming. Yes hello process and what was your process in the case seeing the meat of choice did you like the sauce I love hot dogs they keel bossa. Q NASA is trying to low fat. As I things are gathered to chop up the kill bust him for an open opinion. And it's a big hot guy around it is called Alan funny looking fielder I mean and nag casings weird to say yeah. Why they use shape I doubt. Because when you make sausage. I'll tell you why if you want an outlet for you know I did and it sought to look at it stuffed sausage of my grandmother's name. Stuff the sauce is grandma. None are more Greek messy feared if you. Woke iron greens are organs is supposed or that Syria is this an hour.