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Tuesday, July 24th


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Harare that and a great lives and the nights lads and. Coming to town next month's show sold out. So about a long time ago whose music. I didn't know if we have any tickets. Wait maybe get another match. Son of a bitch. So the edge we might give more. Might not. We mine I played nine. This summer bitch. Our gaming yeah. Corner around I got a star re about to. Hot tips and Tom. Breweries. Went into stars Derek they're too good stories for really quick felt. As we've moved past the downtown in rush hour time. Period you beginning to shut everything down in downtown. The streets. No parking garage that is. You know walking and pedestrians you know walking if usually. Walk to get your lunch today. You will not be allowed to walk to get your lunch because downtown it's closed. President as does it. The president is visiting real you know downtown site collections. We are you bring us that she even if you bring a sack lunch and you enjoy exercising and you will not be allowed to exercise. We will not be able to walk to get through and shtick. Okay. Players aren't gonna start with. Let's start with too many hot chips led to surgery. Can can't all right everybody let's spice and chips. I do nobody thinks there's any consequences too spicy chiefs. Pataki's yeah I mean the CIA you know hot flame hardships that many variety but yet hockey's most common. As referred to. Wildly popular hot snacks getting snatched off cell. You can find the hot tips some with the corn based. I'd really any convenience stores usually right at the front. But this mother has a warning when my daughter had just so you got knew I had to tell everybody about it pretty Craig head says the doctor told her hot chips like hot Tito's talkies and hot Fries. From a 117 year old daughter's stomach problems. She let him every time I'm the last real effects on hot charges really that somehow she's in me. Still because I wanna make I have beyond what Rebecca she was that you being basically the school way to. Her daughter also named Rene started feeling sick her stomach. That soon led to surgery and her gallbladder removed I was very surprised that my daughter it was a great day. Craig on high street estimate just eating around format for the hot next week. This does that taste they do an appealing costing around a dollar per regular sized bag the price point appealing still producing tons of Dexter I Edison. Also related stuff to it so related to independent. Absolutely doctor Kerry cabin Derek asteroid Tolle discipline water Children's Hospital says there's a lot of factors that go into having a gallbladder removed. But believes eating the chips. Probably contributed we've probably seen. 100 kids. A month excellent advice monitoring it. I value can ask that guy anything and he has said yeah out you could have been like in an area here you out. Healy. Yeah he looks. You're the remake of Dennis the Menace. Mark Fuhrman there negativism and as I have I only say that they see is photo I know you're referring to do you know this scientist guy. It's in that remake of Dennis the Menace doctor being that it that are around now mr. de doctor now now looking for and that's what got. She is eats. Not chase Pataki's idol I had hit my butt can't handle it Allen concepts as I got that I BS. I ad that. I particularly since. Do you enjoy Hudson's. Not really down and down and leg just as your kid was powering down. Ford giant bags a week. Leg don't blame it hockey. Game. Anything in my over abundance is is is an addiction. Addicts or LA for a bags. Addiction is a guy as when you your behavior interferes in your every day and interpersonal relationships. Grow and I have about. So. You know it's hockey is gate your gallbladder taken out. It's I mean is that why she editing and now has been talking all letters and his craft that may exactly but I got I was no good is like so does that work that way. Problem yes it does yeah. Yeah up. I do like half Fries my kids the Doritos spicy. It's. Plays and it's it's talkies unbeaten. Mark Buick since by zero open. No no no offense earned yeah and a lot of times kids are going to the ER. But I we're today it kids ER for some reason for a couple of years. And they kids are coming in the pairs have been like. I am playing their dire rain blood. And didn't die it's talkies yeah it's hot topic India sprain and out died soon. It looks like to hemorrhagic fever come ally well I seen a movie outbreak. My getaway for me doesn't Hoffman are. All comes back to daily that is always. Always. I hate Tom Fuller youth. In the plaza gathers some shenanigans. Tom very harmful or is stopped there shenanigans it's harmful worries. It's not good shenanigans either what happened at how easily free beds and aliens. Tell me have you ever thought I just I don't out of this arguments. If you were coming EMI restaurant. And say you were moved black. And I said I need a credit card before. All set our sustained you through before LT shorter. Would you perhaps feel all. Like that might have something to do with the color your skin. They wanted them say that again they learn to pay up front loaded they want a card up front. Wherein they eating I guess sit down restaurant had trouble here is the shenanigans that are happening Todd Fuller is to sell as black people went dancing goes dissolved our our people down there yes everybody should go to Tom glories. A woman posted faced a video and it's spark plug of outrage. She pulls the video the manager kicking her out of the restaurant as she claims it proves she is the victim of racial profiling. Why can't say okay. My my savings. Are so this'll last Thursday night. By Sunday the manager in that video was fired importing an action news anchor since the news sent its following has more on the story for. The. Woman who claims she was racially profiled at this some flu worries here on the plaza is planning to organize a boycott she also told us tonight. That she is also considering legal action. Now Ford days later and people are still reacting on FaceBook some say there's probably more to the story. Others are outraged promising never to eat at Tom Foley's again. Javier black wave went to Tom police Thursday night for dinner she said her waitress one of her credit card before the meal was served. Claiming it was restaurant policy. About way asked instead if she did pay in cash in advance. The waitress didn't know if that was OK so but way Astor to get the manager. When the manager came to her table but quake cause the entire exchange on herself well. Yeah you. We heard that her yeah. Yeah. Her yeah. I'm paying. My little. Why can't they can and. Wow my name name. Did you know and I got to Philly about the restaurant. There are loud. And ivy is currently playing lots and I have never had to get my card ahead of time. No that's not later I mean I was yeah a lot like four years ago. Times we've changed. That's crazy Kelly I thought yeah I think you guys are hitting ten years yes. It's a restaurant not a barge and yeah it's a restaurant there's a differ and yeah. If you're sitting around in yours started to have. He's your guy here give you cart also but then I'm not common practice to manage it as the calmer you running up and yelling yeah. And then the manager was also fired at they as they sent. So I. Filling those on the tax line who are saying that may be a little disingenuous. No comment if it's a late night and it's busy that's actually the restaurant's policy I worked there. Man why is at the restaurants ponson. Also and James does the restaurants police say that the guy got fired for foreign policy them. In math that yeah. Prior to do yelling but that's cool. And he was an old. Also the U Watson and I asked him to make that you're being very hostile and aggressive I'm still uncomfortable. Even when I got outside he followed me out there. The owner of Tom cooler raised said that the manager has been fired and the incident is taken care of the only question now that remains is how will this affect business and will there be a lawsuit. Some DNA some. Got back coming up guard it's been taking care of all doesn't know lord is designated everybody. Did you count on the peanut gallery and in. Suspicious yet they didn't wanna talk about and I gets done mood over Newton. Boy. That's a good time. Under stadium there is a difference Regina restaurant and a virgin but they have always asked regardless who who. So many people don't pay their tabs that's why they mean by people. Jeanne black people only remind people that's why they asked her people don't pay their tab I can I floats around people. Wow flurries and a half eaten there are out and I did not have to pay before hand dear I. Sounds so I mean I don't know and policy you're not people are texting and that is policy them act and that particular house did not a the health and for me to pars and it takes that in the people comment. That is from Perry code 85 vote that would be Florida. Which. It's what it is you know. The people don't pay their tab says flat. Say black people don't pay their tabs. Sir. Shout out to Pensacola Tallahassee and Panama City prayer. Mania. United thousand manager of the deck as crazy found elegant and I you walk up on somebody like that at a restaurant it is once that each. No Tom Fuller is that clients as were everybody I don't know if you knew she had a steady cash to do there is no sack lunch today you cannot walk pro coach. Downtown is close. For the better part of it and there was no quotes Danny attack. People don't pay their pants that's. People located then she also says she was willing to pay cash before than me out Newton before she even order. That's ridiculous and mean what if she is all I don't know being treated poorly I mean. I went service thing in. What if she didn't enjoy it may well. But she didn't get that she's paying for something. Why have is weird it's weird the stories we're because it brings out a bit like secret inner feelings of people. And it catches a little bit off guard like way to minute. Let's me. NASA makes that I went a couple of weeks ago. And paid idea and like everywhere else have I bid some calories and I've paid at the end there a lot you know I you know they say after some. Tom Fuller in your life you always pay at the end. You have to ease a credit cards in there I'm boycotting them that is Cuba policy alone says the tax line. Yeah I guess in his eighties offering to pay gap actually here's my gas used as a money. Right ridiculous here's my gas it turns down cast like this. They have Buchanon. With the Buckner for. The game now four days later and people are still reacting to turns out Michael who who turns their cash was so I'm anyway. Our outrage obviously an effort to eat at home for at least Obama. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I paint him. My little yeah why can't say yeah. Wow my name. When I got a little credit card ago. SI is easily normally get back to OJ does sorry my he. I don't and I know there's been on a dollar bill it's it's this is good her. You know services and tender right legal services and tender. He can't then the managers said you're not paying your lead and you're not paying me. Your Lehman. That is stupid policy item and frankly I probably. I added that to happen in your opinion. It and I went into my experience was. I pain after eight and never medically and Herman who plays a wouldn't they cast. Cash and cash monthly cash is acceptable anywhere especially. Where servers work. That's your real currency. Thing you want to cash tip rent. Iowa I always journal article has tense and usually zero that have found that car I urge anybody who's like oh it's the policy. But is leagues ignoring V cast server trade here it is totally disingenuous. And I think I didn't even Wear enough player and as masks at toys so cranky. That's a habit that you don't follow policy of fire. Policy. I let calories they have fried pickles and forget and a hike. And it cash and Colombian Alec to dealing cash. In on that I am none of that smuggler and just importer of buying goods. And easy services and services there's a rug and just fine. Don't need it would not fine actually does downtown as close as presence to. Then Thursday.