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Buzz Briefs Hot Dog

Friday, June 22nd


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All right is it a little bit after 7 o'clock here on the buzz. So it's. Wednesday has like 715. And then he gives that. Again it oh wonder. Where that is is here tomorrow night it's easy alive yeah we have passes and are we do. I'm still trying to figure out a wonder. The guy girl duo. Now Geiger and that I cents. I guy and a girl goes yeah. Is it though White Stripes they put on a good light show usually a good actually said the attacker dry forecast anyway. I'm Julie had tickets we do end BNP excellent we have here at us today so whenever we have and must ago. No wonder. And you're trying to iron out. Think there's deer there for a so who players' union would be a nice start to any man on us RE DS yeah. What else is going on in the world. Oh. If there is. There's like some civics god. There is I mean is the city so it's kind of funny rule book there's like a guy getting hit in the face of the hot dog until. There is a guy the guy seriously injured from getting shot by painful. And it wrong. Koko the gorilla. But some of the Alley past cocoa alive he rests on his caveat let's give cogo moment because. Burrell. Who didn't love Coca. You is that really all did this over there guerrilla. He's the one that Robin Williams logged CC ES PG fifty. You a lot of comfort to our clearly not enough that I love Coco in love Coca issue as a it is a big inspiration for all of us. She's glad to sign language whom quiet. I don't understand. Topic I was cocoa and inspiration here I mean a guerrilla deserved sees signs. She didn't sign yeah yeah you know that you're just reading that does go vote have you ever seen or sign yes I've seen a sign of any errors and lives on this line. An open up an OK that's enough I spoke up their minds right now but I don't want. ET do you that. Okay almost hot monkey are. Okay he's he's he is ridiculous I. Wasn't took on a movie. Yeah. Jack cargo cult husband and a lot. Color that the movie Coco but Coca a movie man mentioned in inside belt. It Alden the monkey. To grow up and down David played like it took over monkey. I thought. Anyway our IP goto. Recipes. And so on a daily desk. You know. You try to do it. Are we going to be like this and a lot and you know. You now are my guys I got to bust my balls. You know I had Allen that he and I I mean even now you know some today. And your boss and my mom I mean I'd give him a break I've then it changed my profile picked cocoa and yet now you're just gonna do this today and I was outside and at Iowa I. Cocoa users get started and god you filed let's dig in the Motrin I season pitches from the nineteenth house. Yeah. I am I got. It or gender milligram. Ibuprofen amendment and the 1995. Film born to be wilder remember that and then that's that's what I remember here for a who is and I was a story. Tim Allen. And why is he Tim Allen can now as you. Go. As so many are rumored some of the segment yeah. I act on handle a barrier to finally get an and Coca matters. Color didn't matter. According to. National Geographic. Total manner. Well known as don't like cocoa. And I got this person has so much America. She actually did no sign language and express yourself with free tops she wanted to baby and signed it. To her human friends but she can never conceive a my god I love you you're so kind. Coco. They cocoa made salads I personally find her very inspirational. Fine I'm sorry I was Ryan and I apologized. How goal was indeed an inspiration to you as a member of the wrestler cocoa Buick. Hot dog lady is a good story. CEO of mantra to go. Seat so a lady. Yeah we had a little bit we have a hot dog and today here to give to teachers incident we dalliances. Hot items react under what happened to a hot dog in the ninth inning that does their houses cornea and they issued they shoot they shop not Diana outside shooter I think he is does the road sluggish growth I think that there were it was a thorough. Yeah well. This lady got hit in I. With a hot dog in Philadelphia. And Tesla it's a bad isn't it yeah possibly be the only wind I think they got hit and I write them on a high Doggett filling. Wise now Monmouth in. She -- matter that crazy. Yet people did people dead beware right I was wrong. I'm in the amount agreed to Golota in them appear alone is known all along with blue thing there with most bang. My thing and work paying. Says is that the game two of the game which came in stadium where they have or anything they are in Philly DO job. And so it is the Kenyan man I'll come up with their. They are in the early and it the other LA the Phillies. Philadelphia Phillies right yeah. I hate the other way and actually I always nationally it is so stupid and you don't have a year pitchers. It's at now. Did I. Always had I just hated the nationally as the worst league. I was a Bruins teams I don't know why I brought Sana the guys are ready and I just operation hot I can Melissa I was loading. Holy Hal. Then I'd do it in Philly. Coke on Iran to be making babies in the afterlife. Finally a little texting fingers. Pentagon's girlie you're gonna be here for thirty with a strange story involving the fanatic. A hot dog and a head injury on Monday agreeing mascots got a free meal high into the stands where his iconic cannon. Hitting the Montgomery County woman square in the face. And his sentence I never thought I'd say but he thought a bun and a sausage couldn't really heard anyone. Frankly think again. Actually uses your interest very good meeting this afternoon explains what caused all this damage serious injuries you Serra. Yeah Brian didn't trust me this is not like Kathy McVeigh wanted to be known for my ignited that still. I mean he's got to be known for something. There's always the ever going to be known for anything you might as well be the same thing it may I would gods aren't in the by millionaire yeah. It's not. It their priest destroyed by a hot dot cannon you're kind of an anomaly you earn out liar for sure that doesn't happen every one it's not the worst thing you know she hit right between the eyes for a playoff content on fire from the fanatics hot dog cannon. The injuries and not enough she got sent to the emergency room. Fascia the other Phillies fans. We are my kind of I FC. Good could her camping McVeigh did get hurt and by hot dog. It just came out of nowhere and it was like. And I art and idea on Monday night McVeigh was he did behind hard to hear a loser winner in the. OK I take him back I'm why gad yeah she's a black and blue from hot dogs or like that was a yes yes shot. That would happen and is there something wrong whether stand. Like a dizzying highs she brought she anemic. When I get breezes all the time advice is lean on something they'll be a bruise there should have been an attorney like a high power law for rich people like let it skid it figured it. Tell me your skin Ottawa not want to do is pretty long putter I. Can't well like look she holds like damn weird color and Damian. That looks like that's my message for. Other Phillies fans. They are my guys I never thought I hot dog group could occur counting McVeigh did get hurt and by hot dog. It just came out of nowhere and it was like. I art and idea on Monday night McVeigh was seated behind home plate with a Philly fanatic started firing hot dogs. Real hot dogs into the stands a longtime tradition just like in this YouTube video posted by Major League Baseball. Look the way that you shoot the hop I can now automate his very perfect big player. First of law it's ridiculous. That people have to Google funnies for cancer and when the Phillies have a hot dog can't blesses him my own personal plea. So how are Christ sakes finish this story Iowa where the lady again but I wanted describe what a hot dog man and is you the tissue it you have to put it is that got they got dodge into depression and don't think an extension of a Weiner we get it right on your crouch barely out. I wanna hear miscellaneous and Hugh winners repeat. The minded fanatics hot dogs are wrapped in duct tape and and one landed squarely between McVeigh's eyes. And then next thing I know he's shooting that he shot it in our direction. And damn it Blake hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses for. Though she's she couldn't catcher swatted away because she is the shoulder injury that required surgery in the coming days. That night she ended up in the emergency room to make sure she didn't suffer a concussion. Nothing's broken thank god they know it's going to be. I think it's sore it's very sore. McDonald's. Apparently isn't here my base is burgers there was X got hot hot it was harder at big eight. So injury he diesel can play in the game you know Bryant. I didn't watch it there's lots of Cuba I don't play great seats. July while eighth inning guy apparently me that I have an outside indicate did have. According someone's answer retton did tap oh well. Yeah series winner injury the sleazy operators it's not that bad if you're sitting how hot dot inducing in my home plate you don't deserve free hot does. I feel like the Philly get everything free back there I thank you Hollis you back behind home plate. Tickets are in the oh. Who might well I mean I don't get is about about why a lot of elbows on her ticket she's season to get all why are they giving them free opposition issued in the upper deck I don't even added a hot dog. Macy's had thought is that the plan that's a great point you're absolutely right those stands behind home plate you know you're absolutely are legal action but she does have a message for fans. Yes it could be aware you know could she never now. Now I mean you would think so it I understand baseball. But not a MacBook. And yet she does understand the first story gets a few laughs it gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's fine. Did a good sport about it the filly did reach out to Kathy directly yesterday to apologize. A spokesperson told me today at the fanatics feels terrible about that. Nobody's ever been injured by a flying hot dog at Citizens Bank Park before. They've offered Kathy free tickets when she's feeling up to returning to a game again. I'm believing it is this it is innovative hi Teresa give you seats for the atmosphere just. Ali yeah I am not see one day yet now. Barely hear a new season to get all the congratulations now I might even do next season right. Yeah I Wiener a winner you're not suing as he could totally see the last you're kind of going on around about I have a shoulder injury to her have to put. And how painful it real fans. And it hurts. And she's lucky that nothing's broke MA is. And it hurts I mean it seems. I give you were. An attorney. You can be like what instruction has the Philly fanatic undergone regarding the Canon. Why is that angled the Canon is supposed to be fire that this is that angle my client was fires that are there procedures in place. Reckless behavior. If you're just tuning and we're talking about. A lady got hit hard times this event. In Philadelphia any depositor. Some bruising and I mean I'm gonna get majora I'm shocked yeah if there's anything like it became like after the hot and he happen I don't know why wasn't before they have signs. So and they do have science and I the other stuff. On tickets chair like the real small print job. Blake also you need to be aware your baseball game there's balls for an hour news again just pay pay attention to people database engine do you worry that my note. Now CM trying to rape you and. Oh. The people not play a song called the fanatic god dammit it's not an assistant on to go you mean if I know why can I talk about the dynamic. What is that why are they calling the Philly fanatic that's the end green mascot. Easily won him more popular myth that's okay. He does that. He is the hour just. Nice school meal of at least kind of program plays and we shouldn't have done a fanatic as I was trying to digest of Aggie told me it play a song by doctor dog. No that's not the wind I don't know. That's the that is congress are out now I and may as I am the fanatic. Because that's all I can think about is as stupid fanatics on and on in the valley girls on. 0000. By felony. Army air unsafe products. The rate OK I think you're trying to meet me clearly vote. Philly fanatics being inside as they're now it's a song called I am a fanatic and a fanatic it was on valley girls Sanjay is Azam is one of your best references ever and this is amazing this is really deep. Very catchy song no doubt Sunday martyrdom. Weren't coming out and it is exactly what is. Stella yeah. Can I stop and. Recommend duct tape. Have you always feelings of extra societal pressures to enunciated fiftieth on the duct tape. Yeah sometimes though I thought the duck tape I think the name is that it kind helmets though what does it makes it. Friend and I hate how she says buttons. She's she over and Nancy Austin. My actions. Like it's buttons you know like just to chill with the eggs. But. Home doesn't it. We were at a restaurant and she says something about apparatus but tenth they have great players they're now we were in Chicago actually dormant try to get her passport. Anyway that's certainly a story. You know I got. Absolutely and I'll necessary to have book which I think it is enough but it was a he was leaving. The country the next day and our house was not only does or has denied have a passport you know idea closer Mitch Canadian. She came and am arrogant. The we have to go and she's into English I don't mean that we're gonna have an amazing weekend and we went to the passport agency while. There anyway we did have an amazingly. Them anyway start this over again. Who sings as felony but he asked this is better than that I am mad man and it's awesome. And you know why. I hope she'll stay after the contact entering. And this is. One of the greatest sound tracks average ten. He wanted to check it out. In my humble opinion and I. Accompanying him. They missed an opportunity to use this and I silence of the lambs. For Buffalo Bill. Bill. Look at it. Stop turn turn me off. I do you want I want just a minute. I'm going the last time either council's got airplane. Never get a jump through your news and have it.