Buzz Briefs Family Separation

Tuesday, June 19th


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And RA. We do have to use him offering turner tickets yeah he's coming to town Thursday at the trim and you can pay play a little springs or are you now. If you don't mind. Not it'll actually I know get something red ink and when we're down and our right. I were playing a different turn attract and and then to get me out here and tell us what's going on in the world I am very specifically one thing boom. And Unser also. Holy crap. It's always nice to be. Caught off guard. By a politician. Al yes for example I was caught off guard when Jerry Moran. Said he wasn't gonna like take where health care for a hot minute yeah. I was a low Jerry Moran spray. Wasn't a more young. Let the growing areas old form time. I don't know I never really had no idea that and do mosques. Our narrow that. Mr. Dunn asked the guys in the area is like I'd be great for your company mr. dumb ass in two months and then it has like it's drew mosque. Anyway in America and one half and while so Kevin Yoder. Only notre balls yeah. He is calling on attorney generals just sessions to halt the separation of families during a crackdown on illegal entries Yoder says in a letter to sessions. That is the son of a social worker he knows the quote trauma that comes with children being separated from their parents. He says he can take a lasting and sometimes even your reversible poll. On the child's well being of course now the question is is this just one of those things where he say something nice and you heard somebody and you write a letter to you are really taking action. Well find out. As the right now he's UN RA as of right now on the senate there are 49 Democrats signed Don. To halt the practice right now. Of this kidnapping children from the parents and sticking them in cages. Predicted to be 30000. Children by the end of August. Slacken up it's does take the kids line take. Rocca not separated from their parents lock him up it's Gino they have babies there there is and the youngest is an eight month home. And has been our mind no idea where their parents are. And until maybe end. Just locked up. Locking him up and and keep in mind you know the but academy of pediatrics for Rwanda but held and a something something anyway the point is true. Doctors don't like it either they're saying it's straight abuses saying it's causing trauma that can't be reversed. Or right. I can't imagine we haven't seen any of Baidoa we haven't seen lane UNLV is so I think I'm Jan free agency news cancel girls and we now the boys just. Now the girls only Laboy Mays and I must he sees them fatter is its young females. Being separated from their parents knew him. It's crazy it's it's it's been really I know yours are not Democrats and Republicans and I just don't think it's a partisan issue and it's it shouldn't be for sure I mean like I. I understand who cares Democrats are public ends and you know canning inner being republic and saying and doing the right thing no I I said that is him yarder just doing the right thing coming out car partisan lines and yes. I have an artist of politics aside this has should have nothing to do with a one or the other you would think so right. Right M and a human issue yes that's that not republic and not Democrat. Yeah. All right so yesterday here's the uncomfortable part ready and we got to licences. We ideal from inside. One of those I have not heard it I don't want on their bumpers on lady ABC's story leading up to it you know our background and everything out there I didn't wanna hear either but I told my wife I yesterday as that we have the listeners everybody has listened as you have to listen to this. If you're an American citizen. You knew how tough to listen you cannot avoid this you can't secure in the sand and say oh I've. It's like you need to realize exactly what our government is doing to children. Right now. TVs we've seen many Americans are struggling to makes cents up. Chain link fence it's. Paychecks temporarily holding more than a thousand immigrants many of them children here McAllen Texas had the central processing center. One of America's largest immigration processing facility. Men women and children wrapped in mylar blankets the means to stay warm this one minute 342 video along with these images released today by US Customs and Border Protection. Are among the few visuals we have. Into America's immigration crisis. Currently unfolding among the seven yeah. Just finished tour inside the facility and it was. Israel's overwhelming yesterday I was a part of a group of journalists committed inside that center but our own cameras were not allow it was a lot of people men and held in one part of the facility. I found more ways in another section and and then there were. Moms with their with their children in another part of the the facility. This is the sooner we were allowed to see from any detainees is the first stop after being apprehended some families could be separated here or another episode. It is images like these that have now become a flash point in the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. Calling for parents and their children to be separated if the parents have crossed the border illegally and now in a recording first obtained by pro public. You can hear the desperate sobbing of children from one day last week. It's. So. Thing at least can I go with my hand team. Can I please go with my anti playing her and I and our mom and dad dance becomes this he can speak to her wrecked the and tell us how you got a hold of this for a so. I think I'll let according to there's a guard that makes a joke. Anyway. So that's going on in America and the Reid gray area than originally meant nineteenth 2018. Team. At his mind boggling and what's with those blanket. I mean it looks like a prison. And is a prison. And why are they allowed to see all of them. Why just one facility so they can at this same facility are no worries and McKenzie cameras and how many facilities why Eric. They made available to everybody to see. These conditions instead of just want and you and you either know this is the one you're showing us. And it looks horrendous it looks strain of like a president. And that's going your shelling as I'm curious as to what goes on in these other detention center Bruce. If that's the one and they you were in light you know I at this one's gonna be this is gonna show while on TV. Really crazy. Yeah I'm. You know stop calling me really awful and trying to find this one remark here. Yeah the blank it's who put those little things that they ended the marathon is put over its its they're mylar blankets or further just like little it's like. Yes the runner blankets and the like oil that it is yeah that's exactly right Ellis makes me and sometimes you can use them is that if you need to. I have in the past. The guards called the crying a chorus you need. Hitter has played an attorney deserves very very little credit for that well you know like Jerry Moran might aggravate you is that though as I'm playing. Your constituents are calling they just. Wind Jerry Moran or pollen let him now Pat Roberts column let him know Roy Blunt column item now you Justine one record we can all in this today. You just need one. Where are they girls great clash and banana. You're it's the same facility that they show and allow any news. Or reporters to go and it's only the one particular building in Texas and name. Where the girls. Where the babies and why are we just going to the boys Seles incident and a mail facility now let me let let me just play some of the ugly because we have to make sure that people don't think this is happening in a vacuum so late last agenda more music this is and called her. On now Fox News last night. This is regarding children being separated from their parents. You have deceived ugly. Listen. I would also say one other thing these child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7. Right now. On the do not fall for Mr. President. I get very nervous about the president well news from TV because. I didn't I I also have an idea guy and I don't know if I'd well lighted under your life. Child actors. Meanwhile radio because it's good vs evil at this point and we thank you conspiracy theory that not even Rio I know it's already out there isn't saying people that believe that people all you probably they are all actors you've got to see how far it's gone for some people be gates are open. Lock them up and why are locked those kids that wire again and it's let's. You're out on not entering at ports of introverted dangerous places and as it's crossing out fences and escaping attempting to escape law enforcement options. We do not want to separate children from their parents greeted now down adults to bring children into this country unlawfully either. Placing those children at risk. We but we do have a policy. I prosecuting adults. Who flout our loss to come here in illegally. Instead of waiting their turn. Are claiming asylum in any other ports of entry I can go to our ports of entry if they want to claim asylum and they won't be arrest. We cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children are children. To the country unlawfully by giving them immunity. In the process why would you bring children mix you if you know. Am I feel like. May be. A big point he's missing is probably a lot of those children are American citizens also I don't think words they're bring in the kids over all and that doesn't justify idea of separating family is it just doesn't. I with this sessions he goes on to say that all they have to do is build the wall. And then this'll stop that's like saying we're gonna keep shooting the hostages until you meet our demands. Ike. And then they have no way there's no one keeping track. I today it's they don't know where the parents I feel like corporate companies that are making millions of dollars building these facilities and staffing them. The people working there. Down. Not sure right parents can't be detained with their children. Thank you think that's how I used to be lake yes the four years you know you have children begging for any person they now. Sally they don't have parents. Yeah just cop ear. And it doesn't look like a prison camp. It is it's a prison it's a president can't get two hours today. Like in many are like they're in prison and in what they dime and I. I am curious about number that are American citizens in these camps and the people who were there are a lot of them tell me there's not. I don't know country. They're act I mean there is there have to be I don't think I think a lot of these are people escaping from violent super yes he's had in the area but maybe they've been here they they have little American citizens. That are probably in means prison yeah that's separated from around her dad budgeting any kid it doesn't matter if they're American or not shouldn't be separated. I want to ask them whatever they are yeah. If you can help and now here is and we can help it that's the crazy part how far we do the same people though. For dear I have no regard for children shirt. And we see that over and over and over cut cut. No regard for children here is ever before but yet they like to talk about the family America. These these are the same deal that light disarmament the family life is art about when and then. Women's rights yet. Are treating. People and children. Less than animals well I remember I mean in this same people RA they love family. I am aware of those people who but they're very in the law's tiller animals. Here is. Who are Ruiz and not leg even really. A Nazi wasn't even. A comparable thing you are really couldn't say it and word the variety. And now it's like well listen Jeff Sessions says it. Any Dave then that's loan. But I duration because again Nazi Germany they read Keegan and use them leaving the country. But this is I serious matter. The difference. In Nazi Germany they're thieving Jews from leaving the country breaks has totally different and white supremacist America we're trying to keep them from coming in. But let's build a law. Just in case. Really discussing really gross. Really gross. A filthy filthy. You. Here's how fast I don't know who VS yeah. Taxpayer dollars and work right now. I was living they have that do that bug out and open up. Or bad for me. But I've got season finale. Yeah yeah. I don't I don't think yeah. A woman. The government out of Oklahoma in the end okay. I'm not I'm just trying to point out what's happening right now. Makes you feel bad comb through the good. I would not I don't have a lot of skills this is the thing I can do. I think we should listen to it. Is what we're doing is. We're going to put it up and nothing ever. OK. It's here. And I don't know the word out of it because they're not keeping track. Uptick 30000 kids predicted by the end of MMR yes. That's it's a human rights tragedy a mini UN even said. Yet so. Republicans. Are they call people today. Call senator Jerry Moran Pat Roberts. Roy Blunt just need one GOP senator. To join Democrats to put an end to any just any. Anyone throwing out bipartisan no doubt I know to notify authorities it has to be GOP in re one GOP person across lines. Ray Pat Roberts has already expressed his distaste for this practice on Twitter or maybe he's your best bet if you're in Kansas. Roy Blunt good luck Claire McCaskill you don't have to call it she's already on board.