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Bee Injury

Tuesday, September 11th


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LSG. Ingenious. C and deploy. Elaborate. There Margaret the FM. Morning. The do you see the news story about. The fear that. Who fell on this skewer. In Kansas City, Kansas now you hear about this yesterday them. Sounds painful okay. It is spotlight what led. To this kid this kid isn't like all the birth of a hero. I'm not getting you know I took one. English class in college. Into the half of one really I'm being a zillion. And English class. They talked about you know Greek mythology and how us a hero was born and you gotta gotta you know it's incredible circumstance. You won't believe. What this kid went through Andy he's alive is awesome. And dad that doctors are also. And he's tough as nails. And oh my gosh my heart. I just put myself right there we're all of this is going down it has a happy ending but if you did not hear this oh my gosh. Always that sides of song is still playing underneath there it's more Green Day okay hearing guys surrendered to do it today. To be transferred to other hospitals before it was admitted here to KU his family saying that his story is nothing short of a miracle. He could've led bled to death. In that field having yellow jackets should Miller has never been as scared as he was then on Saturday afternoon and it's just us. Do you care to ten year old sunny Xavier was climbing this tree house with friends when a group of yellow jackets began attacking them. Xavier fell four feet off the latter in headfirst onto it meets you he was more upset about the yellow jackets. Then he wants about. Mental peace thinking at this pace this year was some Eagles long nearly went all the way through to the back of the Xavier head. Now what they just showed on the news was they showed this this it looks like a giant you know. Shares kabob thing but it is like a foot and a half long and it went all the way through. All the way through school you see this picture this mail is just brand to the back. He was it was his Kleiman yellow jackets. And he expects should just come. Attacked and when I was a kid to the just so mean and rude or just trying to piece biggest. Theology he's the falls off he he's skew. It missed his brain and mrs. brain stand witness you know the nerves everything. That is. Valuable in your head. It is missed everything. As a team of surgeons at the University of Kansas hospital worked on a plan to remove the object there were several plans that there's a plan may be in C exhibitors family turned to their faith in god and I said more I don't care. As that I don't care I know you have a plan. Let's finish this pitcher or taken taken suddenly surgery took hours but ultimately was a success all I can remembers laughing and crying and cheering him. Just the support of my friends and family you know. Powerful Miller says that was a Joseph his family's faith but they never doubted God's plan only god. Couldn't directed. The things that happen in a way that would save him practice that was America and is America. To food. Dude on line guys yellow jackets that's crazy that's a lot of emotions well I know it like wow that I was so happy that kid is okay and so having that the parents are happy that the doctors did a great job he's smiling and everything in the in this thing. Can't even tell league east. And man. Well that's one more thing I need to worry about with my children so there's the list is he's getting longer man its like Santa clauses. A good list but but but but neurotic. Yeah yeah our right and down no metal skewers in my house. No yellow jacket with. Stop running within there is a pencil here. All right well I'm paralyzes parent but hey. Again at all or Doug good I think it's cool great greens as they just. Yellow jackets skewer on the face. Yellow it's ha and this kid he's just goes up. I'm glad you're okay buddy. That's awesome. But that's a hell of a story. And when he grows up opinions are his superpowers. Are going to be like at a man Jim. Jay and he's ghosting of the loss is. This area. Lost man. His name is there's there's lost yet Iowa lies in his came out of the game and a lot of signing up and dies dined on size and Doug is done.