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Art Sculpture

Tuesday, June 19th


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Oh lord here on the buzz. That the balance there's time my name's Andrew dean easier America's air bag. You like the mountain Zion I told you it's gonna have to deter acts of Islam. This album is really good enough now we're a veteran. I have to Italian I don't like their earlier stuff is not alone more federal key not bad like the picking up the pace that's all we need more tough. And crazy were so that's yeah a lot I love this I felt like hyper modulation. I don't mind that Leavitt Leavitt love it anyway. Yeah it is story yeah I knew you lines on month. And enjoying not dude is mis nominees are you kidding I honestly is talking about is ranked bill does that make you have other actual news staff that is should you got some actual news to do it goes through this really OK just visits to my hands may be I am. On the wrong side of this I don't know. Today are so if you live in Johnson County you've probably been a Matt Ross mab you have written because I mean I am being too weird. Indoor places and Lee's summit here in your communities have. Jamie my game so we have. A few community centers today. And Johnson County in Iraq are mockery edge town programmes and Matt rocks and Matt Rouse is a Blair and in as this one down here. I'm mission over here. That is a different cities that's fairways this fairways Africa they have their own indoor communities and hanging it out now animal and access has a really cool and mom and then I just I like Linux since it was an accident anyway. These people are apparently at tomahawk grades for a wedding. And there's videotape. A little boy and actually two little boy is down. And there are ramming through the hallway is new but prior to rank and always. They get to this sculpture. Okay and I don't know how well a 132000. Dollar mistake by young boy. All caught on camera in over the park now a natural family might be on the hook to pay for that. Forty when action news reporter Tom Dempsey shows us how this mistake quickly spiraled out of control. I mean he needed to rest the story while I was there a 132000. Piece of our work. Any community center in it or were allowed into the city repair work kids go and it could be easily toppled by children is that the first I totally disagree with Sarah didn't have the rally is agree with the evidence that you that you think is like oh man after probably make sure that'd be community center where there's lots of children. The thing that's expensive can't be damaged. It didn't look 132000. Dollars to Anna is not out here that I know it 132000 is an art well apparently it's called the sculpture. And I think it's that time and I think to be two years to make. I think less than I mean fourteen years make your radio career the it was titled Aphrodite. Did Kansas City in. It was the work of Kim's see the artists of bill Lyons he's that it was submitted to an art exhibition in the sale. That began April 6 and ended June 10 he valued at peace and a handwritten 32000 dollars and that was the asking for its ally can value a lot of things. He said the project would stick two years to complete me was the most ambitious peace is ever gotten the back they had was shattered and parts of each armor damage to the extent that it cannot here pared its original condition lines. He did not have insurance for their piece. I mean I have I want to be reimbursed for the amount of time that I spent on it and for what I think it is worth he's sad and so this is the artist yeah out. Yeah I'm so it okay. According gym please roars are officer called in the communities and have any meaning about it quote unquote disturbance. As Sarah Goodman remembers the wedding reception and tomahawk ridge community center starting off with plenty of celebration I think there is a few different. Parties going on bridal showers birthday party me. And any turning right now it says like on the little cry on and Ernie you know sometimes it's as you know mayor whatever. It says son toppled artwork that's are just like that would be my profile picture for the rest of my life yes. So arrogant man signed a sense toppled our word. I think part of me is a joyous occasion that in a moment turned into something much different. I hear yelling. Where is your mother. Surveillance video capturing Sarah's five year old son hugging a sculpture on display before it topples over on top of them. He struggles for bed when suddenly it falls to the ground after rushing in to help Sarah soon learned the sculptures price tag. Amy this is like 800% thing but now it's a 132000. Dollars. I'm sorry. There's like eight under deserving I know it's not my kids running around on his hand them the out. I'm just say N I she says we were in the hallway okay so anyway there were there has dealer I where's your not. You wanna go assigning. Now costs you I go like give a public place. U I you want people us are Panthers the light. Bigger name and put it is urgent and hug it. I don't know what you need that I didn't have insurance on his artwork right. They are a lot. Grinder and 30000 dollars tickets I think off the 132000. Right or is it nobody yet purchased it it's not work that. I mean. The moms like it was an accident it and saying they want their. And he's paying and every kid that I know that looks like he does a honey and the statue hugs back in just. It does on any like polite and then you Arianna wins Jonas is gone. I camera. Leaders do love man I got there his tune on M one and I'm gets the sculpture. Over on everybody be an all aside and they that other child is gone. Everybody take a load. Ever did take a look at it being a parent. Remember big get away for emea in an instant and we've all been there. We've all known that happens on the car felt that fear. Both of a where's my kid or B I heard what the crap are they breaking either but putting this family on the hook for a 132000. On an uninsured p.s are it's a share. You know Wyatt I'm when asked if I was Iran and why they're putting that power work on display if it's that valuable in a community center. It should be any case. Or some. It should be. Right or a week and I'll keep our hands or some close yes. Yes I mean yeah like ideally we can do that out by Atlanta back crazy McCain get back. How many times atomic it today and yourself and yourself and just don't cut and use them. Kids that's what they do they break crap. I'm whether it's a sign in why haven't hit areas and you should be beautiful like why is he doing now. And a little bit I don't think he was hugging the statue idea that I got is quiet and his dad Jim let's just be re now. Think it was that I get that looks like they're playing tag and then he knows who. Guys can totally get sidetracked by this answer these poorly and he was gonna get comments answer regret. Deadly. I think he was tarnished her damage set an insurance company said the family would be on the hook to pay for. My children are well supervised but all people. Get distracted the two parents no question I stayed out of the display TV and then they that when they're rolling the B roll and rest and hug and a finger just drop in his answer our it makes me laugh I think it's sheer comedy as the other thing in and they're just target about the safety of it a case of they've put up like TV honesty and that wasn't anchored to the wall in the kid pulled this day and in the television over on top of himself. They would be liable so why the same not troopers that you write what I think it got hurt by your falling statute. A five mile she be better BA yeah sure said somebody who doesn't know it is like to be five. Main walkway not going to print out here and I like the glass not print. But you don't know let me tell you didn't is senate. I will say that I was right in front and on and my sign. It was wintertime we here at the Nelson Mankins for Chinese New Year. And we were outside permit I don't know why we did that. And he's out there reflecting pool on trying to walk and the accused is this and that and our straightens strain and wasn't present over. And your ads are not supposed to be on the you're not supposed to be in the reflective trust me I've discussed this ad nauseam and bring us down now that could've caused. The people you have a credit cards damage to their liking awesome. Mean I was right there. Trying to grab him grab a quick. Anybody that sit near and judgment I'm watching your kids I feel like you're lying yourself about watching your kids all the time right I mean big and get away for me it to have a real fast. The fact that this kid could pull over this statue means that wasn't secured nor safe. I agree. And I am I agree with that and I also I thought was interesting the mom's is. The. So he'd never ask sergeant was like right at the OK right because I feel like Asia and asked is he okay. Back piece of our org is not to cared now and clearly very easy to topple a written god and I can just imagine limit little kids do on this one I can read see myself on the news here it's no questioning the safety of the display. It's in the main walkway not a separate room and not sexy glass not protected not. Held down. This city calling the incident an unfortunate situation but saying the artwork should not have been touched there's a societal responsibility that you may not interact with that. A societal responsibility. Variety that you may not interact with it to apply girls. Excuse me son and stuff so I ought to delay tonight interact with our. Actually I don't know that to be true. There's some argue do indirectly. He's been known as there Thursday's rain Nelson reckons. Always a good time all. I know but if there's not desire for interaction and expensive price tag leaving the family wondering what to lie ahead. Yeah insurance company says. And sentencing to lawyers. Man I'm glad I mean everybody's insurance. Except for the artist feeding get insurance up on the case while that they somebody dirty Palin. I don't ICE. Decommission it himself I don't know how this works with a cart I don't know either. But also the due to let people off the hook by being like OK it's not worth a 132000. I think the community centers or cover their insurance that's really glad I. Agree it right if there was anything else that was on security and fell over on a five year old they would be liable why is this not the same because it's a 132000. Dollars. Should secure it better. Check Brian my kids spent five hours drawing a picture so I value it at 50000 dollars exactly. The people judging probably don't have kids. Hash tag societal responsibility. Pastor you have a societal responsibility he's not in Iraq was art. You know that mom is away. It was a Mexican mob that that would have been the same video yes I did tell you coming from foreign parents. They wouldn't take my ass. That that would be leg ridiculous keep your hands to yourself. There weird about that public only home we were terrible children sudden but in public. Angels angelic him. I could see me climbing and toppling I always do that and that again god dammit. That they can rally Rangel I. I'm we are all that little boy yeah we are all touching statues against our societal responsibility with the best intentions just wanting to know how much is a way are these boots. Ray. I was disappointed that this did not happen and the ever arena. Well late in Michael's neck as I heard he was hiking with sand chair I was desperately hoping. It was the lady in other breast lady correct harmless breaths waiting wedged the camera around yeah out but it turns out who is that. It is down outraged community centers sculpture and the arboretum. Armas naked lady with cameras all around her take pictures statement so it. Yeah I think it akin to a consensus here. I think the committee senator should pave curtain yes Newton. Also I think the you should absolutely cut the membrane and not charge the city 130000. Dollars you have the ability to not just athletic great. What a great what it so I'm gonna start doing art. And back communities that are not Lou. Children are welcomed to 'cause if feels safe there I think of the union that's the other thing is it wasn't sick if they at some point Iranian community center. You'd have to think sorry in Arab you are that you're going to be someone's gonna bump into that may rumors that it kid's gonna go go fly it into the community service while subtle violate. I then there huh. I got a I. The new line leg in the vast. Spy agency in the class when you got atomic power grids five dollar classes yet. So I know zooming. I probably past that statue. An adult. Just c'mon everybody even if in adults right even if it should be secured it is that valuable where they said it was a wedding so maybe it is and to their camp. Canada. Yet the city should definitely if you answered that it's like how you don't have insurance. I mean look I know this and by this guy I mean who manned the scam has beat on a parties. Here. Parry seven he says not judging. But someone has to be responsible for their actions of their children cost society go to friend house. And they break something you replace or compensate. You have a desire friends' houses of by girl with a unsecured piece of heavy are. And the kid today actually probably gotten very I am surprised at the scene did not ask how the child laden. As. I mean they did give us an election saying the artwork should not have been touched there's a societal responsibility that you may not interact with it. You know what if there's not desire for interaction and expense. Aaron problems though. Those urged the troops there. This'll be going out there and charge of the key and there and a lot of do its lack. Locked up again first grade that did not come up on it does that trouble yeah trouble. Being a kid in touch and stuff. There shame on here race. I was wrong and I know it's easy to follow in that initial trap yes. I'll always be like the 5 girls because I am five mile secure until five year old climbed and then in Nazi Internet.