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Alexa and Siri Triggered

Friday, July 13th


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Whenever. We don't usually to do team clearly you don't move as an exhausted you mentioned how we wanted to proves he's the man. This Thomas learned through oops okay. You know gracefully now with ram yeah. Hopefully move so you know we just played like pending at the Disco and went from them whenever which sounds like you know. New Pennington this upgrade basically because you have at subsidizes. Have filed with all the fallout boy. As I don't understand that's funny you're gonna tell us off. At Bahrain. It's the nicest way someone's told to them far from the minute well today. In our share. Yeah absolutely it's totally cut and now I can't wait at Bob McDonnell five door. I can't wait to talk about the dentist coming up. OK I know about the dentist I know I don't know about the dentists. Involved. No god no no no no no more breakfast or murmur massages from our dentists breakfast now are but I didn't know dentists had a very. Vary vary special set of skills. What kind. And income. As a good dentist okay dentist story I Sammy once an hour now. You ask collects had a played about this I don't know. I think you say elects not I don't know play the buzz that that's still work. I don't know and I know that people still buy it likes as I elaborated I don't know if you want or use it if you still have our app you need to download the radio dot com now. I think maybe it got messed up. Something's wrong I had it I did a lot of people texting and same with some put the extra break. So there's must be something off do you just say elects the trigger elects. I think so ranked yet you go elects it's like Hayes Syria in term of or OK Google. Okay good case theory yes in paint area. I mean stadium alleged that as Colorado. Okay. Most do you say elects to turn off the lights. And anyway what nationality is your. C British British I don't ever really that I turned officers. Yes leads no I don't hear it turn on early I hate Syria due dates Jerry hey Terry how blood serum cocoon now. Cut in wrist with them like a stir fried and risked twisted like just for mag. Paced series set a timer for sixty nine's second set. She did listen. Are you wanted to. As of now the truth moon at all noise how's that that's just out. Fact of life principle is never works I wanna do is this going to be a generational thing. Where we have to yell at our phones several times to do anything. Like I don't need a power satellites as a light switch. Is this is not a hard at it just seems a little irresponsible for a light switches to be full of precious minerals. You know and I mean. A pair people are helping them you say. Alexa. Played 965 the buzz. Yet to say a pontoon in app. I don't know that I am Alexa she can never find your station out and we listened to the buzz on Alexa. Listen to 96 point five FM paired Google. Alexis series. Why they are why we need all these assistants you guys remember when bots we're gonna be the big thing. Well like FaceBook and roll out their box and he's customer service box like look you'd ever acted talked to a person. Yet. Are these box again and in the bots at their worst in the people are worse than that the violence or some of them. When that person's willingness stop saying he's Syria your activating nine. Pace series. And you search for MF. Have. I was leaving the common there was a pleasure to go out so series searching for other mass death I think MFS. I sent them I said I. How can a team not news it's about I've made today it as a I'm embattled. Political power. No more fallout boy or panic at the Disco. Feel your. Series the may love. OK Google. People have a nice recipe for meatloaf. Stop there making mileage figure crazy. At at that sets up easier the problem here guys. Now right is bigger handful of people wield that power. We wheeled the LX of power and I didn't. I'm pretty that's a great you know what though that's great about strategy that into human nature. I'm very you select people break have control. Over. Something whenever I controller here elect Joseph likes it will not heard radio station earned and you haven't activated any Niagara power save them and which is all of a tired right. But we should think you're laxatives does to you. You know I don't think it they don't let them before. Sometimes they're funny series funny some times series have yet to ask her jerk. Shall townsfolk well I had since this thing what is as the 2007 hail excite yeah okay I like that tells a joke. I am so impressed. And Avery I programmed a couple of statements and do it as those to be impressed by Alexis favorite football team as the Seahawks like where's Jarvis. You know talking and teams. Oh dear I miss jeans I'm sure I'd ask Jesus. Asked G selects. Siri. I remember when we had gene's name and he was fine. Meaning is our right. A series worth of landslides. Alexa how to get to pop blues. Okay gogel Google gogel. Go. What I logo shirt yeah. Oh I've been thinking about global board. It is yes. Yeah something's gonna Garfunkel were down I had a dream. You're hearing dreamed about gogel bordello down about Eugene had the lead singer's fan okay. That he was going share or not. I don't know why I was this morning okay. John body as my complaint and I know shoot down. Uses what as high as the game got it was almost like space station type thing this is easy to interpret it uses can have. Japanese ties to Canada. And jump without a suit jump without issue and that's when I was I mean EG no. I love you boom is it possible that. You where Eugene. Maybe. Could be your brain and everything and things you can lose in the to queue up to space and he's about despise him. I feel. Now rocket how to shoot. Be rock know how to control twist web then yeah wherever he's injured are at risk with similar to what our risks. Twists and might serve run whenever he would act. Anyway. What angle the board now dealer do the ultimate and if we get our hair not to kill lots fuel. I want to do and don't.