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Monday, September 10th


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The five dollar loan idea Indian market Marta and sorry Anheuser in my bonnet on distracted the five dollar for a long apparently is. Not gonna be around it's of the individual franchisee of subway. If you were still into the five dollar foot long. But if you like Armenians apparently there's some sort of pinning anything in the works that's this article is streak either you're there and our interstate however. They got it they had to keep I mean that your local franchise. Apparently I don't comes in with a five dollars I I I don't gone I don't wanna get into you know the mechanics of franchisees and the all that stuff but apparently. The profit margins on the five dollar foot longer just brutal. It's just business capitalism we should pay detention. I wish I'd gone to college actually I act so. I normally do this thing bird randomly play three songs that have something very very similar in common in you should be able to spot it right away. This Warren is not even jog throughs I don't think it's a tricky but I can see how maybe. You wouldn't figure it out so I'm just gives you a heads up the next three songs definitely have something obvious and common. When you hear the third song the first person to call by since 67965. We are a lot of good stuff in their order got in her brilliant and get out and change tomorrow night oh Alice in Chains from the EUT standard of the UK perfect. Pol boy awesome the headrest corn maze. Karma is liberty Gorman is the big court rays got that marvel thing marvel. Live coming up Marmol alive not on ice just marvelous Marv alive this week and due to mechanical thing I would like to see Captain America on tax you know maybe they'll do that I don't spin it. Captain America fan iron means for suckers. We also have royals game yes you are supplying us. Wednesday you're kidding after getting now turn in the Indus Sergey Lavrov. Five of you got that OK so just wanted to let you know you pay attention to the next three songs what they help very much have in common. Very very to me obvious but might be a little bit so just cash pay attention. Jack writes exceeds all teams on the alternative that he sees five of Danny and mark in the morning damn show little whether it im guessing game I guess. Marks of their on the phone trying to find a winner and look I got ten people on the phone. To be a lot of photo have an answer on the play Qatar to both of them right now. Because whoever gets this right what those last three songs have obviously come. Whoever gets this right its whatever they want my prized. You're by yourself and a bit of an ethical quandary yeah okay take us out a Kansas on thing. And buzz is this. And banal Amy how are. I'm getting married and. Just fine it was the issue might delay was on just in case you dropped an F bomb and it is solved Amy what is your guess what those three things having common. Like I met no fury like there are metal leg are that's okay hold on OK just stay right there stare at those they're there to an immigrant or. Paid about his business. Hi Charlie or Charlotte. Our. I just slimy show got a right to my last names like awful unease is great I love it. But it's hard to say it's as the enemy trying to write this up yeah. Your vehicle like my lessons in Terrero hosts how many cars do you need do in every time. Army looking for money though like is Daniel terrorists there not good. Only a financial one all right Charlie what was your guests. I don't actually sort and again I note that that's. Wolf the so called. Okay hold on line okay market like mark. I want you to give it to both of them I look at and here's law at a first of all her answer on the assault team bits is like salt. Cool. Technically what I was looking for all of the periodic table of elements you can go secular one highlight silver. Salt okay. But the first one said medal. And if you you do a little research on sought early on and make sure I get this right I didn't knows of top my head I had to Google. Google says salts can be easily identified as they usually consists of positive ions from our metal. With negative ions from a non medal. Now. I technically got to give a tour right and and natural resource is on line two. Is pretty close yeah. I don't playbook resources given to above I don't care congratulations both India it's a really stupid game. I'd love to play it and you know at any time to get to talk about the periodic table of elements. I consider that a wind yup I'm.