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3 & Out

Tuesday, August 28th


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Men Jim glad I tried is on the alternative 96 by the buzz Danny and mark in the morning and a damn show. That damn show down to a minimum. Glad I tried today. It's I got to do a life. He got a track. That's a horse just like right now if you wanna go get yourself some VIP. To Matt and Kim. Come on September 7 two Casey lied appear now to anyone and up VoIP. Why are spies that a six and 965 if your caller number fourteen. Our dad like me I wanna do that demand. Coming up. I wanna talk about this cheese business. Is everybody sorry about the c.'s business Mattel getting that's how we can do the little bit differently I thought we could have some fun and I thought we could play a game. Involving U. Alia. Yeah. The damage is gonna fire the phone lines and amend. You know I'm just not well but to be saying it's going to be exciting no matter what it's going to be exciting. We're gonna do is they guy is going to be a good time. I think a Morgan I'm not quite sure of the name of the game but I think you're gonna like imitate about a mark RO we come back after reviewing these men Kim tickets. And play game. And the chiefs of the tailgating lot of people are upset. Some people are understanding. But I think there's a way that we can find a positive vibe inside adults it's coming of next. Portugal man tidal waves on the alternative ninety's he's by the buzz day and so you know whether the things I'd. Didn't do and I don't really know why is talk about the chiefs I mean everybody. Logs the chiefs in Kansas City they'll sports to give city kids these sports tennis great sports town passionate people through and through. And and they just we we do we eat we love our teams. As a city we love when they win. We will. Having fun and at their expense Alia we love supporting them. We come together there's a tragedy I mean sports Kansas City are synonymous forever and ever. I saw a story and I've I've heard everybody in the building talking about it and they're talking about the tailgate. And people are peeling tape tailgate gates. Is that what it's called I think and I got to where where is that people are really kind of like upset but I thought you know let's let's play let's play the news story. And maybe we can we can find a way to have a little bit of fun instead of just being upset because. You know you have no more anybody. On whether the Fung guy for a long time I don't news. Recently realized I was a little bit negative. Just shocking so. Now every day got to wake up our productivity trying taken over I'm thinking about going full injured or read K I was Syria and not a bad. Way to go as out of their way to go dispatches on the face of the brick in a smile. That's the best in a lot of pizza menu read a lot of pizza. You don't do a lot of short laundry which I'm not sure I'm comfortable doing Miley really quick yes going to be breaking news on the shot. If I even told you this now but eventually yeah we're gonna have. Three mean. For WW WK eventually will have details yet but we will have those at the next couple weeks that's great thank you. I'm sitting here positives and today. Source for the story if you don't know was because everybody. Up to think his new people do women and hybrids are not going to like this you know every game day hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of teased fans they come out here and attack this parking lot they eat eat drink. They have a great time now a lot of bomb never even go to the stadium a lot of them will sit out here. The watch the game on their television sets the opening on the parking lot for the entirety of the game. That is about to change she's OK she's making a change in their tail gating policy that president mark Donovan. Said on Friday that starting this year. Security will begin telling tale gators after kick off that they have one of two choices they can either go into the stadium or they can go home. C fans were no longer be able to spend the entire afternoon in the parking lot and Donovan says the reason for this is safety and security. The NFL gives teams advice as to best practices and suggest that. This tailgating role will prevent some of the fights and problems it's that the chiefs have seen in the past and their parking lot back. About five years ago fan fell asleep and someone else's card during the game when that. Those guys impress the pot but before you finish that historic that was just south. Plaza south. What I can't imagine what is like to run a professional sports our organization I had I can't imagine a lawsuit she might face I can imagine what seed you might face from personal experience but as a professional sports and preside. I gotta say it's going to be hard for them to enforce this because they said in on the chiefs of say. That it's a after that hit the ticket gate is closed after they stopped taking Pete sell. That's got to be probably halftime or later I would guess users looking for a tiger party Mars so that's yet a year party hired I don't now so we'll. We'll see when they start doing it I guess earlier at halftime by that point. Half games over it pays I'll see what happens we'll see how it goes form I mean when things changed to I'm I'm of a move very rigid when it comes to change and it's just like it straight like tomorrow or. Let's say Tuesday Thursday night. Thursday night when they're starting at the final pre season came they're gonna test of that and then. The first home game ram and up isn't until September 23 I lists are out on the road I I look at this and I'm like the only flaw that I see in this plan because I I don't know what it's like to be them. I don't like to tailgate social anxiety. The ethnic back. But. I can't imagine it's gonna be easy to go to people who have been interrogating for hours and be like all right sorry folks ports closed but. You know I hope that everybody will cents dot caused the problem I hope he goes smoothly I really do. Regardless of anything. But. I don't we play. I don't we go play game is called three and out I just made it up a couple of minutes ago. I think it's gonna be wonderful if you'd like to play this game. I don't ruin quite common 5767965. If you really want to play. If you really want to play as a matter fact. Even though we don't have them yet. I'll put the Andrew WK mean greed on the table are today because I need some people who were alive on the phone lines 5767965. Third now. Three and now. Three and now yeah new game. Coming up next. Gillis. Listening to you saw idea of the killer's. Own name mark in the morning mark. Some play oh game they. Came up with it's called three and out. After is is after football. It's after the chiefs' third and and is. Doesn't say this might be the only solid player but you never now CNN our chiefs news coming up you never now from Miami to play again I point. I like this game because. It. Gives us windows NT. Now mark you. It's a game where you have three seconds to answer questions. There are. No wrong answers. The only way you lose is if you hesitate. You have three seconds once I get what they ask the question you have three seconds to fill in the blank otherwise. Your three and out just to give you an idea of how quick three seconds says. Oh assisting people out. That's my timer there's a time out there Larry David. Herb Stein that's a timer hazards are very out I got three open ended questions. We're gonna go to the phones. Pays with Laura. Morning good morning how Mario. Area I'm good on the line a little Andrew W came meet and greets. And different charity apparently we have three. I'm ready to give away one I'm so excited about it I'm so excited about this game OK alarm to go over the rules that you really quick one more time and a mark did it I know I just recap but man wanna make sure we get this right OK if here's how works. I'm gonna ask a minute I'm a read a sentence. And then there's gonna be a blank I need you to fill in the black. Whatever thought comes to your head don't worry about it you don't have data yourself there are no wrong answers. In three and out the only thing you can't do was hesitate at OK I'm Matt and you get three seconds once I say blank. To finish the sentence are you ready. All right and of Laura hesitates. I will go to the next caller whoever finishes the third question. Weakens our burial are you ready I think have now are idle all or. We're man where. Susan didn't do all right you're young hesitate Phillies three seconds on the clock lower mayor as. Instead of tail gating during the game I will be. Yeah how much I. SA or lung cancer very. Very good which housewives Eli Jersey Dominic at. Telling him even once in house lives than they are synthesizing you're like oh Orange County OG OG LE. Every note was at the wheel with gun dole son Dickie. They together I think I honestly never watched one episode. You sit is pretty good TV with pretty city guy. President of duke. Three and out. Patrick Holmes. Is trying to figure out a nickname. Cat crank. Yeah absolutely pat an outlet but growing and growing at us. Okay. I'd isn't that was he's known for. That early in my head and pat McGraw I learned here is look at a strong third questioned the growing over there there big McGraw and sentence we did Adam. Hash tag Mcguirk McGraw and they're my groin the groin the groin right. After a girl who is so fantastic. Let's hash tag that bad boy and a second okay. Third question was to be called sometime let's dig him showtime and growing showtime. Withdrawn pain because it's lynch it's like the dog we brought so number you're. So time a growing and growing. Yeah that's real thing all right. Hesitate if you lose. Three seconds on the clock if you do not hesitate you are my big do you enjoy. A meet and greet. To Andrew WK Laura Ramirez three seconds on the clock. What do you think. When I say hunt. How and third different country music for your iPod perishable that nobody. She's a saint. She's a sitter she's the rebels she's always error yeah Laura Mir has congratulations thank you for playing the inaugural edition. Of three and out. She did too much sees this like she's so comfortable she's got embarrassed she's had eighteen kids there's nothing there's nothing they can embarrass you. I don't Amish is having I it was fun. Hey I was defies kind of rude how many children you have learned. Nine point nine I'm not only learning only not only not an actor and only six and a house and nice so. Morris got nine kids there's no where you had one kid there's no more embarrassment when you've had your feet up in the Serbs and blue thunderbird and table. I never get a body anymore but I really like preannouncement. I really like injured Abby at today. And I can't believe we have meet and greet passes she's imparting aren't its dominant big you know it's a good DM show mark. Yeah it's not good. Damn. Oh well yeah.