gave Greta Van Fleet socks!

We Gave Greta Van Fleet Some Socks for Their Greta Van Feet

Find out why in Episode 1 of Greta Van Fleet Week

July 23, 2018

Although we are all completely obsessed with Greta Van Fleet – everything from their music to their psychedelic aura and chill '60’s vibes -- there is one thing that tops this list of intrigue…their feet. 

If you’ve seen GVF live (if you haven’t, stop what you are doing watch them play Elton John's Oscars party ASAP), you already know Josh, Jacob, Sam and Danny are just not that into shoes. And naturally, we are fascinated. I think most people have similar concerns (or maybe we are just super paranoid), but between the germs and safety concerns, we have to commend them for their bravery. 

We took this opportunity to ask the hard-hitting questions on everyone’s mind.  How do they feel about pedicures? And what is the worst foot injury they endured?  While they do not get pedicures, it seems these their feet have taken quite the beating over the years. Performing barefoot definitely comes at a cost which Sam was not shy to admit -- "Welcome to Rockville in Florida was by far the worst beating my feet have ever taken because I play barefoot -- on this day the sun was shining right down on the black stage.  And you know it takes about 60 seconds for your feet to really start burning so it was really painful."

Who do the guys nominate as the member with the prettiest Greta Van Feet, you ask? It seems to be a toss-up, however Josh humbly nominated himself, "I’m the frontman so I can have the prettiest feet, right?"  They encourage their fans to vote on this very controversial issue – "Let the people decide!"

We hope they liked the socks we bought them, however, if they didn't we have to encourage the guys to maybe get on their own website and buy some of their own merch – their Greta Van Fleet socks are pretty dope. 

Stay tuned as we have plenty more content coming this week from these guys including some more info on their new album.  Welcome to Greta Van Fleet Week!