Tom DeLonge Shares Animation of “Nude Dude” Children’s Book

DeLonge narrates the silly story that's now come to life

January 29, 2019

Tom DeLonge’s latest perfectly strange venture is a children’s book about a man who just wants to find his stolen clothes. 

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While just trying to take a bath, main character Nude Dude ends up falling victim to an unseen thief that stole all of his clothes. “Who could have been so very unfair, and leave me here with nothing to wear,” narrates DeLonge himself over the new animated video.  

The rhyming and whimsical story gives off a Dr. Seuss vibe as the naked main character embarks on a quest to find his clothes. With illustrations and animation by Ryan Jones and Zach PasseroWho Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? comes to life in the new video. 

The story ends with the classic revelation that it was all just a prank, leaving the monster laughing at Nude Dude’s ill fate. Hear the full story in the video above!