Flora Cash Releases Powerful “You’re Somebody Else” Video

Plus, revisit how the duo came to be

November 5, 2018
Flora Cash


Flora Cash are a husband and wife duo that we can’t get enough of, delivering a unique and stripped-back sound with songs such as single “You’re Somebody Else.”

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The atmospheric track continues its climb up the charts, currently sitting at No. 10 on Mediabase’s Alternative radio chart. A cinematic new video for the song cuts between clips of the duo and emotional shots of people pretending to be “somebody else.”

The visual tells a story of self-love and acceptance, encouraging the embracing of who you really are and living life to the fullest despite internal struggles.

Watch the new “You’re Somebody Else” video below:

In our exclusive interview, the duo introduced themselves to the world and detailed how they first met. From listening to each other’s Spotify pages to getting married and earning a top 10 alt radio hit, Flora Cash is a name you want to keep an eye on.

Meet Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall below: