97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Message Through Death Metal Songs

See how Inge Ginsberg is expressing herself

January 4, 2019

In a New York Times documentary released in 2018, fierce metal writer Inge Ginsberg was introduced to the world. The 97-year-old Holocaust survivor is looking to express herself through her poems, using inspiration from her life to share powerful messages. 

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Germany has a huge metal scene and a thriving punk culture, so the choice of genre doesn’t come as a complete surprise. When describing why she chose to turn her poems into heavy metal songs, Inge said it was simply the best format for someone like herself who can’t sing so she can just “say the words.”

She writes the poems before backing them with shredding guitar and even creating professional music videos for them. Her lyrics fight ageism and prove how much you can do at any age while diving into the difficulties and loneliness that comes with almost 100 years of life. “My spirit is very willing, but my flesh is very tired,” she notes of her ability to keep making music.

Watch the full documentary in the video above.