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Roof Literally Breaks On Limp Bizkit While They Perform "Break Stuff"

by Anthony Capobianco

August 22, 2018

Talk about a wild coincidence. 

Nearing the end of their set at UK's Boomtown Festival, Limp Bizkit were in the middle of their destructive anthem "Break Stuff" when the roof broke above the stage. Water which had gathered from the heavy rains before the set, poured in from above and flooded out part of the stage, including guitarist Wes Borland's equipment.

“Unfortunately, the guitar rig just blew up" announced singer Fred Durst after the collapse of the roof. "On that note, I’d like to say how grateful I am because tonight genuinely was ****ing incredible. Thank you so much.”

You can watch video of the roof breaking during "Break Stuff" below.

This is what a pedalboard looks like when it rains all day and the ceiling of the stage you're playing breaks open and a jacuzzi amount of water gets dumped on top of you on the second to last song of your set. Photo by @kadaver13

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We fixed my pedalboard today. 2 days of letting everything dry out and massive rewiring and problem solving with @kadaver13 who is my hero right now. My looper pedal is gone and half of my power (we're using batteries tonight) but my rig is on the way to recovery.

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Limp Bizkit will be back on the stage in September when they play a show in Bali. Frontman Fred Durst is also currently directing John Travolta in the movie Moose. The film tells the story of fan who stalked Durst years ago.