EXCLUSIVE: Arctic Monkeys Talk New Sound on ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’

Alex Turner discusses the album's departure from 'AM'

May 11, 2018
Arctic Monkeys

Courtesy of Domino

Arctic Monkeys have returned with their first record in five years, and they’re coming in hot with an artsy concept album that, in comparison to its predecessor, 2013’s AM, feels more, well, tranquil. If AM served as a house party soundtrack, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is the hangover cure—its rich, smooth, and lush sounds infiltrating your eardrums and growing on you with each consecutive listen.

But that’s not to say the album’s inaccessible at first listen. Sophisticated? Perhaps. It’s the type of record you want to own on vinyl so you can pour a glass of whiskey, settle in, and just listen from start to finish.

We recently caught up with frontman Alex Turner to talk about the direction of the new album. As we’ve learned, the Steinway Vertegrand Turner was gifted for his 30th served as the record’s inspiration.

“Had the piano not shown up, perhaps a banjo might have, and then, you know, we’d be racing up the charts,” he jokes.

Hear more from Turner below!

Like it or not, change is often inevitable, and you can either embrace it or defiantly fold your arms in protest. But, if you’re open to the former, you’ll see the new record for the brilliant album that it is.