A Star Is Korn: The 'A Star Is Born' Parody You Never Knew You Needed

All Jonathan Davis ever needed was someone to believe in him...

February 26, 2019

While we all know how successful of a movie A Star Is Born is - a ton of high honors including an Oscar for Best Original Song - there is a trailer out now for a parody version of the movie that you need to see.

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It's called... yup... A Star Is Korn. It is a powerful, thought-provoking intreptation of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper instant classic, only this time around it focuses on Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis

The can't-miss parody is the brainchild of comedians Anna Salinas and Heather Alarcón Higginbotham, who portray Jackson Maine and Jonathan Davis.

The real A Star Is Born got a bit of a snub-job at the Oscars, winning just one of the eight awards it was up for. For more on all the winners, check out our complete list by clicking here.