EXCLUSIVE: Mumford & Sons Break Down Every Track on 'Delta'

Get the details on each and every track of the new album

October 3, 2018


With every passing second, we are getting closer and closer to Mumford & Sons releasing their highly-anticipated new album Delta.

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The band's fourth studio album, their first in three years, is set to be released on November 16. They've already released the album's first track, "Guiding Light," and played a handful of other new songs on the road of late.

Meanwhile, we had a chance to get the guys to break down each and every track off the new album. Check it out:


DELTA Complete Tracklisting

  1. "42" 
  2. "Guiding Light"
  3. "Woman" 
  4. "Beloved" 
  5. "The Wild" 
  6. "October Skies" 
  7. "Slip Away" 
  8. "Rose of Sharon" 
  9. "Picture You" 
  10. "Darkness Visible" 
  11. "If I Say" 
  12. "Wild Heart" 
  13. "Forever" 
  14. "Delta"