1Thing: Ripple Glass

July 20, 2018

Recycling glass isn't always as easy as recycling other materials, such as paper and plastic. Not all recycling bins include glass. But the benefits to recycling glass are huge. It takes less energy to recycle glass into new products than it does to create new glass from raw materials, resulting in energy and pollution savings. Recycling one bottle can save enough energy to power an average television for one and a half hours. 



Source: EPA.gov

Despite the benefits to recycling glass, most of the glass produced each year ends up in a landfill. In 2014 only 26% of the glass waste was recycled. Fortunately the Kansas City area has a private partnership begun in 2009 by executives from Boulevard Brewing Co. that has enabled a huge expansion of glass recycling capabilities, Ripple Glass. Their purple bins are located throughout the metro area, and you don't have to separate glass containers by color or remove lids and labels. Find the bin nearest to your location, or find out more about Ripple Glass, by visiting their website.